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Blaine's Object Show

Aug 29, 2019
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I ain't animating this

I don't wanna put this in WW because I want this to just be something I practice

I might try animation later, but this would be a sorta line up for potential Characters


Roll is limbless and uses his tongue and his smarts to get things done, not in that way. He likes to be seen as a leader, but he never gets his chance as he has no limbs.

Moneybag is your rich, stuck up kid. He is extremely lazy, intitled, and has a way to high of an ego. He always makes it apparent he's rich, including arriving to places with 3 cards at once.

Dime is a high schooler, who is small. He tries to make himself likable, but he feels like it won't work as his dad is embarrassing.

Wallet is Dime's dad. He is overprotective of his son and will freak out if anything happens. He has no arms.

Diamond Play Button:
DPB is seen as your quirky person. Being a prize for YouTubers, he has a mixture of personalities. He is extremely unconfident, always needing to get better.

Calendar is your brainiac. He can answer any history question in the blink of an eye. He can be quiet talkative, which causes people to be annoyed by him.

Gluey is a contestant with ADHD. He gets distracted easily, and can easily have his attention glued to something for long periods of time.

Jeb is a joke character or a David. His dialogue consists of memes only, which he gets criticized by fellow competitors for being annoying.

Mop is a depressed teenager, who works as a janitor for a Walmart. He is annoyed easily, and his mostly sulking alone.

Mouse is too energetic, and he is extremely fast. He is competitive in a friendly way.


Halo is your casual angel-like character, does nothing wrong, forgiving. If she gets angry, she will die.

Tire is armless. She normally will be just sitting around doing nothing.

Flaggy is Mouse's best friend. They train together, and she normally likes to set up challenges or trials.

Melody is a music note, who is very shy due to bullying. She used to be a star who gave up after harassment.

Melony is a watermelon slice. She bullied Melody since the 3rd grade.

Doorknob is seen as a truth bringer, and she brings reality to fantasy situations.

Stopwatch is a therapist like character. She listens to people and offers solutions.

(No Description Yet)

She is just antisocial.

Candle is the popular girl, and she has been a star all her life. Her main clique revolves around Melony and Moneybag.
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Aug 29, 2019
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Anyways, for this, It will just be like a story, or a basic script to start. As I get further, I'll make the writing more smooth and easier on the eyes.

Votes will be made up reasonably, no 7000 votes episode 1. Since I don't have a source to get more votes, I'll viewer suggestions and stuff on who to eliminate and stuff. Episode 1 will be written up in the next 2 weeks.
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Oct 5, 2019
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damn, these things are still relevant? it feels like centuries since i last participated in any osc
object show community
activity. i remember actually being attached to the bfdi characters and hoping for bfdia 6 back in the day. hell, i even made an object show myself... with goanimate.

i eventually got tired of the same old total drama formula every goddamn object show had, and that's why that object show i made had no eliminations or voting and why i thought "the object show movie" was innovative: it had a challenge like tdi and the others, sure but it expanded that one idea into something completely new. i also kinda liked "object terror", because it wasn't afraid to punch you in the face with adult humor and extreme violence (unlike any other o.s.) while still following the tdi formula; i don't think it deserved the hate it was getting.

i had my own booksona and all that shit. the object style even had an influence on my first non-object original characters.

and... then i pretty much grew out of the entire object show thing, i got bored of it. i recently watched the new bfb episode and there was no smile on my face, i just stared at the whole thing and didn't feel anything, it wasn't entertaining for me compared to other web cartoons i've watched before. i used to hate four just because he was an asshole to x, but now he's just "oh yeah that's a character i've heard of".

most of my friends left the community entirely, and it was about time for me to leave as well. sorry for writing an entire novel in my reply, but that's just the way i feel every time i see os-related content.

thanks for coming to my tedtalk
Aug 29, 2019
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Honestly fair point. The BFDI is the only active object show really, and the old ones have had no development.
Aug 29, 2019
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Ok, I have decided. The writing will be based on script form or


Some examples from the episode I wanna try

*Spoon stared at the water, feeling a little sick*
Spoon: What if I fail? How will I be judged! (Worried)

*Tire just laughed her worries away*
Tire: You'll be fine, trust me. People eat up character development.


Moneybags: So what if I'm fat! I'm still richer than you!


Calendar: Umm, Gluey. You've been there for about 3 minutes, 22 seconds, and 14 milliseconds.
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Aug 29, 2019
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Don't feel like writing lol, but I'll just give a general timeline Before I start the official Show

4:00 AM Mop, Mouse, and Flaggy get their envelopes to compete on the show.

