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Bulbawiki site issues thread

I Still Can't Log In, nor make a new account, I requested a Reset to my password, It's Not in spam, They gave Me a New Password, But I still can't log in with the New password, Can someone tell me why?
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Experiencing Error Code 503 and this:
I got the error both from reloading the page and using the forum link.
This issue appears to have been due to a problem with Amazon AWS. It's now been resolved, but let us know if any issues contrinue to crop up.

It looks like the formatting of every page on the wiki is currently broken when not logged in.
Just went to look up James Turner to see what pokemon he made and uh. The site's visual format seems to be.... I don't even know how to describe it? It was like this on the main page too.

Keep getting "Error 503 Backend fetch failed" whenever I try to access damn near anything on the site, for the past hour-&-a-half at least
I’ve been trying to verify my email on the wiki but the confirmation email never shows up, it’s been like this for days. Weirdly I was able to sign up on the forum and get a confirmation email just fine.
I finally know the reason behind the problems with user highlighting in the JS-updated Recent Changes and on mobile devices. Here it is:

I asked folks on the PokéWiki Discord, how do they make their Recent Changes page update staff member highlighting, and it's because they do it by the link's title, not by href.

The current way Bulbapedia uses to highlight staff members uses href, which is actually changed when the RC's are updated. When JS generates a new RC list, it actually replaces it, with each href becoming the full site URL (so, e.g. /wiki/User:Tiddlywinks becomes https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/User:Tiddlywinks). This means the proper users are no longer highlighted.

They don't work on mobile either, as div.mw-body is not a valid mobile selector. The truth is, the Monobook and Vector skins have the mw-body class as a class of the div element, but on mobile, it's in main. So, this selector is overqualified.

One of possibly the best solutions would be:
:is(body.ns--1 .mw-body, .mw-warning-with-logexcerpt, div#mw-diff-otitle2, div#mw-diff-ntitle2, span.history-user, body.ns-6 table.filehistory) a:is([title="User:Tiddlywinks"], [title="User:Tiddlywinks (page does not exist)"])
This is an example with just one user. More title selectors should be placed between the parentheses of the second :is() pseudoclass, which makes the whole selector set behave as a list of all possible combinations of the selectors, so it will select body.ns--1 .mw-body a[title="User:Tiddlywinks (page does not exist)"] and span.history-user a[title="User:Tiddlywinks"]. I made it at the very end of User:Bfdifan2006/common.css, and Bulbapedia can modify its highlighting rules for its own purposes. The [title="User:Tiddlywinks (page does not exist)"] makes sure users without a userpage (e.g. Nescientist) can still be highlighted.

So, here I finish my message.
For some reason, I'm only getting the mobile version of the website on my computer. However, I can still access the PC versions of the Archives and Bulbanews. Is the site down, or is it just my computer playing up (again)?
I've been getting the mobile version every time I go on Bulbapedia on my laptop, and weirdly enough, even if I change it back to desktop, it'll go back to mobile every time I go on the JN105 page specifically.
I tried uploading a new version of Zisu photograph.png, but when I tried to, I got an error message. I tried again, and even though it shows the same image, it claims that the one I am trying to upload is a duplicate.
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