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Ongoing BulbaTrade's WonderTrade Wednesdays!

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Nov 27, 2015
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Hi everyone~ For those of you who don't know, one of our many projects is called BulbaTrade, which has been around for many many years now. Basically, we're a group of Pokemon breeders who breed mons for you guys with 4-5 IVs, good natures, and egg moves. Usually we run a poll every week on our Twitter for everyone to pick what mon we give out the following week. On weeks we don't do a poll we breed a variety of mons for you based on a theme. The mons are announced ahead of time and we start trading every Wednesday at 3pm EST/7pm UTC.

We used to also stream our trades on Twitch but were on hiatus for awhile. We've been back streaming trades for the past two weeks, so I figured why not make a discussion thread for the stream. The stream currently runs every Wednesday at 6pm EST/10pm UTC, where I Surprise Trade away the mons I bred for our BT project on stream, in Sword/Shield, and occasionally give away other mons via Link Trade.

So~ with that in mind, please leave any comments or suggestions for the stream below. One of the ideas I've been kicking around is to occasionally do an extra stream on Thursdays called Throwback Thursdays, which would involve giving away mons via WonderTrade in Gen 7 (S/M/US/UM) and/or via Gen 7's GTS, so if you like that idea please let me know~

Also just a reminder that this coming week I'll be taking a break from the stream due to exams, but I'll be back the week after with more mons to give out!