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Chromas' Statistics

Discussion in 'Trainer's Stats' started by Data_Error, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Data_Error

    Data_Error Gym Apprentice

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    Apr 15, 2010
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    (Last updated 19 March 2010)


    Name: Chromas Boudreaux
    Current Position: Trainer

    Earnings: 23500
    Record: 12W/17L/0D (1 FFA)

    [​IMG] Cable Link
    [​IMG] Metal Coat
    [​IMG] TM26 Earthquake
    [​IMG] HM Strength


    Nickname: Titan
    Species: Lairon
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Hardy
    Abilities: Sturdy/Rock Head
    Special Moves: Earth Power, Strength
    Number of Battles: 7

    Nickname: Psy
    Species: Metang
    Nature: Quirky
    Gender: Genderless
    Abilities: Clear Body
    Special Moves: Zen Headbutt, Strength
    Number of Battles: 5

    Nickname: Cosine
    Species: Magneton
    Gender: Genderless
    Nature: Impish
    Abilities: Magnet Pull/Sturdy
    Special Moves: N/A
    Number of Battles: 6

    Nickname: Tux
    Species: Prinplup
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Docile
    Abilities: Torrent
    Special Moves: Strength
    Number of Battles: 5

    Nickname: Wyrm
    Species: Steelix
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Modest
    Abilities: Rock Head/Sturdy
    Special Moves: Strength, Earthquake
    Number of Battles: 7

    Nickname: Zuni
    Species: Shieldon
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Bold
    Abilities: Sturdy
    Special Moves: Strength
    Number of Battles: 3

    Nickname: Cloak
    Species: Burmy
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Timid
    Abilities: Shed Skin
    Special Moves: Strength
    Number of Battles: 0

    Nickname: Hardshell
    Species: Pineco
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Naive
    Abilities: Sturdy
    Special Moves: N/A
    Number of Battles: 3

    Nickname: Bardiche
    Species: Karrablast
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Lonely
    Abilities: Swarm/Shed Skin
    Special Moves: N/A
    Number of Battles: 1

    Battle Record (Forum)

    Vs. L285 - Elekid (Titan, Loss)
    Vs. Cooldude500 - Magby (Titan, Loss)
    Vs. Wrave - Squirtle (Cosine, Win)
    Vs. Revolution - Snubbull (Psy, Loss)
    Vs. AceTrainer14 - Mareep (Cosine, Win)
    Vs. badvinvin - Chimchar (Cosine, Loss)
    Vs. Hyoma - Beedrill (Psy, Win)
    Vs. Dermodio - Poliwag (Cosine, Win)
    Vs. ShadowJake - Charmeleon (Tux, Win)
    Vs. Natorei - Eevee & Shelder (Tux & Wyrm, Loss)
    Vs. Morru Magnum - Houndoom (Wyrm, Win)
    Vs. gmandiddy - Chinchou (Zuni, Loss)
    Vs. MuddyMudkip - Marshtomp & Machop (Hardshell & Tux, Loss)
    Vs. Spirit - Scyther (Wyrm, Win)
    Vs. Pokémon.Master51 - Sneasel (Hardshell, Win)
    Vs. Timpeni - Eevee (Tux, Loss)
    Vs. The Shiny Drapion - Skorupi (Zuni, Win)
    Vs. Kayumi - Azurill (Hardshell, Loss)
    Vs. Star_girlz93 - Mareep (Wyrm, Win)

    And one FFA (Cosine, lost in Round 5)
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    Last edited: Apr 3, 2011