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Bulbagarden webmaster missing after immigration flub: Where's Archaic?

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Nov 13, 2005
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Bulbagarden webmaster missing after immigration flub: Where's Archaic?

Bulbagarden webmaster Archaic reported missing in Canada after being deported there due to a computer error in Australian Immigration computers.

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I hope Archaic is found soon. D:

That's a nice picture of Archaic and Kasumi, by the way…
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Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if this was just Figgy staging an elaborate coup d'etat :p
At least he's in place with such friendly people.
It'll be fine, people. He has a tracking device, so he won't get too far.
Archaic is being held responsible for the impostor I saw on this forum using a horrible shot of me as their avatar. It didn't capture my beauty at all. Absolutely horrific.

He will be released in a few days, but I have contacted the internet leaders and they will be shutting down this forum in 24 hours.
As long as that collar's working, things will be fine. Chillax, guys. XD
he's just rightfully confused over bagged milk
We have that here in Wisconsin, too. And yeah, it is a bit weird but it tastes fine. :lol:
He's probably on cool adventures the lucky **** **** ** ** on a taco **** **** ** *** with a side *** **** *** hamster cheese.
Ay, I'm Canadian for some reasun, ay. May-bay it's my grammer or it's Ay-pril Fools Day, ay? I like thy May-ple Garden forums, and this should be-ay the next step into our Pok-ay-mon knowledge, ay?
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