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Byron and Pluto appearing - Ash uses Riolu?

Also, do Gligar even need a Gliscor to be a leader? In fact, do they even live in groups? (flocks?).

They aren't going to randomly dump a character.

Even if you don't happen to like said character.
I'm going to regret going here...

but isn't there a certain group of Gligar that don't have a leader anymore because of Paul?
Well... no. XP Weren't they all together as a group because they were stuck in the city and needed to work together to find food?

(EDIT: Yeah, what PDL said.)

I wonder what in the world DP107 could be if DP106 is Bryon and DP108 is Riley and Iron Island? Maybe a "traveling by boat" episode? Or maybe one of the 5 million recurring characters of DP could appear.
Even if you don't happen to like said character.

Not to mention why bother to develop Gliscor and bother to release it? I *could* see it possibly being Oak'd like Heracross, but even then its like a stretch.

In DP so far, there's only been one character the writers seemingly dropped, but I doubt they'd make the same mistakes with a Pokemon that they made in previous arcs.
Those Gligar were a coherent group, and if you remember the end of the episode, once Paul caught the Gliscor the group began mass panicking.
The Aipom/Buizel trade says hi. =P

Why I said "hadn't been" Kasu, it happened in DP after not happening for the majority of the show. Same thing goes for the other main character catching an electric type.
Ah, sorry. I misunderstood what you said.
Those Gligar were a coherent group, and if you remember the end of the episode, once Paul caught the Gliscor the group began mass panicking.

...but once they got back to the woods they came from, they must have reverted to how they lived before moving into the city.

Also, Gligar don't seem to be the most gregarious of Pokémon. They only formed a huge group because they were in unfamilar territory.

...And now we're very off topic, so back to Riolu. I don't see why there's a need for it to join the group, especially when there are already 25 characters to work with.

Besides, Lucario and Riolu already had alot of showcasing already, adding one to the main cast is only rubbing it in.
I think it would be like this:

* 11/06 - DP101: Rival Trainer Jun Appears!
* 11/13 - DP102: Yosuga Gym! Vs. Melissa!
* 11/20 - DP103: Chaotic Melee in Mio City!
* 11/27 - DP104: Cresselia vs. Darkrai!
* 12/04 - DP105 & 106: Byron episodes
* 12/11 - (Break?)
* 12/18 - DP107: Unknown episode
* 12/25 - DP108: Gen and Lucario!

It makes sense if the break is on December 11 sense the break is the next Thursday after a special.
didnt you just copy that off Pokebeach?

Im just happy to see Byron and Riley in the anime. I absoutley adore Byron's voice, I head a couple clips and I squeed. I thought his voice would be a little lower, but whatever.
From what I understand with my (admittedly very limited) knowledge about Japan, Christmas isn't exactly a widely celebrated holiday there. If so, then the Riley episode airing that date is more likely a coincidence than anything else, and the possibility of a Riolu egg shouldn't be tied into that occassion. But I'm sure somebody with a greater knowledge on Japan can say how widely celebrated the holiday is.
Actually, I believe Christmas is a big thing there, just not with the religious stuff. Considering all the anime that have Christmas episodes...
Yes, Christmas is celebrated in Japan, but it's only the secular aspects, such as Santa giving presents to people.

Mostly because only 2% of the entire population is Christain.

Most of those are Protestents.

The rest don't really follow a single religion, they may go to a Shinto temple for new years and then go to a funeral at a Buddist temple.
Is there a chance that two voice actors from Pokemon could play a joke on the fandom? How big is the chance?

Anyway, WOW, we haven't got such a MASSIVE amount of spoilers since that Aussie Magazine. Wow!

If the anime still goes on that way, I must say that - they are REALLY keeping close to the games more than they did before.

Where did Maxim go anyway?
I'm pretty sure the VAs have posted spoilers before... just no one has noticed. At least, that's what Heeroesferret tells me. That's why we're posting about them now! :)

And yessss, they are finally using their heads to follow the games instead of random fillers that have sucky plots. I never understood what they were thinking by avoiding every major plot in the games. After three generations, they are finally starting to get it right.
Wow. Things are really getting interesting. It's great we're getting Pluto and all this other game stuff. Seems like 2009 is going to be a great year for the show.
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