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HELP: Brainstorming events to occur in Dawn of Courage


Geek of the Games
Dec 23, 2009
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Heyo, I need help again.

As the title states, I'm trying to brainstorm some scenarios/arcs/etc for the cast to go through during Dawn of Courage. And I mean more than just dealing with the Undead Army. Stuff that would build character interactions/growth and show more of what each character can offer. I've got a few scenarios set up so far (one particular mini-arc will show what happens when Nova is pushed too far, for example) but I could use some extra help cooking up more ideas. I'll list the ideas I've gotten so far below so that there won't be any overlaps.

Idea 1: Nova enters archery tournament but Dominic sabotages him by cutting off his left hand. It gets reattached but is rendered unusable for a few days, thus Nova's sidelined for a while. He still enters and not only manages to win but becomes the Legendary Archer's pupil for a brief time.

Idea 2: The gang need to go by boat to the next continent so they can continue their mission. They're first hampered by sexist sailors, then they end up fishing Dominic out of the sea and are forced to make a truce with him until they get to the next continent which he milks the entire time, and then help a merfolk clan deal with Captain Boneacuda and his zombie sharkmen before making it to the next continent (and take revenge on Dominic for milking the truce since, by that point, the truce was over).

Idea 3: Nova is falsely accused of a crime he didn't commit by an incompetent kingdom: stealing the Spellstone, and needs to prove his innocence. Nova ends up snapping when he learns said incompetent kingdom fell for the "stupidest trick in the book" (the real thief left a note saying "Nova was here") and that the people didn't think to check the Fiend Eye familiar that guards the Spellstone, effectively going on a rampage and holding the royal family hostage until the truth is revealed (it was Dominic's doing). Said royal family tries to bribe him into keeping the incident quiet, which fails, resulting in King Hendrik appearing and revealing this isn't the first time this has happened and now the kingdom and royal family gets stripped of their status as punishment, Nova is given the Spellstone as compensation, and the capital city is cut off from the world and needs to win back Nova's favor if they want any assistance from allies, which include protection and supplies, lest the city crumble away into ruin. The former king blows the city's chances by trying to steal back the Spellstone, resulting in Nova nearly going ape on them, only stopping because an Undead Base has cropped up nearby. After dealing with said base Nova collapses from his stress levels going well beyond his breaking point and requires intensive medical care for a bit, in which the same city tries again to win back his favor out of genuine concern while he's recovering.

Idea 4: Nina is forced to return to Phoenixwing Kingdom because it was taken over by an Undead General by exploiting the Phoenix Clan's weakness: Genox Gas. She learns of this via one of her younger brothers, Theo, who managed to somehow catch up to the party. She's far from happy and proceeds to first beat up Theo for all the times he's bullied her and hid behind the clan's sexist laws so he could avoid retaliation. The party does go back to Phoenixwing Kingdom (where Nina gets to display her newfound abilities) and vanquish the Undead General (Nina is able to avoid the Genox Gas by wearing Nova's O2 Mask, thus keeping her from breathing in the gas, allowing her to fight at full power) and she takes revenge on her family for the neglect and abuse she's endured at their hands.

These are some of the ideas I've got so far. I still need more in order to flesh out the series and create certain character arcs. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I should mention that there are other ideas outside of these, but those are more plot-specific ones. I'm mostly looking for ideas that'll help develop the characters further and expand on the worldbuilding aspect of the series. If you want/need more info let me know and I'll see what I can do without spoiling certain aspects of the series.
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