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Clever Pokémon Nicknames

Oct 13, 2007
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I've always been a fan of thinking of witty or creative nicknames for my pokemon.. I haven't seen any posts regarding nicknames, so I thought it's certainly a subject interesting enough for one..

I name all of pokemon, and some of the names just come out of my head (example:my Venusaur is named 'Melmei') These are some of the more interesting nicknames that have actual meanings:
Pokemon: Name: Meaning:
Tropious (F) Cybele Phrygrian nature goddess
Dragonite (F) Apalala Water-dwelling dragon from Buddhist Mythology
Walrein (M) Vinterdrep Norwegian for "winter slay"
Milotic (F) Calypso Beautiful naiad from Greek mythology and The Odyssey
Salamence (M) Orochi Evil serpent-creature from Japanese mythology
Articuno Aosaginohi Japanese for "blue heron fire"
Rayquaza Xiuhcoatl Fire-serpent from Aztec mythology
Pelipper (M)(shiny) Esmeraldo Portugese for "Emerald"
Mantyke (M) Stevesdead Okay, it's not funny, I know.
Jun 11, 2004
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I give mine normal names that don't sound like edgy anime bishounens.

Like Bob, Steven, Johnson, Susan, Willis.
Aug 4, 2006
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I restarted my Leaf Green a while ago...and I was playing Mother 3 at the time...so...

Charizard - Flint
Primeape - Duster
Pikachu - Lucas
Jigglypuff - Kuma
Pidgeot - Hinawa
Slowpoke - Oshoe

Well, Lucas is named after Lucas Grabeel, and not Mother 3 Lucas. Merely a coincidence.
looking for shinies o_o
Aug 8, 2007
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I usually give my pokemon not that good names like my Blaziken is nicknamed Blaze=p
We are venom to you
Mar 15, 2007
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my team current team members that have nicknames are Katana (scizor) YDraigGoch (Salamence) Oak Canyon (Torterra). I named my scizor katana because thats my favorite type of sword. Salamance name YDdraigGoch means red dragon in welsh minus a d I couldn't fit. Torterras name was the name of the street I grew up on and I thought it was the perfect name for a grass ground name.
PKMN Breeder
Sep 5, 2007
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I give my pokemon sweet names..like my empoleon is nicked 'killer,' and my staravia is 'flyboy'

EDIT: OH YEA.. my ponyta (daddy of all my baby ponytas that you can adopt) is nicked "p-tizzle" complete ownage
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∠(>w<) #634
Jun 8, 2004
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Alakazam: Mozart (no special reason, just sounded nice)
Milotic: Melchior (one of the three wise men)
Lucario: Kaji (Evangelion character)
Torterra: Balthazar (one of the three wise men)
Gallade: Casper (one of the three wise men)
Blaziken: Seigi (Japanese for "justice")
Under the Rainbow
Sep 30, 2005
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Togekiss: Togejet (It looks like a plane >>;)
Electivire: LiveWire (Coolest cliché name EVER)
Gallade: Cless (Tales of Phantasia)
Sceptile: o.o ([HASHTAG]#bulbagarden[/HASHTAG])
Castform: Handsform (Handsome; Beauty Contests)
Unown: The letter/symbol they represent
Pachirisu: Patch (Didn't know how to say Pachirisu at the time)
Cranidos: Zidane (LOL)
Glameow: ニャルマー/Nyarmar (GTS)
Bibarel: DERP MKII
Lopunny: Bridget (IT'S A TRAP!)
Ralts: Mint (Planned counterpart to Cless; Tales of Phantasia)
Rattata: Ph33r (FEAR Rattata)
Aug 19, 2007
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I usually give my Pokemon names that have a few letters in common with their species name.

Lucario-F: Lucille
Gyarados-M: Gyoza (I couldn't resist!)
Infernape-M: Infernus (Means hell in Latin)

Aaaaaaaaand that's it. I forget the rest.
Oct 3, 2005
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I had been thinking of making a thread like this...

Anyway, here are my Pokémon that has nicknames and their inherent meanings:

Swellow (shiny): Adolphe, named for Adolphe Célestin Pégoud, an early aviatior who became the first fighter ace.
Infernape: Saiyuuki, the Japanese transliteration of the Chinese name of the story "Journey to the West". One of the main characters in the story was the Monkey God Sun Wukong, on which Infernape was based on.
Luxray: Remscheid, named for the place in Germany where Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the inventor of X-rays and whose name served as the basis for Luxray's Japanese name, was born.
Staraptor: Dakota, named after the famous plane.
Roserade: Trompeur, French for deceive.
Gyarados: Hydraco, combination of the words "hydra" and "draco"
Lucario: Auralis, from the word "aura" (Lucario is the Aura Pokémon).
Murkrow: Sicily, named for the place in Italy infamous for it's mafia.
Steelix: Metallurgy, the name for the study of metals.
Gloom: Rafflesia, named for the largest single flower in the world, on which Gloom was based on.
Fearow: Horikoshi, named for Jiro Horikoshi, the chief engineer of several World War II Japanese fighters, including the A6M Zero.
Skarmory: Aileron, the name for a part of an airplane's wings.
Swablu: Tyl, another name of a constellation called Epsilon Draconis, and which was the basis for Swablu's Japanese name.
Porygon: Seizure, obvious reference to that infamous incident...
Wingull: Wingay, named for someone I know from an IRC network.
Seaking: excess (small "e"), named for someone on a UI customising site I go to who randomly blurted out the Seaking meme in one of his comments.
Mantyke: Lunacy, a random name I gave it after having an unexpectedly hard time catching it.

