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Censored and Lost Pocket Monsters Anime Media


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Nov 8, 2021
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The Mandarin Island Miss Match (Japanese: してんのうカンナ!こおりのたたかい!!) Lost Media

When the scene was first broadcast there's a shot containing that had a close up of Prima/Lorelei/Kanna's cleavage facing Ash. There's no surviving footage of this scene full scene and there seems to be many different versions.

For example this Japanese rebroadcast digitally removes the cleavage on the first shot
(Supposed Japanese Original Broadcast)

(Japanese Re-broadcast)

However there is a jarring cut, and it zooms in on the second shot:
(Japanese Re-broadcast)

So the full unaltered scene doesn't exist anywhere other than the original broadcast and might be lost to time

There are also two dubbed versions of this episode -
  • Version that uses the Japanese Re-broadcast version with the cut and zoomed scenes (this supposedly exists on Australian DVDs, but I have no confirmation)
  • Version that cuts the scene altogether (about 25 seconds)

Other than the above, this was a controversial episode in itself because the appearance of Jynx. Instead of going back and digitally altering the colour to purple, it was removed from rotation and further home releases in the US.

Jynx (1).png
Jynx (2).png

What makes this more complicated is that there are several versions of this episode, very little confirmation on each:

Japanese Original Broadcast - No edits on cleavage shots and black Jynx
Japanese Re-Broadcast - Digitally edited cleavage and zoomed shot, and black Jynx
Japanese Stream - Digitally edited cleavage and zoomed shot, and purple Jynx (confirmed)
US Original Broadcast/Aus DVD- Digitally edited cleavage and zoomed shot, and black Jynx
US Re-broadcast - Cleavage shots cut (25 seconds), and black Jynx (confirmed)

Early Broadcast Lost Media

Up until the fated Porygon seizure episode, there was no censorship of the original broadcast in terms of reducing flashing. It turns out that the first set of rental VHS in Japan contained these broadcast editions:
Comparison Home Media.JPG

If you look at the original VHS rental version (same as original JP broadcast) you can see it's not as zoomed in as the other versions. However it turns out that episodes 2 to 37 on Hulu Japan contain the episodes with uncensored flashing.

This means that the best uncensored versions of early Pocket Monsters are the Rental VHS, but this might have been only for the first few volumes.
1 - Broadcast (uncensored flashing until episode 38 hiatus)
2 - Rental VHS (uncensored flashing until unconfirmed episode)
3 - Hulu Stream (uncensored flashing from episode 2 to 37, slightly zoomed)
4 - Amazon Stream (censored, slightly zoomed) the same version used as US source material

Here's a comparison of Episode 1 - even more versions exist 第1話比較

In summary - Can anyone confirm the versions above, and has anyone kept captures of the original Japanese broadcast? Otherwise these will be lost to time.
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