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Bulbagarden's Photographic Expedition

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Nov 15, 2008
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The title is not entirely mine so don't judge me :p

Just post your pics of your encounters with animals of any size. Doesn't matter what kind of environment you took it either. Just post pics :p

I don't have much to contribute in the start, but...

A frog I encountered at work at my dad's place.

And a city squirrel I came across in the front of the flat I'm living in.

This is as close as I could get without scaring it away.

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At last, Kalos
Aug 30, 2009
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The title is not entirely mine so don't judge me :p
*glares* :-D

Nice pics you got there, the frog was in a pretty good place and the squirrel is very cute!

Anyway! Finally a place to post those pictures of mine who had been gaining dust, haha. Let's start with some pics of one of my "winged obsessions", seagulls!

A brown seagull who seemed to want all the focus.

The closest I managed to get of a seagull portrait.

A group of seagulls and, um, a random dude.

Another brown seagull, tidying its nest.

They fly pretty fast, this was the best I could get from a seagull in movement.

Well, not completely true. I managed to get another one, but the angle isn't as good.

I hope you liked them! ^^