I also nickname most of my HM slaves, but using numbers instead of proper names to identify them. The numbers come from the bus route's numbers here, and they mainly relate to what I mainly use that particular HM slave for:

Hoothoot - 34, a route that goes to the airport. Used as my Fly and Defog slave.
Zubat - 858, another route that goes to the airport and also another Fly/Defog slave, used before I decided on my Hoothoot.
Golbat - 53, yet another route that goes to the airport, and my first Fly HM slave. Was also used in my hunt for Mespirt (it was speed-boosted with Carbos and had Mean Look).
Goldeen - 194, a bus route that serves Singapore's Jurong Bird Park, home to the world's largest man-made waterfall; therefore my Waterfall and Surf HM slave.
Bibarel - 178, my most important HM slave, knowing Rock Climb, Rock Smash, Strength, and Surf. The bus route she (yes, this Bibarel is a female) is named for uses mostly old buses that - coincidentally or not - have an interior colour scheme identical to that of Bidoof/Bibarel's colours.

I also have the 28 forms of Unown whose nicknames are plain weird, but I will spare you those...
Dec 18, 2006
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Here are some of my nicknames:
Magnezone - Roswell (Looks like a UFO after all!)
Yanmega (M)- Steve
Scizor - Red Flash (Choice Scarf FTW)
Sceptile (F) - Silvia
Azumarill - Bugs

I find it hard to think of decent nicknames though, but they add a personal touch to my teams.
Jul 9, 2005
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Rhyperior: GeoGrey (taken from "GeoGreymon", a Digimon)
Sceptile: Kovu (Disney sequels, anyone?)
Donphan: Mastodon (a cousion of the woolly mammoth)
Kingdra: Queendra (it's a GIRL Kingdra)
Crobat: Fang (obvious)
Gyarados: Trogdor (Strong Bad FTW!)
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The Dutch Dynamite
Oct 17, 2007
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Porygon-Z - Windows XP (Windows Vista was to long. -.-)
Milotic - Lucio (I like that name.)
Torterra - Yoshi (Turtwig looks like Yoshi.)
Lucario - Combatman (Sounds cool.)
Heatran - Lompe Henk (Dutch for Ponderous John.)
Bronzor - Aedifian (Latin for Building.)
Finneon - Pesco (Latin for Fish.)
Badass office lady
Jan 4, 2005
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My team (elite 4)
Eve the Cherrim (caught it as a Cherubi, and my first thought was "Eve" as in forbidden fruit)
Tori the Staraptor (male, but "tori" means bird in Japanese)
Eric the Golem (named after Eric Stuart.)
Pegasus the Rapidash (named after mythical flying horse)
Pochama the Empoleon (hated Piplup, so I just named mine Pochama, and it's stuck)
Ramses the Luxray (Shinx was obviously a play on "Sphinx" and it was the first Egyptian pharaoh name I could think of)
Sep 18, 2006
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Some nicknames I've used are:
Naetoru: Turtwig
Flora: Sunflora
Static: Flaffy
Akino: Dratini
Sparks: Volbeat
Chi: Chimecho

and so on :p
Brock's Pikachu
Nov 8, 2005
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I name mine after anime, game, and Disney characters, as well as foreign words that suit the Pokemon.


Zelda the Gardevoir-If you remember The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you know that Zelda has psychic powers...and Gardevoir looks like a princess, so it makes sense.
Ariel the Vaporeon-Disney's famous mermaid (the reason I chose it), and the name of a fairy in Shakespeare's "The Tempest"
Luce the Ampharos-Italian for "light", since that's mainly what Ampharos do (give light) You say it Loo-chay, not Loose
Epona the Ponyta-Another Zelda reference, this time Link's horse, and the ancient Celtic goddess of horses.
Meeko the Linoone-after the raccoon from Disney's Pocahontas
Umi the Gyarados-Japanese for "sea"
Diddy the Chimchar-named for Diddy Kong
Erin the Lucario-feminized version of "Aaron", plus an ancient name for Ireland
wants Chain of Memories!
Oct 19, 2007
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I have a Milotic named Melodie. I also have a Kecleon named Casey which was named so for no particular reason. My sister got into my Leafgreen and named my level 80-something Charizard 'AGNOIWNVY' then Pal Parked it to Pearl so I couldn't change the name.

Oh I forgot one. I have a Bidoof named....BIDOOFUS!!
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Well-Known Member
Jun 24, 2007
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Gold (I made this team when I was 7, its very uber)
Ho oh - Rainbow
Lugia - Aruora
Suicune - Hydro
Feraligatr - Jaws
Mewtwo - Mew

Blazicken - Blaze
Aggron - Titan
Swellow - Skyline
Groudon - Crator
Rayquaza - Ozone
Gardevoir - Psyc

Porigon-z - PORI!PORI!
Garchomp - Sharkbait
Tyranitar - REX *-*
Skarmory - Titan (yes I liked the name so I reused it)
Dusknior - OujaMan (After 1 to many expieriences with evil spirits using ouja boards...)
New Member
May 5, 2006
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I nickname pretty much all my Pokemon. Sometimes I put a lot of thought into them, other times they're just random.

A few of my main Pokemon:

Jolteon: Kite (famous kite experiment...)
Abamasnow: Winter (obvious)
Umbreon: Livana (a Jewish name meaning 'moon')
Espeon: Garnet (because of the red stone on her forehead)
Flygon: Seta (Just random.)
Arcanine Tella (From a latin word, 'catella', meaning puppy.)
Gardevoir: Watase (A Japanese name... no real meaning.)
Raichu: Kindle (Obvious, I hope)
Infernape: Trouble (because monkeys get into trouble? Actually, my niece suggested this because she was wearing a shirt that said 'monkey trouble' at the time.)