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Bulbagarden Staff AMA Thread

I don't really have a favourite dual typing but my favourite pokemon type is Water, it's also the type I chose to specialise in in my past attempts at using monotype teams :)
Ahhh I should have said "type" not typing, lemme edit that. Thanks for the answer!!
Are you looking forwards to anything in the future?
Getting back into learning Japanese and potentially learning Spanish in the future. Playing a few games in the future, working on music.
Also, what's your favorite indie game you've played?
Tough question, depends on the genre I guess?
Ambient Horror / Exploration - Yume Nikki
Horror - Corpse Party
Metroidvania - Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils
RPG - Epic Battle Fantasy series and NOYO~!
Beat'em Up - Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds

What got you into Pokemon? Kind of a big question, but, yeah, that's it!!
Had a friend introduce it to me when I was 4-5 years old. First thing they ever taught me was how to get Missingno. to appear. I started to collect cards here and there after that and eventually got a Gameboy Colo with Pokemon Gold being my first game for the series. Played it for hours on end on the weekends, was a lot of fun.
Favorite holiday?

What's your favorite type of Pokemon?
I notice most of my favorites are Ghost, Psychic, or Fairy.
wait, am I allowed to answer these now too?

What's your favorite type of Pokemon?
Steel, Ground, Psychic, and Electric are my favorites (in that order, usually). Not just in terms of the Pokémon themselves, but also what moves and abilities they generally have.

Also, what's your favorite indie game you've played?
This is an old question, but I really wanted to say how great Undertale and Deltarune are. And Cave Story, everyone should go play Cave Story if they haven't yet. (also, I haven't actually played Cuphead yet, but I'm still so astounded by its development and art direction that I'm going to give it an honorable mention anyhow)

And a question of my own: If you were a Pokémon, which Ability would you have?
Favorite holiday?
Christmas! Delicious food and family together, there's nothing more I can ask for :giggle:.

What's your favorite type of Pokemon?
Ghost ♥

And a question of my own: If you were a Pokémon, which Ability would you have?
Probably Contrary, consciously or unconsciously I tend to have opinions or tastes that are not very common, or simply a yearning to be different. This is a trait of my personality since I was a very little girl. A few months ago my family was talking about baseball teams from my country, my whole family supports the same team. I don't even like to watch that sport but when I was about five years old I claimed many times that I was part of another team just to say something different from the rest, when I told them this one of my aunts said "That's normal for you" and laughed :ROFLMAO:.

Pixilate would also be a great option, due to my big love for fairy tales and mythology ♥
Am I allowed to respond to questions that were asked before I was a staff member? I don't know. Might as well unless someone tells me not to.
what are your favorite Second stage starters?
  • Drizzile for being so emo in a charming and campy way.
  • Braixen - Probably mostly because of the anime, but idk. Something about them is nice.
  • Brionne - Very cute :)
  • Torracat - I just think they're neat. I like Incineroar, but I sort of like Torracat more.
Also... asking everyone, if you guys were a Pokémon Type, which one (or two) would you be? :cool:
I think my answer changes every time I'm asked this question, but for now it's Dark/Psychic.
For everyone...What part of Pokemon would you like to get into more but can't because of time? For example manga, competitive, etc...
Literally every aspect of it. Due to several factors (having to feel like I'm being productive every second of the day, hyperfixating on research instead of actually playing the games, getting anxiety from reading the manga for some reason, big gaming backlog, and so many other things), I regret to inform you all that I'm a fake fan of Pokémon :eek:
What non-Pokemon media do you think it's underrated and why would you recommend it?
* Hands you retro EPCOT symbols and architecture and vibes * take this, my child
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