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Bulbapedia, Shipping, etc

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IceGymshipping is strictly anime. If we were going off manga too, I'd be here all night.

We also must have Daddyshipping, even though I think it's in dire need of a new name.

And Dami, read any given summary of 6. It'll tell you how canon Carnivalshipping is.
As I said - Carnival is tentatively approved. Unless I find some big evidence that it's nowhere near as canon as you claim it is, it's good to go.

Sammy & Ash is in, no question asked.

IceGym, just detail the story. I have no time to go hunting for explanation on what exactly happened.
Well, Sheila and Pryce had been friends, then he had an accident in a battle that left him burned. To make matters worse, his Piloswine ran off. All this made Pryce bitter and hostile to everyone, but Sheila stood by him for years (you'd think this would tax her, but she remained upbeat). When he was finally reunited with his Piloswine, he started to show his old personality, and Sheila helped him with his recovery.

...come to think of it, a pretty strong case could be made for Pryce and his Piloswine, but I'll leave that to Ketsuban.
Will leave the final call on this one to the others.
Others that will be included, off the top of my head, include

HandShipping - Amazing influence on the shipping fandom for about 6 months. Has dropped off the radar, but the vets among us still remember it fondly

ToxicBoltShipping - I assume this one was based off something in the Adventures manga (Never read it though), since they never met in the anime, and I don't see how it could have become as amazingly popular as it did in the old old days if it was a NevermetShip.

KrazyShipping - The *only* Ship outside of the big 5 of Poké, Pallet, Rocket, Elder and Advanced to ever form a cohesive and large shipping club on the forums speaks a lot for its popularity. Not to mention the potential hints in the anime for it, depending on interpretation.
I don't think we even see Koga and Surge in the same shot until later in Special, and they hardly interact. So where it comes from? Your guess is as good as mine. (and on that note, I'm really surprised Ivoryshipping isn't more popular)
Damian Silverblade said:
As I said - Carnival is tentatively approved. Unless I find some big evidence that it's nowhere near as canon as you claim it is, it's good to go.
I'll vouch for its canonicity. I assume an outright "I really did love you" on one side, a rather desparate reaction on the other side when they are parted moments later, a hug like this when they are reunited, and the fact that their plans for the future involve being together is sufficient.
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Ok, that makes it fully approved then.
I actually forgot it?

Well, yes, quite obviously RocketShipping is legit. Prolly NeoRocket too, since Steel is, and BC are (very) recurent characters.
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