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Bulbawiki site issues thread

Hiya! I've been making a spread sheet that contains hidden abilities for all the mons, and I noticed that the Braviary page says the Hisuain version is Tilted Lens but the Hidden Ability list page says Defiant for it. I believe both of them should be Defiant? Just wanted to point it out!
I can explain.
So basically Hisuian Braviary has Defiant as its Hidden Ability in Generation VIII, which is reflected on the page. This was changed to Tinted Lens in Generation IX, which is reflected on Braviary's page.
I've noticed a significant uptick in 503 and 504 errors, as well as random logouts, on Bulbapedia in the past few days. Anyone else?
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Yes, our tech is currently looking into these issues. It does appear to largely just be an uptick in traffic ever since Pokémon Day, and our setup needing to be quicker to spin up new instances.
I'm noticing that sometimes when I click on an image I get logged out of my 'pedia on the image viewing page.
I'm noticing that sometimes when I click on an image I get logged out of my 'pedia on the image viewing page.
Thank you for this report. I've just confirmed that it's happening to me, too. I think I know what's causing it, but I'll need to do a bit of testing to identify the exact root cause. What's actually going on isn't that you're getting logged out; you're simply seeing the "logged out version" of the skin. There's checks to make sure that only anonymous users see that version, but one of them must be failing on those pages in particular.

UPDATE: It appears that there may be a bug in the software that is interfering with our checks. I'm following up with MediaWiki devs to see if we can find a solution. This probably won't be resolved quickly, but I will continue to look into it.

SECOND UPDATE: If you manually go into the URL and change it to /w/index.php?title=File:Filename.extension&action=purge, you can purge the cache and see the logged in version again. It appears to be a problem with caching.
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