5:00 AM All the letters are delivered

6:00 AM Wallet, Dime, Roll, Halo, Calendar, Tire, and Spoon all read their letters

6:30 AM Tire heads down to the docks | Key, Melony, Candle, and Jeb all read their letters

7:00 AM Tire sees Spoon, and talks with her, brushing away Spoon's worries.

9:30 AM Everyone gathers at the docks except for Dime, who is running late.

10:00 AM Dime barely makes it, and the 20 contestants board the ferry to the new island.

10:15-11:00 AM Chromebook appears and says that he will be the host, and drops them off at a Mansion

Hope enjoy this tidbit :)
Aug 29, 2019
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Ahh I'm lazy, if you see this, make a Makeshift Elimination order.

The Teams Are

Wallet, DPB, Melony, Candle, Moneybag, Halo, Mop, Jeb, Key, Stopwatch

Dime, Roll. Melody, Tire, Spoon, Gluey, Calendar, Flaggy, Mouse, Doorknob
Aug 29, 2019
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Actually no teams. The first challenge was an obstacle course. Please beware my horrible writing

Chromebook: And if you are one of the 10 contestants to either fall into the water or not finish, you will be up for elimination. {He pushed a button} GO!

{Wallet and Moneybag started racing each other before they both lost their balance. Dime managed to catch Wallet before he fell in, but Moneybag wasn't so lucky, splashing water up}

Dime: *Panting* You ok dad?

Wallet: Yeah Yeah I'm fine, but I don't know about Moneybag

{The contestants looked at Moneybag, who was in the water}

Chromebook: And now Moneybag is up for elimination!

{Chromebook touched his screen, where a giant Billboard showed Moneybag in the UFE side. While this was happening, Mouse had already started the race, and he finished in no time}

Chromebook: And wow, Mouse is safe from elimination, you better get a move on!

{The contestants began to race, with Key staying behind}

{Calendar was blocking the way trying to get up}

Melony: Uhh, can you move fatso?

Calendar: I dunno, can you move?

{Melony got annoyed, so she tried pushing him off, but it backfired, as Calendar pushed her off, making her UFE. He then continued on the way, before seeing Gluey}

Calendar: Uhh, Gluey, you ok?

Gluey: *Was hanging onto the pole* Hee Hee yeah, this is funnnnnnnnnnn *His attention trailed off a butterfly*

{Gluey lept off to catch the Butterfly, but Calendar caught him with his foot, throwing him to the next part of the course. Candle came from behind and pushed him off}

Candle: That was easy, now to continue.

{The scoreboard had updated}

Safe: Mouse, Flaggy, Halo, Roll, Tire, Spoon, Dime, Doorknob, Gluey
UFE: Moneybag, Melony, Calendar, Wallet, Mop, Key, DPB, Stopwatch

{Dime was struggling to get up to the finish line due to his small size. Tire and Spoon were also there}


Tire: It's easy! Hey Halo!

{Halo flew down}

Halo: Yes Tire?

Tire: Would ya mind carrying us up to the buzzer?

Halo: No I wouldn't!

{With a smile Halo grabbed the two and flew up. Dime managed to grab Tire's legs to get up. Halo dropped the three at the top}

Chromebook: So Tire, Spoon, and Dime all are safe, leaving three safe spots left!

{Through a montage, we see Mop, Key, and Diamond Play Button failing. Doorknob and Gluey were also safe, and Stopwatch failed as well. Melody was pushed off by Melony}

Chromebook: And we have two left! Jeb and Candle!

{Candle's fears of being eliminated struck, as when Jeb made it to the final obstacle, she grabbed the David. She threw it in the water, and he landed mid air. He would teleport behind Candle}

Jeb: Yeet!

{He grabbed Candle, and chucked her in the water, making her ufe}

Chromebook: And Jeb is the final person safe!

Jeb: YEAH BOY!!!!

Dime: *Whispering to Melody* Don't you agree Jeb is weird

Melody: Uhh sure, I guess?

Candle: This is a joke right? A FUNNY JOKE!?

Chromebook: And now, viewers, your job is to eliminate one competitor!

Please vote for one of the following (Whoever gets the most votes based on Bulbapedia people will be eliminated with a reasonable amount)

[A] Moneybag
[C] Calendar
[D] Wallet
[E] Mop
[F] Key
[G] Diamond Play Button
[H] Melody
[J] Candle

voting ends in one week
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