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#BulbaBattle Pika Cup


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Aug 28, 2009
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Wiilio said:
You’ve all seen tournaments. You have your standard singles, VGC doubles, full doubles, Little Cup, color tournaments, blah blah blah… That’s typical. How about let’s take a step back to the good old days and give it a new twist, shall we?

May I present to you:
#BulbaBattle’s Pika Cup Tournament

The main rules are fairly complex, so let me go ahead and jump into that. They are based off of Pokémon Stadium’s Pika Cup challenge.
· Pokémon must all be within the level range of 15 to 20. No lower, no higher.
· You will make parties of six. However, you will choose three of your six party members to go into battle. Furthermore, the three members you choose must not have their levels add up to over 50. For example, if you choose a level 20 Pokémon to go into battle, the other two members you choose must be at level 15; 20 + 15 + 15 = 50, and either of the level 15s being at any higher level would put your total over the limit.

Other clauses are standard:
· Evasion Clause: Moves that boost evasion (ex: Double Team and Minimize) or lower evasion (i.e. Sand-Attack and Smokescreen) are not allowed.
· Sleep Clause: Two or more Pokémon on a team cannot be asleep at the same time. Self-induced sleep via Rest does not activate Sleep Clause.
· OHKO Clause: One-Hit KO moves are not allowed.
· Species Clause: Two or more of the same Pokémon may not be used on the same team.
· Self KO Clause: If both players have only one Pokémon left, moves which KO both the user and the opponent (ex: Explosion, Destiny Bond) result in the loss of the user. If recoil damage would cause a tie, Self KO Clause does not activate, and the player who last attacked is the winner.
· Item Clause: All Pokémon on the team must hold different items.

Finally, the banlist:
150 – Mewtwo
151 – Mew
249 – Lugia
250 – Ho‐Oh
251 – Celebi
382 – Kyogre
383 – Groudon
384 – Rayquaza
385 – Jirachi
386 – Deoxys
483 – Dialga
484 – Palkia
487 – Giratina
489 – Phione
490 – Manaphy
491 – Darkrai
492 – Shaymin
493 – Arceus
494 – Victini
643 – Reshiram
644 – Zekrom
646 – Kyurem

Now that all of the rules are out of the way, I’d like to let you all know why I’ve chosen this format.
· This format is very unique. I have literally never seen a tournament run with these rules.
· It allows for more players. Since the Pokémon are within the level range of 15 to 20, getting good IVs and EV training aren't all that important. While both would obviously give you an advantage, the levels are low enough so that a "normal" Pokémon would still be viable.
· It requires creativity. You are limited to Pokémon within that level range; many commonly seen Pokémon (Heatran, Salamence, etc.) can't be used. People will have to resort to using Pokémon in the lower tiers, and even Pokémon that are not fully evolved.
· It's a challenge. There are so many challenges to this. Making a functioning full-party team that can split well into 3-member teams under the level restrictions, learning about which Pokémon would be viable under these rules, finding ways to get Pokémon within the level limit under abnormal circumstances if so desired (for example, Dragonair can be caught at level 15-20 in Mt. Coronet), coming up with new strategies while taking into consideration level limit (moves learned at higher levels are either unobtainable or must be obtained through special means, moves such as Dragon Rage become more viable... etc.).

With all of that out of the way, let’s get down to the date. The tournament will be held from March 3rd through the 9th, giving you plenty of time to plan and test your teams. The tournament will be hosted on Bulbagarden’s battling channel, #BulbaBattle. You are encouraged to come into the channel to ask questions, discuss strategies, arrange your battles (trust me, it’s so much easier to do so in real-time), talk about your battles while they are happening, and just have a good time chatting. As I am in college, I will not be on all day. However, I will make it a point to hop on the chat as much as I can between now and the tournament.

When you sign up, provide your Friend Code here in this thread. Also, PM me your teams when you have them ready. This will be explained later.

Finally, starting February 1st, I will have a team prepared under these rules that you are all more than welcome to test your teams against.

Happy battling!
Just to clarify, you PM me, not Angad. Don't need to flood him with more PMs than he already gets.

Also, I managed to finish my team early, so if you want to test your teams, just hop on into #bulbabattle and PM/notify me there.
I forgot to mention the prizes.

First place will win an IV-bred, EV-trained, fully leveled Pokemon of choice (provided I can obtain it, which means most likely no legendaries; however, anything that can be bred is something I can get) equipped with a complete moveset and desired item. It can also be shiny.

Second place will win an IV-bred Pokemon of choice, which can be shiny.

Semi-finalists will win an IV-bred Gible with Rough Skin.

All participants will receive an IV-bred Magikarp.
Assuming one enters the competition, how detailed does the team need to be when we send it to you? And are you entering yourself?

Also, I'm somewhat of a newb in this section of the forum, so could I have a link to the channel? I have no idea what or where it is. Sounds like a chatroom, but I keep think YT XD

I'll probably go ahead and try to draft this out; it sounds fun! Maybe it's time to whip out my Gene. And let's not forget the Vanillite! lol
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I need each Pokemon on the team in this format when it is sent to me:

Pokemon - lvl x
~ Move 1
~ Move 2
~ Move 3
~ Move 4

This is to ensure that no one changes their team during the tournament. Y'know, just in case some people kind of get into the tournament together, and scout for each other.

I will not be in the tournament; I am merely hosting it. I think it's unprofessional to enter into a tournament that one starts themselves. However, as I previously stated, I have a team ready, so if anyone wants to test their team against mine, they are more than welcome to do so.


To get to the channel, go to the top of this page and click on "IRC Chat." Once you are connected to the server, type in:

/join #bulbabattle

And it'll take you straight to us! I'll try to be around as much as I can be to answer questions, give advice, help you prepare a team, and just... chat!
Count me in!
FC: (3DS at repair center. Will edit when I get it back.)
Genesect, Keldeo, and Meloetta are all banned!

Sorry I didn't catch this earlier. This was an old list that didn't account for either of these recently-released events.

Dragon Rage is banned!

After looking over max HP stats for Pokemon within the 15 to 20 level range, I noticed that Dragon Rage 1/2/3-HKOs 99% of all Pokemon available within this range. Many are an easy 2HKO with entry hazards. For fairness, this move is banned.
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Adding a few details here:

Sign-ups will close on March 1st.

I've been getting a few questions about signing up, so I figured others might have the same questions. You can go ahead and sign up for the tournament now, and you don't have to send your team in until the last day of sign-ups (March 1st).

Apparently my Wi-Fi doesn't communicate with others here at my apartment, so unfortunately I won't be able to fully carry out with my previous statement about being able to battle against your teams for testing. However, unless something comes up, I will be able to battle February 22nd - 24th. This might be the only opportunity you get, so if you want to test your team against someone, take this opportunity!

Happy battling!
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Count me in, too. I'll be using my White1 version. My FC is 0433-4517-7334
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FC: 3869-6270-3313

May I ask for a little more detail on the Sleep Clause, to confirm? Say, if battler #1 put 2 of battler #2's Pokemon to sleep, then battler #2 would not be disqualified, or unable to battle? What exactly would happen?
Battler 2 would automatically lose because they violated the clause.
Er, the "not" in my question isn't supposed to be there, ha. But that answers it! Thank you. =]
No problem!

Hopefully we can get 3 more people to participate. We have 5; 8 would make for a perfect bracket.
This sounds like fun. If registration is still open, I'd like to sign up. My FC is: 1464 4137 2119. Now all I need is a team.
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