Mafia Chaos Mafia V: This Time it's Personal. Night 5: A Purr-fect Outcome

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Mar 1, 2018
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Yet? Why that choice of wording?

@HumanDawnWhy did you ask Jinjo about me out of everyone else? Because she always scumreads me regardless of my alignment. It seems like a strange choice.
You are more scummy when you are active no matter what alignment you are since you post so much and there would be posts of yours I disagree with.
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Dec 9, 2015
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Hey, people, really sorry for disappearing like that, but first I was working and then I was just too damn exhausted to work up any coherent thought patterns on something like Mafia.
I did skim a bit though, so I at least have a couple little things to say before I try to poke back for the other stuff that's happened
  • Pod's claim sounds like total bullshit. Indep I'd believe, but a lynchproof survivor just sounds too ridiculously capable to be real, since he practically wouldn't even need to try. And like, I know it's Chaos Mafia, but seriously? Someone vig 'im.
  • CO's blunder feels legitimate to me. Utterly failing to notice the Pod wagon sounds ridiculous as an excuse, so I can't see a scum!CO saying it to justify saving a scumbud.
  • I'm honestly with Mido regarding the inactivity stuff. People get busy, and especially during D1, someone not being around is a pathetic reason to suspect them.
  • I'm no longer against lynching Darth. He wasted a lot of time sending us on that bogus Jester nonsense, and it doesn't reflect well on him.
Also, ask me questions, people. It makes it easier for me to catch up to the game's mindset if not the content if I'm out looking for specific contentious details.
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Oct 18, 2011
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Midori's response to some of the Archie Sonic-based paranoia is kinda reassuring to me, since when similar things were brought up early in that game, her reactions were more... muted? Like in a way that you don't want to turn people against you because you're mafia and you need to keep people on your good side. I remember them well because several were replies to me in Archie Sonic. The reaction here feels more spirited, and the difference eases a little of the comparison to last game to me, even if it's going to take more to get a solid read here.
Day 2: Everybody Do The Flop! New
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Nov 18, 2014
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Day 2: Everybody Do The Flop!

The stick figure sat casually in the control room, observing the unfolding Chaos around him.
Suddenly, through the broadcasting system, and from all of the computer speakers in the control room One of us by ABBA began playing, but the lyrics had been slightly modified to say "one of us is dying."
The stick figure clutched his head in pain, as the frequency of the broadcast threatened to cause it to burst. Quickly, he looked in the drawers of the nearest station. Relieved by his good luck, he found a noise cancelling headset. He put in on, just before the onslaught irreparably ruptured his eardrums.
ME has survived the sonic attack, but he has lost his 1x Deathproof.

As the noise died down, the stick figure glanced to his left, and saw that Flop was not as lucky.

Dear Doctor Floptopus,

asdfmovie said:
Everybody do the Flop!
You are Doctor Floptopus, beloved member of The War Room. This role PM is fake.

You joined the Bulbagarden forums on December 24th, 2013, and have time and again proven why you are a Christmas present for The War Room. In addition to your skills as a mafia player, you've also hosted several games, including ME's very first hosted game Masters of the Whoniverse, and, of course, your signature series Chaos Mafia, which Magnificent Entertainer has helped you with since the second installment.
You are currently an engineering student, and are working hard in your classes to become a full fledged Maniacal Engineer. One day, you will succeed. For now, however, you are the embodiment of Chaos Mafia, as you find yourself hosting yet another exciting Chaos Mafia game.

You've worked long and hard on the setup, and thought very carefully about how to get the maximum amount of chaos from each character and item. As such, you do not appreciate it when you are killed for your efforts. Due to this, you are the Post Restricting Spirit. If you are killed, for any reason and by any character, all of the remaining players will be punished by only being able to post in asdfmovie quotes, both in thread and in OC, for the following phase.

You are the Host, which means you are allied only to yourself. You win pretty much no matter what, so congratulations.

The stick figure blinked. Had she been in the control room earlier? He hadn't noticed. The stick figure shrugged, and sat back down to watch the monitors.

On one screen, a yellow tentacled creature with a smiling face was slinking down the corridor, searching for somebody. His eyes fell on a light brown haired man, who was standing by a pool table, lining up with the stick to take a shot. If possible, the yellow creature's smile got even wider, as he began to approach the pool playing man.
However, before he could arrive at his destination, the yellow tentacled creature bumped into something invisible. Before he could get his bearings, a scary looking individual with pink hair walked out of a nearby doorway, and blocked his path.
"You," the pink haired individual said, "I can sense that there is more to you than meets the eye. Fight me!"
The yellow tentacled creature reared back, eager to avoid the unnecessary conflict, but the pink haired stranger was not to be denied. He cornered the yellow tentacled creature, and quickly killed him.

