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Bulbapedia, Shipping, etc

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You can assume that the following ships WILL be allowed - these are just off the top of my head :


Others will certainly be allowed, but thsoe are the ones you can be pretty sure of.
Christ, do you have a life outside complaining about what I say?

Kiss is a straightforward ship (two characters who have actually met, interacted, and who got along pretty well). It's a ship that has some (very, very weak) support in the anime (I know a LOT of ships that would kill for a "welcome" kiss scene). It's a ship that's based on a high-profile source (one of the movies).

Those are reasons why it get included for a start.

And if you disagree with it, that's YOUR problem, because that stays as it is.
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Not really. It was there for *informative* purpose, ie which ships are already allowed, so we don't have people askign about THOSE.

What you can do is ask about other ships. We'll then tell you wether or not they'Re allowed.

A ship that's not listed there yet is simply a ship for which no decision has been taken. Generally speaking, of course; CelebiShipping is not getting in, but I think you already knew that.
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See, I just don't see the reason to have importance placed on that specific one. And seriously, you think I care that you were the one who posted the list?

But again, that's another reason that we shouldn't impose limits.
Ok Blackjack, I'll be VERY clear.

The decision to impose limits is final.

The decision for these limits to be fluid, and for putting Archaic, evkl and myself in charge of them is final.

The decision to allow KissShipping (and all the other ships listed above) is final.

FINAL. That means "no more discussion on this decision".
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Make your own thread about KissShippign and its' importance if you want.

But THIS thread is about which ships should have full articles in Pedia, and THAT decision has been made, so there's no point constantly dragging it back to the topic of KissShipping.

And no, we will not have public debates on which ships to include. That is because there are about seventy billion ships, and we just do NOT have the time to debate them all.
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Because I have better things to do than debate which ships to include with stubborn moderators who can't accept authority.

EDIT : And so do Arcy and evkl. And since it's Arcy's site, I'm his second in command, and evkl's running pedia, the decision is ours to make.
Fine, want me to submit ships then?

-Carnivalshipping. I think it should be on the list because it's of vital importance to the 6th movie.

-IceGymshipping. It's important to Pryce's personality and story, and demonstrates how much he had changed, in both regards.

-Steelshipping. Like Eldershipping, it's one of those ships that most people see as understood. And it may have influenced the decision to do you-know-what to Bashou.

-Sacredshipping. Another 'understood' ship.

-Breedershipping. Influenced Brock's lineup as well as his personality, as Suzie inspired him to be the best Breeder he could be (all innuendo aside). May be considered semi-canon.

-Traumashipping. One of the most widely debated incidents in all of Poké-dom.

-Apprenticeshipping. Tracey's entire motivation for following Ash was so he could meet his hero, Oak. Widely accepted as a one-sided ship.

-Wishshipping. A bond of a thousand years doesn't come easily.

-Daydreamshipping. Providing comic relief since late Johto, and one of the more obvious one-sided ships.

and that's just for right now. I'll think of more in the morning.
Ok. These are open for review by evkl and Arcy, but my rulings for now :


Not that much evidence, but it has wide support, and its possible role in the transgenderification of Bashou makes it good enough.

One of the, if not THE Classical Brock ship from the Kanto days.

An obvious one. Would have been on my original list if I had but remembered its name when I wrote it.

Popular enough among the community (fanwork branch especially) to warrant inclusion.

Same. I don't know how much actual evidence there is (as I haven't seen the episode), but I know how popular it is among fanworkers.

Very tentative yes, but I think it's a term that should have its own article considering all the Meowth daydreams.



CarnivalShippers - Is that the one you mentioend as being effectively canon? If it really is so, approved.

IceGymShipping - I'm not familiar with this one. Details would be appreciated.

WishShipping - a thousand-years bond is not much of a reason. Please detail why THIS ship deserves inclusion.
Carnivalshipping is Butler/Diane. And yes it *is* canon. There's really no two ways about it.

IceGymshipping is Pryce/Sheila. She was the only one there for him through his bitterness, and was key in bringing him out of it.

I'll have to watch the movie again for Wishshipping and make a list, unless someone else here can do that for me.
Hmmm. Not having seen movie 6, I'll put a TENTATIVE yes on Carnival, though it depends on what other people think of its canonitude.

IceGymShipping, I am not manga-aware, and I missed most of late Johto, so I don't even know which of these sources it's from. I really need to have a brief summary of that story and the key point of this ship presented to me.

WishShipping, sounds about right.
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