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Bulbawiki site issues thread

I’ve been trying to verify my email on the wiki but the confirmation email never shows up, it’s been like this for days. Weirdly I was able to sign up on the forum and get a confirmation email just fine.
Encountered the same problem as EthanLaw. I checked my spam folder, resent the confirmation email from preferences, even changed my email and tried again. Still nothing.
Hey folks, if you're currently having trouble getting email through, please send me a DM with your email address so I can investigate further.
On mobile, the video adverts are starting to block parts of articles.
I had to use desktop view to open the core series folder.
Same with me. The pages are slow to load, and when I tried to use the search feature, either the site crashes, or I get Error 503. When I closed the tab and reopened Bulbapedia, I'm logged out, and seeing a different version of the front page; trying to log back in results in Error 503. However, when I loaded another page, the site returns to normal, and I'm logged back in anyway.
I came in here to report a 503 error (it says "Error 503 Backend fetch failed") and I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this issue. I'm not able to check any Pokemon page.
Same here as I'm try to research for my Pokémon Animeverse Retelling (mostly Pokémon special : FireRed and LeafGreen arc and the original rgby games and battle Frontier stuff)
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We're aware of the current issues with Bulbapedia. The problem has been traced to our cloud instance auto-scaling. That issue has now been fixed, though it may take a little while to finish stabilizing itself.
Thank you for fix it!
It took a lot longer to stabilize than expected. Seems to have finally gone back to normal now though. Our technical people are watching things to make sure no further issues crop up.
Yeah, whatever "fixes" were applied a couple days ago didn't work at all... the problem seems to be with whatever login service 'pedia uses.
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