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Bulbagarden Staff AMA Thread

I probably would go for the writer position (though I am very flexible, if I'm allowed a little time to learn the ropes I'm up for it) so this is really helpful! Thank you so much tako!!!
If possible, could someone explain what an average day is like for a staff member? I am warming up to the idea of trying out for staff sometime, but I am curious how time management would work in a day
The nice thing about it is that you can invest however much or as little time as you want or can afford. Some people are basically always active, some people have bursts of activity over a few days or weeks and then periods with little activity, and some check in once every couple days and take care of a report or two. There's no "right" way to do it, we're just glad to have the help from motivated people.
This would be a little funnier if it pinged all the staff, but...it doesn't, so I'll say my thingy!!

I'm good!! today's been a very normal day filled with fun!!
good, that's good to hear
It's been a while!!!

Do you like summer!?
Yes. Even though the hot and humid weather causes my right arm to be in severe agony, I will still take summer over winter.
Winter sucks and needs to be made illegal. And snow needs to be a prosecutable offense.
It's been a while!!!

Do you like summer!?
I like the idea of summer - earlier sunrise and later sunset means more daylight to work with, it's easier to wake up naturally with sunlight streaming through your window, fauna and flora are flourishing, you don't have to wear so many layers - and then it arrives, I sweat for a few seconds, and I remember that I actually do not enjoy it one bit.

Spring and Autumn are where it's at. <3 (I hate the cold, too...)
Since I operate forever on a school schedule I can't help but look forward to summer. But the heat, humidity, and unpredictability of the weather can really suck. I love being able to go outside if I feel like it, but if it's 90+ degrees F and 80% humidity I have to have a very good reason to step my foot out the door.
Don't mind me, just reminding everyone this thread exists. ;)

Have you ever been on a boat?
And is there anything you're looking forward to right now?
Looking forward to moving into my new home next week. Going to be my first time actually having a mortgage instead of paying rent. Living the millennial dream.
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