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Can you name the sweepers, walls , tanks, wallbreakers, supporters of each type? How many are there currently? amount and % of all pokemon?


Jun 26, 2015
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- the biggest ones?
-dual typed?
- physical? special? dual?
- I personally think some pokemon with U-turn, Flip turn, Volt Switch are Scouts.

Scout - a pokemon you send out to switch out fast often in the same turn, check out a oponets pokemon or induce damage to use next in the line , a risky strategy but if you use many scouts and have luck with type advantages and immunities then you can put something into play... the bad side is you switch randomly to next pokemon without possibility to chose.

A low speed scout would be Golisopod who with First Impression and U-turn has a double possibility to hit hard a oponent and Scout in the right moment if used right.

Sweeper- a pokemon that by the use of speed and high attack/sp.attack stats easy way KOs oponents pokemon having the right type voverage of moves against a oponents team, often can be scouts.
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