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Buy or Pass?

The titular question: Buy or Pass?

  • Buy

  • Pass

  • Still unsure

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Pokemon Researcher
Feb 1, 2013
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Yes. It was a yes in the beginning, and it's a yes now. I own a Switch already, and honestly I think the game looks really cute and fun. And for someone who has never actually beat a Kanto game, I'm happy to make this the one I do so in.

That being said, this is the first game that since starting to buy games day 1, I waited a while to preorder it. Something told me to wait, just in case they had a trailer or something that really turned me off from the game. I didn't preorder it till 3 days ago. But, nothing ever made me doubt it, and I think I'll enjoy these games. It will be a good change, and maybe inspire me to finally finish USUM.


there is only blackness
Dec 19, 2011
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previously I was leaning towards buy, but I can say with confidence that I'm now firmly in the pass group. The games just don't seem like anything exceptional, more watered down than anyfin, and I've already played both leaf green and blue, so they wouldn't be a 100% new experience anyway. I'd probably enjoy them somewhat by virtue of them being pokemon games, but not enough to justify spending the money on them. Besides, when I get a switch I'll already be pretty occupied with games like mario odyssey, smash ultimate, breath of the wild, etc. If I'm really itching to play some pokemon, it would make more sense to replay a game I already own.

It is a bit lame that I won't get to battle jessie and james, though.
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Darth Ignis
Jul 19, 2015
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After seeing everything from the data mining of the game has revealed thus far (I am not going into details), I still have no interest in the game. I hope the game does well, it's not for me, however.

Arylett Charnoa

Observer of Ephemeral Diversions
Sep 21, 2013
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Changed my mind. My husband said we can get a Switch sooner than we expected, and I've only played through Kanto twice and can barely remember it. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the Pokemon GO being shoehorned in, but I decided I'd like to play through it with updated stuff like moves being Special/Physical individually instead of by type, which isn't in FRLG. Also, you can apparently customize your character in addition to riding Pokemon and them following you? Aesthetic features like that really appeal to me. Oh and I really dig the game's art style (disregarding the chibi style, which I don't like so much. The colors are so vibrant though) , and I don't much care about the loss of held items or abilities. (Though I'll admit, not being able to breed does suck.)
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Poke Dragon

The boundary between opposites.
Apr 30, 2018
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After seeing the reviews and how stuck-up some fanboys are, I'm glad I decided not to buy the game, every time I see that game being brought up, it gives me even more reasons to not buy it. So, nope, not changing my mind about this. These review outlets think they can just harshly criticize those who want a normal Pokemon game, thus, making me hate the Let's Go games even more.


Well-Known Member
May 13, 2014
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I made the decision months ago but not that the game is released I can organize my arguments: Pass. I really wanted to like it, but with the limitations they put I won't even have my usual Pokemon experience. For example:

-Pokedex completion: Impossible to do without Go or a second game. My phone doesn't have an Internet plan or enough space to run the game.
-Team: I wan't a Victreebel badly, but I don't see myself picking up Eevee just for it, specially as Pikachu has influenced my life on so many levels. To have both, I'd need Go. :notworthy:
-Master Trainers: A great idea on paper, but the levels are way too high. The games have good grinding options, but rising a Weedle to level 60 is time-consuming anyway, and due to the lack of held times, you'd have to press B at the end of every battle. And I don't even like many of the Kanto Pokemon enough.

Reviewers say that the streamlining is worth the lack of features and my answer is...Nope. This is a 22 years old franchise, we deserve to have both. I don't think people would stop buying the game if they added a couple minigames or a side feature. If this was a spin-off, something like "Pokemon Go for Switch" I'd accept the lack of features, but nope they made it as main series as possible with them recycling most about Kanto.

If you like it it's fine, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the game. But even then you should admit the games deserve a lower price.

Harmful Heron

May 7, 2010
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I'm passing. I bought Emerald so, I won't be tempted if I need my Pokémon fix. I just can't support this lack of ambition.

There's no reason not to include GTS and I have been disappointed by every 3ds game. If I buy the game and am pleasantly surprised I know those positive feelings will quickly where off. I like archaic jrpg mechanics. I like gts. I like Pokémon from other generations. I don't like simplication and I don't want to support it.

At I'd probably have more fun buying Gale of darkness.


