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RULES: Brand New Fun and Games Rules (Updated 11/1/17)

Mastering Electricity
Welcome to the Fun & Games Section!

Also known as F&G for short, this is a more relaxed section of BMGf. Please, come in and have some fun!

Bear in mind that all general forum rules of Bulbagarden apply here.

Rules and Guidelines

1. Obey Each Game's Rules
-Individual game rules can be found in the first post of the thread. If you're not sure about a rule, ask an F&G mod

2. Do Not Make Pointless Posts
-Do not post when you are not supposed to according to the rules of the game. This includes not double-posting.
-When using quotes or spoiler tags, do not create stacks of more than two, and please do not post blank spoiler tags or quotes. Blank spoiler tags are spoiler tags that either contain nothing or only contain other spoiler tags. Blank quotes are posts that only contain a quote from another user, edited or unedited, without any other content.
-Make sure all of your posts contribute to and continue the game.

3. Avoid Excessive Drama
-Please avoid excessive posting regarding personal problems.
-If you feel the need to post about personal problems, or are looking for advice, please post here.
-Do not make posts about politics or religion, although you can talk about how they affect you personally in Random Messages.

4. Be Active If Hosting A Host-Based Game
-If you are hosting a game that requires updates, please be active.
-This avoids inconveniencing other users who wish to play the game.

5. Do Not Mention Spam
-Do not mention users who are not regulars in the Fun & Games Section.
-Do not mention any users without a reason.

6. Have fun.
-You will have fun...or else. :p

If you also feel the need to talk, the mods aren't shy to talk to you guys, drop on in if you ever feel a need.
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@Doctor Flopster
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Likes cute Pokemon
Can you also mention broken Twitter posts that are shared but are never loaded even though it says "Loading tweet"?
Mastering Electricity
Can you also mention broken Twitter posts that are shared but are never loaded even though it says "Loading tweet"?
I don't think there's a need to get that specific. If you see a post that you think is pointless or non-contributing, Report it, and the staff can discuss it.