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Canon teams for everyone


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Jun 17, 2023
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Since the two other posts are outdated (one is 3 years old, another 6 years), I want to try to make a new “canon teams” post. (Also, if this needs to be moved to another thread, feel free to)

I’ll start:
For Hilbert, this shouldn’t be too hard for us to figure out.
  • Anime: He never appeared in the anime.
  • Manga: In the Adventures manga, his team is Emboar, Galvantula, Musharna, Braviary, Carracosta and Reshiram
  • Gift: afaik just Pansage (as he gets Tepig)
  • Generations: Nothing but Zekrom
  • Battle Subway: All on both lists
  • In Artwork: Darmanitan and Victini
  • Decided: Emboar, Galvantula, Braviary, Simisage (or Ferrothorn), Jellicent, Reshiram
Same with Hilda:
  • Anime: She never appeared in the anime.
  • Manga: In Adventures, she has Tepig (Gigi, really should’ve stayed) Serperior, Deerling, Stunfisk, Alomomola, Reuniclus, Vullaby, Zorua (FWS Yay)
  • Gift: afaik just Pansage (as he gets Tepig)
  • Evolutions: Nothing but Tepig and then a Reshiram
  • Battle Subway: All on both lists
  • In Artwork: Tepig, Axew, Victini
  • Decided: Emboar, Deerling (or Simisage), Alomomola, Haxorus, Reuniclus, Reshiram
Next up:
For Calem, this hopefully shouldn’t be hard for me to figure out:
  • Anime: He never appeared in the anime, I guess Ash would be Calem, just like how he’s Hilbert, but since I said Hilbert never appeared in the anime, I’ll just say Calem never appeared either.
  • Manga: In Adventures, his team is Kangaskhan, Chespin, Manectric, Pinsir, Charmander and Gengar
  • Gift: Squirtle/Charmander/Bulbasaur, Lucario
  • Generations: Nothing but Charizard and Chesnaught
  • In Artwork: Pancham, Snorlax, Riolu, Diglett, Froakie, Hawlucha
  • Evolution: Xerneas (odd number episodes are male protag)
  • Rival battle (if you play as Serena and choose Fennekin): Greninja, Meowstic, Clefable, Flareon, Absol, Altaria
  • Decided team:, Greninja (in most media save for in manga and Generations (and Chespin is his starter) and Evolutions (no clue), Meowstic (Pokémon Masters, rival battle), Lucario (artwork, can also Mega so that’s good, Charizard (in media that has his starter as Chespin), Kangaskhan (they HAVE to be on the team), Xerneas (his manga name’s X, is it not? And also because Evolutions and manga)
Serena’s teams:
  • Anime: Delphox, Pancham, Sylveon
  • Artwork: Blastoise, Flabebe, Vivillon, Pikachu, Torchic, Glameow, Pachirisu, Girafarig, Klefki, Delphox, Meowstic, Absol, Jolteon, Altaria, Clefable
  • Pokémon Adventures: Absol, Fletchinder, Sylveon, Greninja (so I guess she has an Ash Greninja??) Rhyhorn
  • Pokémon Evolutions: literally none
  • Rival battle (if you play as Calem and you chose Chespin): Delphox, Meowstic, Absol, Clefable, Jolteon, Altaria
  • Decided team: Delphox (seen in most of the medias she was in except for manga, surprise surprise), Blastoise (reminds me of blond Leaf), Sylveon (the ribbon Eevee HAS to be on the team), Absol, Florges, Raichu
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