Standing Out
Dec 9, 2015
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So, after buddying up with my bro as the support trainer for a few hours, I can say, with even more confidence than previous, that I'm not gonna spend money to get my own copy. The catching mechanic doesn't really feel that good, actual battles are too few and far between, and I'm still bitter about them cutting over 75% of all Pokemon. So yeah, probably not even gonna bother making a save on my profile on the Switch.


Uplifting Artist
Aug 25, 2018
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I'm passing. There's a lot I could complain about these games, but I'll try to keep it short: ( This is in no particular order. )

1. Master Trainers: GF thought that no one was using Battle Frontier, so they decided not to do it. Yet in baby's first Pokemon Game, they decide to put 153 trainers in the game each with Lv. 65-75 Pokemon that you have to grind and complete your Pokedex, even though casual players would never grind that much. The worst part is that for Pokemon who don't challenge you are legendary Pokemon even though it should be Pokemon like Caterpie and Weedle you shouldn't be challenging.

2. Gen 1 Pandering: I'm sick of all the attention Gen 1 gets. XY had a lot of references like Kanto Legendary Pokemon and Starters, but it was fine since it wasn't done too much previously. Then in SM, there was more Kanto Pokemon than Alola Pokemon in the region, not to mention the Alola forms being Kanto only, as well as characters like Samson Oak, Red, and Blue being in Alola. Samson in particular I despise because he doesn't contribute anything to the story and is literally just an Oak reference. I started with Diamond and Pearl. I don't care for all the cameos of Red and Blue, especially since they appeared in the every installment of Gen 7. Why is Cynthia the only person from Diamond and Pearl to appear?

3. Audience: Let's Go's audience doesn't make any sense. If there appealing to young kids and GO players, it doesn't have to be super similar to Gen 1, and if its meant for dedicated players, there's no need to remove mechanics like abilities ( And yet for some reason Mega Evolution is in the game. ) And then there's the new games. Its one thing to aim the games at kids- but its entirely different to use language they would grow out of before being capable of playing these games. Let's Go would have been acceptable if they chose a specific audience and told other fans to wait as this game wasn't the for them.

4. Remake: This is a just a remake of a game. Nothing more, everything less. The plot's lost its drive since Trace replaced Blue, which doesn't work because the main draw of the original game is that your rival is a jerk and the reason you want to be them is to show your the best for once and all and he was wrong. Not to mention I've been vastly disappointed how USM was compared to SM for being to similar. I can clearly tell there is little to be changed from the storyline from Kanto and I'll sure be disappointed from that lack of change.

5. Masuda's Interviews: These were the final straw for me. Masuda says that cross gen evolutions aren't in this game because it doesn't make sense- Yes it makes perfect sense for forms of existing Pokemon to be in a game where they couldn't be physically obtained- but Golbat can't evolve into Crobat despite happiness being in the game. Him saying that Kanto was only in black and white pixels and it would be nice to see it remade in high quality graphics is not true since Kanto has been featured 4 generations each remade in quality graphics. If any region deserves to have more spotlight in Kalos due to lacking a 3rd version. As for combo mechanic being the feature for older fans to look forward to, I admit mad at first, but seeing that you can get 6IV Pokemon with it, I can see why he'd say look forward to it. But the biggest slap in the face, is him saying that no Pokemon other than Gen 1 to be added unless this game sells a lot. Well, how about you make a game worth buying first?!

This got quite long but that's the tip of the Iceberg. For those of you playing the game enjoy! I'll see you in 2019.


Oct 9, 2016
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Well, I was a former passer, for sure. I was almost positive I was gonna pass since day 1, and the subsequent trailers that emphasized the cuteness of the games further fueled my skepticism.

But now...

After realizing how short my Christmas list is this year, after realizing how bored I am getting with Alola, after seeing many experienced reviewers and veterans of the series alike say that these games are really not that bad at all and kind of cool in their own way, and after seeing a guy who looked to be in college playing LGE on Sound Transit the other day (yes, I caught a glimpse of him playing with Eevee on his portable mode Switch =) ), I have decided that enough is enough. I have told my grandmother that I want Let’s Go Eevee for Christmas, and I’m going to see for myself what all the fuss is about.

I may or may not actually post a day-by-day travel log of the game - I have quite a few family related plans for Christmas and New Years and so I’m not sure how often I’ll get to play my handheld mode Switch, and it seems like these games were designed more for home console mode anyway. But I’ll let you guys know my final thoughts on it one way or another once I beat the Elite Four.