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Black and White's final leak surfaces: Final names revealed

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Nov 13, 2005
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Black and White's final leak surfaces: Final names revealed

The final wave of English names for Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version has hit the shore. An early shipment, combined with some players' online streaming, has confirmed the remaining names for Pokémon, moves, abilities, and more.

Read more on Bulbanews
We'll finally get everything. I have work to do up at this ungodly hour (East US), so I know that I and the rest of the fandom will wait with bated breath.

Prepare for the 503 Shitstorm!
That explains the 503 message I just got trying to load this page.
it's kind of weird,following the fifth gen all this time and now getting ready to have it released in english at last.

Prepare for the 503 Shitstorm!

You got that right. D8; At least people can stop bitching about Bulbapedia not updating with the English names.
I had my doubts that a list of English names from an Italian forum that were leaked out in to the public less than 2 months ago could have ever been the real thing, but it seems the fandom does indeed have the ability to gather otherwise classified information together under Nintendo's noses.

So yes, from Pokexperto revealing the pokemon and some other website revealing their English names to the public, it seems that an official source no longer is the go-to person to verify some of the specifics. Bulbapedia is updating the pages with these new names as we speak; they are at Audino right now.

With that said and done, it's 3 days away before I will pick up my copies of Black and White. I look forward to playing them both.
Can't wait ;D hope I get it today, really. I've changed around a few ability names, and they were loading slow. I forgot about the "503 shitstorm." xD EDIT: List has grown by about 10 pokémon since I last checked a few minutes ago... xD

Now all this stupid "Edit the nams! Thi lis is rel!" crap can end

I fear for gen 6
My mom started playing sad classical music right when I clicked on this thread lol. We've been following B/W for a year and they're finally here. We have everything. There's no more speculation or guessing. We know everything there is to know about B/W at his point. I just hope I can get the games soon. And for bmgf? Well, it can prepare for massive 503's and 502's.
If anyone has an ARDS or save editor, can they hack the unreleased event Pokemon for teh names?
Good to see this up. Pretty much every name that has been shown in the link is spot on.

Also, there is a Foongus Amoongus...

DAMN some of these names are terrible, but at least I'm okay with the majority.
:banana:Yes. Fucking finally the name list is up.

* throws party*
All right! Now i can check out the Pokedex data of the 5th generation, finally!
Has a rom been released or something? How'd people get recording quality screens?

Mm. Meh, I'm only interested in human names.

"Pignite"? Wasn't that a fan nickname for PokabuTepig?
Well, the names are being updated, so I thought as much...
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