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I wouldn't have put it on the list if there wasn't a possibility of it happening.
But people can still write for the bmu

Yeah, it's going to be a group thing from now on. If you have ideas, bring them forward and we'll implement them into BMU games if possible. I know you had ideas before ME left roMCH, and we don't want them to be unused.
Yeah, it's going to be a group thing from now on. If you have ideas, bring them forward and we'll implement them into BMU games if possible. I know you had ideas before ME left roMCH, and we don't want them to be unused.
Yeah, and ME actually gave me a flavor for a mafia as part of my letter asking if I would become a mod
It's All About MCH Mafia
The following has been written by @Maniacal Engineer (Part 1) and @returnofmastercrazyhand (Part 2)

It's All About MCH Mafia
Part 1: The Next Generation

returnofmastercrazyhand sighed. He propped his feet up on his desk and leaned backwards, deep in thought. A lot had changed in the Fun and Games section since he had been brainwashed and turned evil. The rank of Section Head had been abolished, and then first Zexy and now Maniacal Engineer had been promoted to admin and left the section. MCH stood up and walked over to his filing cabinet. He rummaged through it for a moment before pulling out a file labeled "M.E." He tossed the file onto his desk, sat back down, and started examining its contents. The more he thought about it, the less sense it made. Fun and Games was ME's home. Surely he wouldn't have left it voluntarily. Furthermore, how was it that F&G mods kept getting promoted to admin? Enzap, Zexy, and Maniacal Engineer. Three of them within a year. Something wasn't adding up. Before he could consider the matter further, an envelope was pushed under his door. Quickly, MCH stood and ran to the door, flinging it open to catch the person who delivered the envelope. The hallway was empty, but there was a slight trace of ionization in the air.
Closing the door, MCH picked up the envelope and tore it open. Inside was a typed letter that simply read:

Congratulations MCH, you have been chosen to be the newest moderator of the Entertainment Inc. section!

If you choose to accept this position, your responsibilities would include:
  • Spam-monitoring - This means keeping the forum clean of spambots, we do this by reading reports and banning bots.
  • Activity boosting - This is accomplished by keeping threads updated, posting new threads, drumming up interest in competitions and working with the userbase to better serve the community.
  • Decision making - This comes into play when it comes to deciding on how to deal with troublesome users or posts in your section as part of your team.
  • Team work - You must work as part of a team, both your section team, as well as the forum staff team as a whole. Get familiar with the staff hierarchy so you better understand who to contact when you run in to trouble.
  • Knowledge of rules - Read over the rules and make sure you understand what they mean, don't act on a post when you are unsure. There's always people on site to help when it comes to deciding on how a post should be dealt with. You're never alone, because you're part of a large team.
  • Staff confidentiality - You must keep staff knowledge, plans and discussions within staff. Do not let slip anything that is discussed behind closed doors. This includes how we deal with user's posts, staff decisions, future plans etc.
Please keep in mind that Bulbagarden strives to make the world a better place by standing for various social issues, as you may have noticed from our social media and announcements.

Keep this between us for now, at least until you've been officially announced, and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

-Maniacal Engineer

Curious and intrigued, it was up to MCH to decide what he would do next.

Part 2: Training, but for whose' sake?

After accepting ME's request, MCH began his training, it was gruesome, but he had worse in the past. He dealt with all kinds of stuff, from spambots not named jackatlasred to excessive signatures. Even practicing stuff should he have ever become higher than a regular mod. After finishing his training though, He began to have second thoughts about whether or not he was ready for it yet. After deciding he wasn't 3 months into training, MCH returned to his previous role as a bounty hunter with a detective agency on the side. Shortly thereafter he began to hear reports of a strange occurrence happening in the tattered remains of the old forums from back on vBulletin. deciding to investigate further, He went in on deep to the forgotten side of the network...
But that is a story for another day.
Added Scooby Doo Mafia and YOU Mafia to the BMU list.
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