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REVIEW: BW117: Plasma-dan's Ambition! The Controlled Pokémon!!


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Sep 20, 2012
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This episode is just average.. Loved to see the battle between Charizard vs Dragonite & Haxorus team although its too short.. Would be better if it had a result. None of those got hit by other's attacks. Colress was the center of attention throughtout the episode though its not admirable.
Whats happening with Iris?? she thinks all dragon pokemon are good despite of their condition. They have been tricked, manipulated,controlled yet Iris clearly manages to get everyone into grave troubles. It ends up irritating sometimes. And poor N, he is the one getting the majority damage in all these eps. When wil we see him happy-- may be in upcoming eps i guess. Did Anthea and Concordia use some kind of portal from ther home to the city or is it some space bridge thing..??


Nov 2, 2012
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The way how this episode ended came out of nowhere and I was literally pretty WTF there. There was also quite much dialogue which I didn't of course understand, and Lizardon was animated ugly as Hell (but I'm happy that he gets some screentime).


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Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
The episode was good in my opinion. Any episdoe with Team Plasma is good. However, I had slight hopes of Axew evolving seeing the Haxorus being involved. Thought Iris might use Axew to battle him and do something useful, but she just used Dragonite again. Big surprise.

And was I the only one annoyed with Dragonite's little outrage mind control sceen being re-used animtion of his Junior Cup outburst. It would have been okay if it was just a little, but they litterally re-used everything from the flamethrower in the sky to the ice beaming the walls.

Oh well. Doesn't matter that much. Overall good ep. .


Jul 12, 2011
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I really enjoyed this episode. I'm really glad they showed more of Colress and his "scientific" side XDD But more than that, the interaction between N and Colress was interesting. They never met in the games, so it was something I found really nice.

My only issue is that Team Plasma left N behind when he was just lying there on the ground. They were looking for him, but just left him there...?


Fire Chicken
Jun 9, 2012
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Here comes my essay!
It started out as a generic Team Plasma episode, where Colress just talks too much. This time there was also some around-Ghetsis talking. Nicer than normal.
Of course, the kids saved the day because adults are useless.
Later on, we have Iris and her "Dragons are always innocent" thing that gets on my nerves. Let alone her tendency to try calming rampaging dragons, almost always in vain… N had to jump to rescue her from Haxorus’ attack, before shoehorning his "Tomodachi no koe na" phrase again. Come on, how many times does he have to say the very same thing?
Then we have some Looker comeback (With his BW112 radio-block cube all fixed...) and after that, Ash scanned Haxorus again...
Haxorus' moveset didn't appeal to me either. Hyper Beam comes first. Come on, Hyper Beam was the defacto move that a Pokemon used to destroy an anime city in Generations 1 and 2! It is 5 now, they should be more creative. Not only don't we get that, Hidden Power comes next!
COTD appears… You are Haxorus’ trainer, so RETURN IT! At least Iris tried when Dragonite started its own rampage! Other than that, you did nothing. Thanks for your screentime.
Of course, Charizard comes out to save the day, and we get as well… Crustle?! Yay! Haven’t seen it since the Junior Cup! It was nice to see it even for that short.
Not that it matters, for Team Plasma soon arrives to the scene. Boring talking ensues. Too bad, it was more than what I thought… Of course, it is a free action , and the former rampagers conveniently stop to show us just that (still, we can say it was Colress who controlled them, so he can stop them at will). Looker just got lost somewhere in that point.
JJM also appears (or better, is spotted by TP). The rampage battles continue, until everything is stopped by TR’s motto with the very very very very unused footage…They send 2 Pokes out, which is anotherfree action of course. Angie the Plasma Grunt sends another Poke out, and we have seven Pokemon sent out for battle! Except that the four from before are nowhere to be seen. It’s now Angie vs JJM, and meanwhile Meowth Fury Swipes random grunts! At least, Meowth is somehow in-character, compared to JJ.
We swap to Looker supposedly stopping the rampage mechanism, and another swap to the 2v2 rampage battles… Until N the courageous guy who receives all attacks with ease stands out, and gets hit with two max-power attacks. Looks like even N the Pokeabsorber couldn’t stand these ones!
Except that now everything has to close up, for the episode doesn’t have enough time before finish. That is, we pull off the magic button (in the form of a false-aimed hit to the rampage controller). With a single move, the two rampaging dragons stop and get recalled, Team Plasma retreats and Team Rocket’s stopped doing anything for some reason.
Finally, a mystery mist appears, and Anthea, Concordia, Gardevoir and Gothitelle appear out of nowhere (magic trick) to take N to their “refuge” (even more magic trick). There, the next ep will take place as everyone (including JJM) sneaked in. Convenient, huh? That’s it.
Overall, it was pretty nice as an ep, as it was arguably the most action-packed N episode to date, with TR, JJM, Dragonite, Charizard, Crustle, Haxorus and Looker all appearing. It was flaw-ful and trope-ful, yet great. 9,5/10 by me.
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