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#BulbaBattle Pika Cup

Yep! Registration is open 'til the first of March.

Two more people would make a perfect bracket!
Okay everyone. Registration ends 12 AM EST on March 1st. That means you have two more days to register. Teams are due in by March 3rd, which is when I will put up brackets and you can start battling. I highly suggest you go ahead and make sure you know how to get into the chatroom so you don't have any trouble on the day of the tournament.

As I said before, if we have two more people sign up we will have a perfect bracket. Otherwise there will be a Round 2 bye (and I really hate byes). Please encourage your friends to enter!
Alright, it's the last day to submit teams. Only three of you have submitted. Make sure to get those in by midnight EST or I have to disqualify you.
Okay! Only four people met the deadline, so there will be four battles.

Here are the matchups:
Bluntasaur vs SwampertShoes
vulpix vs LadyScathach

The winners of these matches will battle for first place. The losers will battle for 3rd.

Good luck, and happy battling!
The tournament is over! Here are the results:

1st place: LadyScathach
2nd place: Bluntasaur
3rd place: vulpix
4th place: SwampertShoes

Thank you all for participating! I hope to hold another tournament like this fairly soon, so be on the lookout!
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