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Card Deco- Personalizing Your TCG Collection

Jul 15, 2023
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A little bit on me-
I've always been super into collecting the cards,, you could say I PROOOBBBABLYYY have a little bit of a gambling addiction with them lol, but my favorite thing is collecting for my favorite characters specifically! I never got crazy into the tcg gaming-wise, but watching from the side I know how it works and can be like- woo! go you dude! get it :3 So basically my guilty pleasure hobby is, when I go to big cities with card shops, digging through binders and card stacks just to find Raiahn, Reshiram, or N cards (My current favorites)!

Another super neat thing that TCG Collectors specifically can do, if you're interested in displaying your cards or carrying them around in ita bags is getting into card deco!

Admittedly, I am a casual K-pop fan, LOVE Twice (Stan Dahyun,,) so through that hobby I found that a lot of idol fans collect photocards from albums and use toploaders to protect and display them! There also so many types of cute carrying cases that you could purchase or make to show off your cards in a keychain like way- anyways, NOT MY POINT-!!
Card deco is a really cute art form where you basically collage stickers on toploaders to make something to your aesthetic and I've been using it to show off my pokemon cards in my ita bag! They look cute and stay SUPER protected >:3 Combining sticker deco with cute sleeves under the toploaders is one of my favorite things too >_<

Personally, right now I'm into a very kid-core poppy bright colors aesthetic, but I can appreciate toned down earthy stuff too- all of which you can express yourself and your love of pokemon through with deco! It really is that the skys the limit! A lot of my cards i theme the deco to the cards itself to give each art its own moods! I really think that expanding deco more commonly out of just the kpop community (Which is already being done! Just VERY very uncommon to see with pokemon cards), this could introduce a new way for people to enjoy their collections rather than leaving their cards in binders all the time! Seeing them out and about is much more exciting and rewarding for me anyways, and can even function as accessories.

I think there's also room to explore aesthetics in using shadowboxes to display card collections (I currently have a few, though it functions more as a backdrop to my poke figure shrine) and is also worth discussing at some point, looking into and sharing info on, because really I just love collecting cards of my favorite characters and I wanna be able to SEE them, yknow! Looking for new ways to personalize and share collections is always interesting to me and I would love to see more people interested in this in the poke community ^_^

Any curiosities on this or interest I'd be happy to help and share where I got my stickers to make my own deco or even recommend shops to buy card holders and people to commission super cute n cool deco toploaders from! Really its a rabbithole if you can find a couple vids on tiktok! and if you do the stickers yourself, it can be a little expensive, so I recommend KNOWING youre gonna get super into it or just commissioning deco toploaders to your taste to give it a shot >:3 At the end of the day, this is just a new way to show off something youre passionate about, so have fun if you do get into it and let me know if this post interested you!

(Note: I'm new to forum spaces,, I'm sorry if my formatting is odd or I put this in the wrong spot, please correct me -w-,, I wanted to set this thread specifically for people interested in taking up this hobby rather than setting it in my personal life thread, so I hope that alright and feel free to interact and share anything about your collections or dream peices!)
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