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Mafia: Chaos Mafia IV - Endgame: Chaos Reigns Supreme


Doctor Floptopus

Master of Chaos
Dec 24, 2013
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Greetings, one and all, to the fourth installment of the Chaos Mafia series! As usual, this game will be hosted by myself and @Magnificent Entertainer

Without further ado, here is everything you need to know.

1. All standard rules apply.
  1. OC is fine, copy us into everything, go nuts
  2. Claim what you like. Claim your role, claim your character, claim your birthright as the imperiatrix of Gallifrey, whatever.
  3. Be active. Please. Please.
  4. Format votes in bold, and unvote before changing targets. Otherwise your vote won't be counted but you may still be charged.
  5. Screenshots from your role PM are PERMITTED, but do not show timestamps. Bear in mind, however, that the hosts will provide false role PMs on request. Screenshots of action results are NOT permitted.
  6. Make it clear if you're idling your role. You may not idle your role two nights in a row, unless you have limited shots. Attempting to do so will result in your role being used on a player at random.
  7. You can necropost so long as it's entirely useless to the players. If enough people want a graveyard to haunt instead, you'll get one.
  8. Days last 48 hours and nights last 24 hours unless stated otherwise. Votes and actions will be locked when they're over. If votes are tied, no lynch will occur.
  9. Check with the hosts before abusing a loophole. Most likely we'll allow it, but there's a chance it could break the game, and we'll know if you abuse a loophole without checking it out.
  10. Our word is law. Behave yourselves.
  11. By signing up for this game you agree that you have read the rules and are willing to accept consequences if you break them. Ignorance is not an excuse.

- Upon signing up AS A PLAYER, each player should privately submit a character to the hosts under the PM title "Chaos Mafia".
  • The character you choose can be from anywhere, so long as it's not some obscure media that takes forever to research. If you'd like, add some information about the character. The easier the character is to connect to a role, the better. If you choose a Doctor Who character, Flop will be very happy.
  • This character will be given a role, and then randomly assigned to a player.
  • The players will then be given an alignment. It's safe to say that about 1/4 players will be mafia, excluding indeps. REMEMBER THAT ROLE =/= ALIGNMENT. Having said that, the roles may be tweaked a bit if the balance is too far off.
  • Unless a character screams indep (in which case they will be excluded from alignment assignment), a couple of random characters will be taken out and replaced with host-made indeps as we feel is appropriate.
  • Bear in mind that you probably won't get the character you submit.
  • Questions about game mechanics should be asked in-thread. Questions about your own role should be asked in your role PM conversation. Ask them in the wrong place and they won't be answered.
  • I do NOT want to keep re-stating the mechanics. If you don't read them, that's your problem.
  • You'll be told in due time if the game is Bastard. Probably not. Not by my standards, at least. (They're not the strictest standards)
  • It should go without saying that this game is role madness. In fact, it is so role madness that it descends below madness to the depths of Chaos. It is not guaranteed to be balanced.

- Upon signing up AS A SUB, submit three (3) objects. Aaaanything you like. Again, so long as it's not some obscure and oddly specific relic that's a pain to research. These objects WILL be made into items.
  • If there aren't enough, we'll ask other people for suggestions in this order: Our family members, the players, the rest of the War Room, ourselves. These objects MAY be made into items.
  • Items will be given uses and randomly distributed to players along with the role PMs. Some uses may be specific or limited to certain players, but most will be vague and for general use.
  • Items will be passed at the end of a phase. You may use and pass an item in the same phase and may also use your action in that phase.
  • Unless stated otherwise, items may be used infinitely and at any time. If an item is not used for 7 consecutive phases it will be removed from the game.
  • Unless stated otherwise, you can hold onto an item for 3 (three) phases, after which it must be passed on or it will disappear permanently into the space-time vortex. You will be informed in the phase update of how many items have left play that phase, and told privately if the item you are holding has vanished into the ether. You will NOT be warned beforehand.
  • No ping-ponging between two players. X -> Y -> X -> Z is fine. X -> Y -> Z -> X -> Y -> Z is also fine. X -> Y -> X -> Y is banned and if you attempt to do this you will be warned once and the item will rebound to you. If you attempt to do this a second time the item will be lost forever.
  • Players may hold onto a maximum of three items. If you try to pass an item to a player whose inventory is full, it will be rebounded to you with an error message. If your item-holding time is up, you will have one phase to pass the item in which it may not be used but will still take up a slot in your inventory.
  • When the number of players is sufficiently low, there will be an item cull. All players will be forced to throw away one of their held items. You will be told on night 0 what number of players will trigger this.
  • After the cull phase, the ping-pong rule will be lifted but players may only hold onto an item for two phases unless told otherwise.

  1. @Ereshkigal - killed N2: RNG Cop
  2. @TheCapsFan - lynched D3: Sane Insanifier
  3. @DarthWolf - killed N4: Electric Watcher
  4. @MegaPod - lynched D5: Ascetic
  5. @Lone_Garurumon - killed N2: Dreaming Clockmaker
  6. @Officer Snake - lynched D6: Amnesiac
  7. @Klavier Gavin - lynched D4: Vanilla
  8. @Rainbow Cloud @AussieEevee - lynched D2: Survivor
  9. @Elieson @AussieEevee - won in endgame 1x Gladiator
  10. @DekuNut - won in endgame: Doctor
  11. @funnier6 @ZinnLav - lost in endgame: Paranoid Axe Owner
  12. @jdthebud - killed N3: Insane Insanifier
  13. @Sultan of Skook - killed N1: Drunk Insanifier
  14. @ReturnofMCH @Contrainer - killed N2: Cop
  15. @Max1996 - lost in endgame: 3x Deathproof

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Clawsome Crayfish
Nov 20, 2016
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I hope I get a chance to submit an item this time


Ultimate ???
Nov 6, 2018
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This sounds fun and interesting, but too confusing to play.
Are you allowing Spectators in this? If so sign me up to spectate. fufufu

Magnificent Entertainer

Mystery Elucidator
Nov 18, 2014
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I hope I get a chance to submit an item this time
I cannot be signed up, since I'm one of the hosts.
I've never actually played in one of these games, though. The only one I didn't cohost was the first Chaos Mafia, and I'm not sure why I didn't play in that one...