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Non-Mafia Bulbagarden’s The Devil's Plan (12P)- Main Challenge 6

Rules Post + Player List


Aug 23, 2022
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  1. He/Him
Welcome to The Devil's Plan, this was a game show created by Teo and is currently being run by Netflix. Check it out, its super good!

In The Devil's Plan, 12 contestants are placed into a warehouse, where they will live for 7 days, in the case of this game it will likely be a bit longer. At the end of the competition, the two best-performing players will go head to head in a final for a prize (which you will be building up as you go along). If you would like to join, be prepared to fight tooth and nail for the victory. While you may not use violence or steal from players, anything else you want to use to win is fair game. Make alliances, win challenges and most importantly have fun!

Here are some rules that you will have to abide by while you compete for this prize:
1. Once you enter the game, you will receive a "Piece", this piece is the most important part of the game, it is after all how you get to the final, the top two players with the most pieces will advance to the final round.

2. In order to obtain these pieces, you must of course win challenges, there are two types of challenge in this game: The Main Challenge and The Prize Challenge. In the Main Challenge you will compete against eachother to earn pieces. In the Prize Challenge you will work together to build up the Prize pool, get the prize pool high enough and you may earn a special reward if you win.

3. Unlike games like Survivor, there is no way for a player to be voted off of the game by other players. If your piece count falls to 0, you will be eliminated from the game however.

4. Now, pieces aren’t just used to determine if you reach the final or not, you may use pieces in numerous ways. Use pieces to bribe players into alliances or use them to gain an advantage in the challenge, the choice is yours.

5. There is one aspect of voting in this game and that is for imprisonment. The two players with the lowest amount of pieces (that is not 0) after the Main Challenge will be imprisoned. If more than two players have the least amount of pieces then the player with the most amount of pieces will choose which players will be imprisoned.

6. What does imprisonment do? I hear you say. Well, when you are imprisoned you will be unable to join in with the Prize Challenge and will not be able to return to the group until the next morning. While in prison, you will lose access to any alliance chats, but you will be given one with your fellow cell mate.

7. If you would like to join an alliance, add the player(s) to a private message and then add myself and the MoD. No screenshots in these please.

8. General Rules also apply, no editing posts, no screenshots etc. Also, if I feel you are taking the game way too seriously and you are being overly aggressive or generally offensive you will be warned and then if it is necessary you will be eliminated (try not to make it come to this please).

9. To join the game, a simple In will be fine.

10. Final rule, have fun!

MoD is @DawningWinds make sure you add both of us to any of your conversations please.

Player List:
1. @Potato-6
2. @coordinator lissi
3. @RavenRaziel98
4. @beryllium
5. @toastghost
6. @Midorikawa
7. @ExLight
8. @Quasar_Catfish
9. @helperman
10. @Minish
11. @funnier6
12. @Doc 2.0

Any questions feel free to ask!


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i guess, in
Hi Helper! Most games you will likely be able to play within your hour slots, if that is not possible for a game for any reason I am more than happy to give you either an extension or another workaround.
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