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Rules Bulbagarden Forum Rules (Last Updated June 24th, 2020)

Rule Changes Overview: August 5th, 2019
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    May 21, 2010
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    To hopefully save some of y'all some time and worry, here's a quick summary of the big changes that we made with the recent overhaul.
    1. The old Irrelevant/Repetitive Posting, Unreadable Text, and Spoilers rules have been condensed into one Disruptive Posting rule along with a couple minor additions to help clarify frequently asked questions.
    2. The old Bad Sportsmanship rule was consolidated into Baiting since they are very similar in nature.
    3. Graphic Content and Inappropriate Content were merged into the new Inappropriate Content rule.
    This is not a comprehensive list since there were a lot of wording fixes or simple clarifications added that shouldn't don't affect the meaning of the rules, but hopefully it helps!