Dear Rainbow Cloud,

KoroSensei's goals said:
The tentacles asked him "what do you want to be ?" and he answered "I want to be weak." A creature that appears helpless, something so ridiculous that you want to just squeeze him to death! Something that can suss out the vulnerabilities in other creatures with its tentacles, that can protect them, and lead them. That was the creature... no... the teacher... he wanted to become.
You are KoroSensei from Assassination Classroom.

Just a humble homeroom teacher of Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School, your appearance is similar to a large yellow octopus with a constantly smiling face. You are fiercely protective of your students, and you get extremely angry when the physical or emotional well-being of any of your students is in danger.
You connect with your students on an individual level, and you are able to help them with their problems and guide them through life. As a result, you are well respected by all of your students, despite claiming that you will blow up the earth in a year. This is a fake PM.
You love sweets, and are a very perverted character, with the goal of collecting all of the porn magazines.
You have a number of interesting powers and abilities, including changing your skin color, which you can use to show your emotions (since your face is perpetually smiling) or for camouflage, and you can regenerate any severed limbs, though this does decrease your stamina. You are also extremely smart and have an Eidetic memory.
However, you also have a number of weaknesses, including motion sickness, an inability to swim, tone-deafness, an inability to tolerate alcohol, juicy gossip, and, oddly, a weakness to boobs.

You enjoy giving other people absurd and seemingly mundane tasks to perform. As such, you are the Teacher. Each night, you may target any other player. That player will be given a post restriction with the opportunity of abiding by it or not. If the player accepts the post restriction, you are given a 1x BPV. If the player refuses to accept the post restriction, they will be roleblocked the following night.

You are a member of the Town, and you win when all hostile factions have been eliminated.
This character was submitted by ZinnLav.
The pink haired individual sighed.
"All too easy," he said, dejectedly.

Meanwhile, a pink starfish had put an icecream cone on his head and was staring intently at a whimsical looking man in a top hat.
"May I help you with something?" inquired the man, bemused.
"Nope," said the starfish, taking out a piece of paper and jotting a note on it, "I've got what I came for."
As he walked away, the starfish took the cone off his head and ate it.

A third monitor showed a long eared grey skinned individual in wizard robes attempting to cast a spell on a strangely colored cat. The magical entity waved his staff around, and pulled out a card.
Unfortunately, the card slipped from his grasp, and it landed at the feet of a short, blue haired individual, who happened to be walking towards the control room. The spell went out of control and the blue haired individual was engulfed in multicolored flames.
Dear Midorikawa,

Valt Aoi said:
Not all of us can pull off wearing a cape to school everyday.
You are Valt Aoi, the main protagonist from the Beyblade Burst series.

Short, but powerful, you are a very enthusiastic Beyblader and founded the Beigoma Academy BayClub. You wield Valtryek, an Attack-Type Beyblade, and together you have competed in many tournaments, proving your power by becoming the "Number One Blader in The World." When you first started Beybattling, you were a complete novice, and rushed in to battle without any knowledge, causing your nerves to get the better of you and your Beyblade to go flying out of the stadium. However, you've proven that you can learn from your mistakes and be tactical during your battles. In a rematch against your first opponent, you were able to discover your adversary's weakness and managed to defeat him.
You have a childish personality, and clown around a lot, but you also have a very outgoing and sociable personality, being willing to forgive and befriend even people who have wronged you in the past. You are also very sensitive and get angry when other people insult you or your friends. In addition, you are known for your good sportsmanship and care less about winning a match than having fun during the match. You have a very close connection to your Beyblade, and you often talk to it and are able to understand what it is saying. You become very upset when your Beyblade is stolen or misplaced. This PM is a fake.

One of your special moves is called "Turbo Awakening," which normally allows you to activate the Turbo Blades on Turbo Valtryek, giving it more attack power. However, in this game, you can use that ability to provide others with more power for the night. As such, you are the Empowerer. Each night, you may PM the hosts: "Power up <player>," and, if that player has an action, they will be able to perform it twice that night.

You are a member of the Town, and you win when all hostile factions have been eliminated.
This character was submitted by Zachie.

The grey skinned magician casually picked up the card, and shrugged, attempting to resume the spellcasting.

Quite suddenly, in the middle of everything, an outhouse appeared.

It is now Day 2. All living players must post in adsfmovie quotes for the full day in thread and in OC. No exceptions. An outhouse has been built in the thread...for some reason. Phase ends in 48 hours at 9:00pm US CDT on 9/15. If you're looking for a countdown look no further.
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Nov 18, 2014
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Some clarifications about the adsfmovie post restriction
1. You may quote old posts, however you must quote the full post and make no alterations. Your responses to said posts must be asdfmovie quotes.
2. While you must use asdfmovie quotes in all OC, your role PMs do not count as long as you are using them to ask the hosts questions (no posting something game relevant in your role PM and then screenshoting it into the thread).