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Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol.5

i don't know much about mozart but i wouldn't put it past him. i mean look at some of the humor shakespeare included in his works. humanity has been fond of crass jokes since the dawn of time.
Correct. It is foolish to think that profanity is some kind of recent development. Contemporary times are simply that. The Dark Ages were contemporary at one point.

At least if for some reason one likes classical music they can be pirated without threat of legal action. Interesting people rejoice!
my entire wrapped was nothing but sonic music
Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 5.53.39 PM.png
I don't use Spotify or other streaming stuff to listen to music (I only use YouTube since I'm cheap and lazy :V) so I don't have any way of keeping track of what I've listened to most - I'm sometimes curious what my most played song is, but at the same time I'm also kinda afraid to know lol it's either Vocaloid, Crush 40, or a video game track, that I know for sure

my entire wrapped was nothing but sonic music
this is so based actually lol
i think my top artists were Ed Sheeran (no surprise) Pokémon, Taylor swift, and two other things that I can’t remember… with Ed Sheeran in the top spot

My top song ended up being first times or one life (i can’t remember) by ed Sheeran?? And not wonderland by Taylor swift which I listened to on repeat for three hours straight once?? I don’t remember listening to that song a particularly large amount?? (Either of them) I do both of them but I don’t get it….
oh I do that all the time when I don't have wifi, mp3s take up like 40% of my phone's storage lmao
Dang, my music files are only like 9.5 GB in total, which is like...barely anything out of my phone's 128 GB of space. Still got nearly 1000 songs though.

(Also only have about 40 GB free space cuz of other shit like photos, games, and other apps but I do got a microSD card, just haven't gotten around to sticking it in my phone yet cuz IDK I guess I just don't feel like doing it until my phone is straight up running out of storage? 40 GB is still more than plenty for me)
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