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Celebi travels through time, around globe: More in-store distributions announced

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Apperently from what I hear, Celebi is to be retail only, no wi-fi, but i dont know, maybe they will change their minds and give a wi-fi event too.

Well, they better hurry up then. there's only 22 days left until Black and White are released in Australia. There'll be, what, a week between the announcement and the actual event? Assuming they announce it tomorrow, that leaves about a 15 day window to get the Celebi. And every day that they DON'T announce it makes that number go down.
The Belgian and Holland events will be held on the 26th of February only.
That is so not fair! One day Nintendo, really?
I can't get the two images supplied to load. However, I'll try poking all the people I know.

If it's true, Nintendo sure did mess up the PR with this one. Too busy promoting the newly announced 3DS tour I bet.

I'll be passing by the GAME in Liverpool today, so I'll see if there's anything there.
if it's gonna be in UK... i hope it's a WI-FI EVENT.... :O
Why would they only advertise a Wi-Fi event in GAME? >>

But, if it is true, they should give us a Wi-Fi event to apologise for the lack of promotion. I have my men investigating *puts on trench coat and grows stubble*
Serebii has just updated with a post that backs this up. No word from either Nintendo or GAME yet, as far as I can tell, which is odd. Well, odd but not entirely surprising.
I'm awaiting a response from Nintendo. A tour spread across 2 weekends...beginning this weekend.

Very poor planning, if I do say myself. Especially as half of them clash with PW's London tournament!
The scheduling itself is reminiscent of last year's Arceus event - also over two weekends if I remember correctly. That said, I'm gonna swing by GAME in Liverpool and see if I can find out any more.
Also, notice how the beginning weekend is that of the previously announced Black & White tour.

Also, the 27th is the 15th Anniversary.

I was really hoping that this wasn't true - I can't afford to go up to Glasgow twice - once for Celebi and once again a week later for the Mall Tour. Also, announcing it this late - I can't even get the time off work now either. Would it not have made more sense just to give Celebi at the Mall Tour seeing since it is related to B/W anyways?

I'm just really not happy - waiting all this time to finally get a Celebi and for them to do this to it? Probably wishful thinking but I either hope they do a Wi-Fi version of it or we get another Celebi later on at some point. Just pissed off 'cause I'm at 492 in Platinum and I just feel that my one chance to get a Celebi like ever has just been completely ruined just so that Nintendo can make a wee bit extra money!!
ugh.... so much for that!? geuss i never get a celebi event..... since i live in south africa,... i only can get a uk event if it's WI-FI

geuss i have to spread the news to my friends
I got 6, 4 for me and 2 for my lil'bro just now, I sat outside the TOYS'R'US with my friend and downloaded them as well as the Entei.

Norway, fuck yeah!
Jeese, still no hints anywhere of an Australian distribution. :(

I guess it could just be because we're getting Black and White later than everyone else... they're bloody good at making Australian fans sweat.
I feel bad for Australia. First you didn't get Shantae, and now this...

For official confirmation of the UK locations and dates, see here.

Just got back from GAME in Liverpool. They were putting up the poster as I went in, and the guy I spoke to said he wasn't even aware of the event until today. I've just posted a story to BN confirming what we know.
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