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Bulbagarden X/Y Launch Giveaway: 10 copies of Pokémon X/Y to be given away!

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Bulbagarden X/Y Launch Giveaway: 10 copies of Pokémon X/Y to be given away!

With less than two weeks to go until the worldwide release of Pokémon X and Y, Bulbagarden is giving fans worldwide the chance to win one of ten copies of the newly released games.

Read more on Bulbanews
I was gonna do this, but realized I have no clue about any of those questions and am too lazy to research for them.

I'll just stick to buying them :u
Just a question, but if you have a concern about a question or two, where would the right place be to bring it up at?
Hf. My brain kinda died looking at the questions. 8U; Good luck to those who plan to enter.
I can answer two, maybe three of them, off the top of my head, but that's about it without some serious digging to do. Meh... I've already reserved my copies, so I'll just stick with those.
Just submitted mine. Hope I was right. If I don't do it now, ill get too busy to submit anything later. Something's better then nothing. So if a winner is selected, do they get the choice of picking which game they want or is it random?
Thank you, Archaic. I just wanted to make sure. :)

Here is my list:

General - Are there multiple answers that will be considered to be correct? (ie. Q: What Pokémon is both Dragon-type and Ground-type? A: Vibrava; Flygon)
Question 1 - Are we looking for the full URL or the full title of the website?
Question 3 - I take it that we need to ignore glitches, right? :)
Question 4 - Thank you for already adding in some clarification. :D Though, there is still one thing. What is meant by the word "character" in the second sentence; The card itself or its subject?
My questions:
1. Do you mean the full website for Bulbanews or Bulbagarden in general?

3. Would you like us to name one or more than one main series title that are not in a pair? Like could I say Pokemon Version ____ and _____(which are a pair) and get it right even if there are more than that?
I have a question about three and five:

For three by trading do you mean just the starters because in some games you are given starters, however it is only after completing a pokedex which requires trading for other pokemon, or do you mean those that don't require any trading whatsoever?

For five do you mean all english releases or just viz media?

Also is the competition only for Americans or all countries?
4. A card in-game in the Pokémon Trading Card Game (game) for Game Boy was never physically released in English (in any edition or reprint). How many TCG cards have been based on the same character as that card?
I've dug up multiple cards that answer the question. I'm wondering, does a Pokemon count as a character or does it mean a person such as Bill or Lass?
Flustered as to how the first question should be answered, just like some of us here. Well, I got my answers saved and will submit them later.

Also is the competition only for Americans or all countries?

It did say "giving fans worldwide the chance," so it's all countries.
<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p><a href="https://twitter.com/NerdHydraBeast">@NerdHydraBeast</a> US, EU/AU, JP, etc</p>&mdash; Bulbagarden (@Bulbagarden) <a href="https://twitter.com/Bulbagarden/statuses/384844745329373184">October 1, 2013</a></blockquote>
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The twitter post said Eu, NA and JP
3. In Pokémon X and Y, players will start their journey with two different starter Pokémon. Name the other main series Pokémon titles which have allowed players to obtain more than one starter Pokémon, without trading with another trainer.

Is this referring to generation specific, or any starter from any generation?
for question 3: by "starter pokemon" do you mean the specific region starters or can this refer to any pokemon that has ever been a starter?
for question 4: would the answer be based only on "trainer" cards or would it include "pokemon" cards as well that feature the character's pokemon?
1. What is the full name of this website?

What are we referring to by that? Bulbanews, Bulbagarden, what?
For question #3, does this refer to only in-game ways of obtaining the starters? As in, no Pal Park, Dream World, events, etc?

For question #4, does the answer include the card that wasn't released (in other words, ALL of the cards that character has been featured in)? Also, with "physically released in Japanese" does it mean that people could actually get it? Or that there was a physical version of the card shown?
To answer people's questions in one go. If I haven't answered your question, you're either off the mark, or giving you an explicit answer would give you the answer to the trivia question on a silver platter.

General Issues:
There is only one valid answer to each question. The wording of some questions has been refined to make the intent of the question more explicit.

Question 1:
The question asks for the full name of the website. Not the URL, not the name of a section of the site. We can't be more explicit than that.

Question 3:
This question was reworded to clarify the intent of "trading" in the question, and to specifically exclude things like distributions and the Dream World. Please see the reworded question. People who responded before the question was reworded will not be penalized for having used the slightly different interpretation of the wording.
Ignore glitches. We judged that those would make it a trick question, and we didn't intend trick questions.
If there's a pair of games, name both.
Starter from any generation. Only the Grass-Water-Fire trios are counted, we're not talking about one-off's (which as with glitches, would make it a trick question in our book).

Question 4:
There is only one card which satisfies the first part of the question. The wording of the question has been altered slightly to make the intent more explicit.
For the second part of the question, any card.
Q3 says trading for the starter with another player. Does Pal Park count as "trading" since it's only a one-way send off?
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