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Sign Ups Callisto

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May 12, 2014
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Awright, can someone tell me how to get to the start-up? If it's even started, that is...

Reservation, please?
It hasn't begun yet; it was supposedly meant to start on Monday.
Got it. I still want a reservation, though.
Alright, don't need one:

Name: Paul (doesn't know surname)
Age: 16
Gender: Male (usually)
Homeland: ???

Appearance: Paul usually wears a torn-up martial arts uniform, that he was found wearing when he first appeared in Callisto. He has tanned skin, but he washed up white. His hair is amber-colored, with tufts sticking up in certain places. He has well-developed muscles, and a normal face, with green eyes, a normal (for us Earthlings) nose, and a mouth, with lips.

Backstory: Paul first appeared washing up on a plank as a 5 year-old, going to Trial Mountain. There was a great martial arts master and caretaker there, searching the shore. He found Paul laying there, in a tattered Karate uniform. He took Paul in, trained him, and Paul became a black belt. He keeps the same clothes on, because his master knows basic magic, including enlarging. When he was 13, the master died. He became the caretaker for challengers. He once found one of the king's knights, and the knight gave him a pass to go to Solitaire Island for spy training, after saving him from 3 obstacles on the Mount, because his abilities would come in handy. After passing it, he was sent on his first spy mission: to find out anything going on related to the ball.

Ability: To shape-shift naturally, without going to college. The first form he was found in was male, and his only word was Paul, so whenever he shape-shifts, he originates back to Paul. He can transform into anything.

Other Talents:
Playing Guitar

So, I, uhhhhhhhh... I got a little stuck, but if all goes well, Paul won't be shape-shifting that much. I reeeeeaaaally had a brainfart when I got to abilities.
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