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Cheshire's Diginews Database

Feb 5, 2023
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Been here for a bit over a week now so I figured it was about time I started a blog, I also saw that there wasn't any dedicated thread for general Digimon discussion in any of the Off-Topic areas so figured "Hey, why not combine the two!" Hence where we are now, Cheshire's Diginews Database!
Basically, whenever there's notable Digimon news, whether it be new Digimon, Vpets, Anime, Video Games, or whatever else, this will be a place where these matters can be freely discussed. I'll post whatever news there is about the Franchise and give my opinions and thoughts about the matter, and y'all are free to chime in with your own opinions and hopes for the topics in question! I'll also link Wikimon pages in the names of any Digimon or Group of Interest I mention for people who aren't Digimon fans or don't recognize the name of the Digimon being stated.
Personal takes and opinions will be left in Italics BTW, so if you're looking for those, that's how you'll find them!

Today our topic of discussion is a big one: Digimon Con 2023
Two days ago (Feb 11th) Digimon Con 2023 went live and revealed a decent heap of news regarding the Digimon franchise. There is a lot to go through so I won't be talking about everything but I will be discussing what I believe to be the two main events of the con, starting with!

1) Digimon Seekers
Digimon Seekers is an upcoming mixed media project primarily focusing around a manga set to be released on Digimon Web April 3, 2023. It stars Nagasumi Eiji and his partner Loogamon, a new Demon Beast type Digimon in the shape of a dog, and is set to also feature previously underdeveloped Digimon groups such as the D-Bridge (your typical oppressive police force, its forces humorously only consisting of one evolution line prior to Digimon Seekers) and the Crack Team (A team of security hackers who possess some of the most dangerous Cyborg and Machine Digimon in the world, such as Mugendramon, Gundramon, and Aegisdramon.)
We got a decent batch of new Digimon in this reveal, so let's go through them all one by one
First up is the Loogamon evolution line, or at least the beginnings of it. We get a look not only at the partner Digimon but also its Baby levels Fusamon and Bowmon.
Personally very fond of Bowmon, think it's one of the cuter Baby digimon we've seen in a long time. It reminds me of Dorimon, which is fitting as Loogamon is also an X-Antibody Digimon. Loogamon itself is also very nice, fits rights in with the early 2000s era of Digimon in which it is trying to replicate. I assume this guy's going to go down a similar evolution path to Gaomon, with a wolf like Adult stage and humanoid evolutions for its Perfect and Ultimate levels. My inner demonology nerd would love to see this guy get an evolution based on Marchosias or Glasya-Labolas, but I'm honestly not too sure what route they'll take this pupper down save for it definitely getting a humanoid final evo due to being a protagonistmon.
We also got a look at two new Digimon who work under the previously seldom seen D-Bridge. The first of which looking like an alternative Commandramon evolution and the second being some kind of Helicopter Dragon Digimon. Neither of these two have been named at the current time, nor has official Ref Book art been given, however the Helicopter Dragon has been given concept art showing its design in more detail, which I'll post below.
Pretty interested to see what these Digimon have in store, I assume this Helicopter Dragon is a Perfect level based on its design, which would make it perfect as an evolution option for Deckerdramon and Blimpmon, which IMO were both lacking good evolution options prior to this. In general it seems like they're really trying to flesh out a lot of lesser used niches in Digimon with these new fellows, which makes me excited for things to come!
We also got the reveal of a DiM card featuring the Loogamon evolution line as well as some classic Digimon like Tyrannomon and Andromon which is pretty exciting. Fans of Digimon World 3 and Digimon ReArise may be pretty excited with some of the other Digimon being included in this DiM card.
That's currently all I have to post regarding Digimon Seekers. I assume we'll probably get more information in the coming weeks before its release in early April. However, this ain't where the post ends, for we got another major set of Vital Bracelet related news to discuss!

