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Sign Ups Big Brother Interactive Season 1

Aug 29, 2019
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This is an official Big Brother gameshow thread roleplay based experience. I used to host Big Brothers via discord, and I wanna bring it here.

How The Game Works:

Big Brother is a game where a group of strangers enter a household and have to fight for a prize. At the start of every week, we have a Head Of Household competition. This competition may be me sending a website for yall to record scores or a be on time live competition. The winner of the competition normally nominates two players, unless of a twist. The HOH, the two or more nominees, and 3 random picks normally will compete in a Power Of Veto competition. This winner of this competition has the option to either save a nominee or discard. If a nominee is saved, the HOH must nominate another player that isn't the nominee or the POV winner. After all that, the contestants vote, unless they are a nominee or the head of the household. The person with the most votes will be evicted. If a tie occurs, the HOH will choose who is evicted. The previous HOH winner may not compete in the following HOH and don't have immunity. This continues until the final three, where there is 3 HOH comps. The winner of comp 1 moves on to the final competition, part 2 winner faces the part 1 winner and the loser is an insta nominee. The final HOH part determines the final HOH. The winner of that comp will pick who is in the finale with them.

Jury Phase:

The jury phase is a phase in the game normally around the final 11-9. The jurors will vote for one of the 2 finalists to win. The votes may be based on overall strategy, gameplan, likability, or relationships.

Diary Rooms:

Your diary rooms will be where you vote, give out thoughts, and do long term challenges. These diary rooms will be message based. In these rooms, your thoughts will be kept fully secluded. You will also give a voting list, which is a list of who you want to vote in case you are AFK.

How To Sign Up?

That's simple, fill out this form

Times You Can Do (EST):

That's it, but I expect you to be decently active.

I am wanting 12 members to start, so if you are interested, join.

If you have any confusion, please post them in this thread. I will mention the current users when this officially starts to notify them. If you wish to compete and not be mentioned, also say that in your form. Anyways, I hope you enjoy