2) Vital Bracelet DiM reveals
For context, last year a contest was held to fill in the blanks slots of a set of BEM type DiMs slated for a 2023 release, being based around ShineGreymon (DiM: Dragonic Blaze) and MirageGaogamon (DiM: Rampage of the Beast), the protagonists of Digimon Savers. Digicon 2023 finally revealed the winners of said contest, which were:
Dragonic Blaze: The Gumdramon Line, as well as MagnaKidmon
Rampage of the Beast: Phascomon, MadLeomon, Astamon, and Belphemon RM
But this ain't it! We got more!
Two more upcoming contest DiMs were also revealed at the same time! Being based around Rosemon and Ravemon respectively, completing the quartet of Digimon Savers Ultimates!
The vote for the Ravemon themed DiM is already live on the Japanese Digimon website, for those who are interested, more-or-less every bird Digimon as well as some Angel Digimon are available to be voted for.
I personally voted for OGFalcomon > Diatrymon > Karatenmon > Ornismon as my wanted evolution line. Ornismon is criminally underused and even got left out of the Frontier DiM set despite being the main villain of the anime's tie-in movie, so the vote's partially out of pity for the poor thing but it's also just a really darn cool Digimon in general.
That being said, as cool as it is to see another new contest, there's something a bit more important to discuss. Not only has long time absentee of the franchise Dominimon finally made his return, but he's been given TWO new angel buddies!
To the left is the quite frankly adorable Luxmon (who I am heavily tempted to doodle right now), and to the right is ArkhaiAngemon... who I have no opinion on one way or the other. Lux here gives me heavy Dracmon vibes, but he's an Angel instead of a Demon/Vampire. Wonder if I could find holy equivalents to Sangloup, Matadr, and GranDrac too. Could be fun to make a full on counter-line with this little scrimblo. Arkhai is fine but I feel like it would have been nicer to get a new bird instead of both newmons being angels, birds definitely need new Perfect levels more than holys do IMO. Then again the 02 movie's still being made so we could get new birds if they ever decide to make a Hawkmon DiM, would be very happy if they did that!

So yeah, that's more-or-less it for news that I wanted to share from Digimon Con this year, a lot more happened, but I want to mostly talk about larger scale news with this blog, so I won't go over the smaller things like the new V-Pet covers (which were admittedly very nice looking).

What did everyone here think of the new Digimon and projects revealed this week? Is there anything else that happened in Digicon which you guys think was worth discussing? What could I do better in future entries of this blog series? Leave y'all's thoughts in the comments below and I'll be happy to discuss matters with you all See you when more news drops!
A very bad Digicon for anime news. I kinda expected Ghost Game to end soon without a replacement, but no movie news? And an idea for a cool anime that will be relegated to novels? That was harsh. Seekers still looks nice so I might look it up someday, I like that it focuses on the concept of the X-antibody.

The Dims look nice, didn't expect the franchise to acknowledge Gumdramon's existence. And Luxmon is definitely a better design than Cupimon.

I also did a Digimon Tri rewrite blog a few months ago, you can check it if you want.
Just a short update for this one, no news per say, but a few Digimon related things are on the horizon so I figured now was time for the first update.

1) Digimon World: Next 0rder port release.
The Switch, and PC ports of Digimon World: Next 0rder International Edition released yesterday. Not much to really say on this one, it's a port of an already released game, but it is still a release so I feel it's worth mentioning anyways. If you was thinking of getting it now's the time to do so.
Personally not gonna get this one since it doesn't really have many of the mons I'd be interested in, I do like the original World game but the more recent ones haven't been for me.

2) DTCG BT-13 VS Royal Knights release.
The next major entry of the Digimon TCG, BT-13 is releasing tomorrow (Feb 24th). It fittingly for a 13th entry focuses on the 13 Royal Knights, and also has a bonus Digimon Savers (Data Squad) subtheme.
Big fan of Data Squad but I feel the RK theme kinda takes away from the other stuff and there's still a lot missing from here, would've preferred this be split into two. Then again Xros Wars got like three sets so who knows lmao, might still get the others.

Yeah, not much to say this time but these still feel important enough to post. We're probably getting closer to the next Ref Book updates given we're nearing the end of Ghost Game and it's been a bit over a week since we had Loogamon added, so I assume that will be the next thing to post about. Will most likely have more to say then.
Real quick new entry, didn't expect to be posting again so soon but the English dub for Digimon Adventure 2020 has just been confirmed to be coming this spring!
Watched the show when it came out with subs a couple years ago and it was fine. Story wasn't as good as the og Adventure or Tamers or even Savers, but the action scenes were good so it was still fun to watch. It has a lot of obscure/lesser used Digimon show up in it too which is really cool. Was really surprised when the Digimon World version of Golemon showed up near the end of the series.
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