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Clever Pokémon Nicknames

Master of Dragons in tr.
Nov 9, 2007
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Torterra: A'Tuin - In Discworld, it's the turtle that carries the world on its back.

Dialga: Kronos - Obvious.

Heatran: Furnax - Roman godess of ovens.

Giratina: Nemesis.

Ninjask: La Mojca - A misspeling of "La mosca", meaning "the fly" in Spanish.

Medicham: Zas! - Comes from a Family Guy episode in Spanish where Peter said "Zas! En toda la boca!" (that's "Zas! Right in the mouth!", I'll check to see what he originally said in English).
Edited: Found it. "Pow! Right in the kisser!", a reference to Jackie Gleason.

Smeargle: Jihad - Substitute+Belly Drum+Explosion. Hehe.

Hippowdon: Arrakis - The desert planet in Dune.

Vaporeon: Jocántaro - A sea monster in the Spanish B-movie "Karate a muerte en Torremolinos"

Drifblim: Sustitocho - "Sustituto"=Substitute, "Tocho"=Huge.

Lopunny: Travelo - He was a male Lopunny, you can guess what "travelo" means then.

Dunsparce: LOL HAX - This one is pretty obvious.

Seriously? I named my Dialga Chronos!!!!
wants to fight
Nov 12, 2007
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Don't like to use nicknames, because I like the original names :D But I used to nicknames when I started to play Pokémon Red many years ago.
Year of the Rattata
Nov 14, 2007
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I normaly dont nickname mine neither, but I kinda wanted to this time around. Alot of mine are pretty obvious.

Purugly: Prudence

Leafeon: Forest

Driftblim: Aire

Rapidash: Freya

Vapoeon: Skye (because when I was in a pokemon chat years ago, my icon was always a vapoeon and I'd show up under the name Skye)

Mismagius: Gothica
Master of Dragons in tr.
Nov 9, 2007
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I have a few new nicknames.

Dratini= Spyro

I know, the video game character

Eevee (And I want it to stay eevee)= Mikey

After the kid in the Kanto seasons of pokemon anime who did not want to evolve his eevee.


A combo of May and Wobbuffet

Vulpix= Kitsune

It looks like one

Nidoran Male= Moony

It evolves with a moon stone.

Nidorina= Quepoikant

Que-part of a spanish word poi- part of poison kant- part of Kanto

Gabite= Jet

Its evolved form looks like a jet plane. But it's female. Weird, huh?




He's the trio member of intelligence, right?

and finally, last, but not least,

Oceao the Vaporeon!!!

Oceao's name is pronounced Oh-say-oh, and is the current eeveeloution in training!

His name is based off of the word ocean.
Perfume Princess
Nov 16, 2007
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Arcanine - Roxie- After my dog. <3
Blastiose - L'earoi - Water King, I think I used French words. XD; I can't remember at the moment, but I know I left a letter out of "water" on purpose.
Magmortar- Moeyuku - Stole it from one of the ending theme's lyrics from Bleach.
Leafeon - Erika - After the Pokemon Gym Leader.
Espeon - Anabel - After the Pokemon Frontier Brain.
Wailord - DeLorean - After the Back to the Future car.

Dragonite - Kasumi - Asked a friend for a nickname.
Luxray- Relucesca - Latin for "light" I believe. I can't remember.
Empoleon - Memphis - After the character from Happy Feet.
Staraptor - Talliehawk - After the character from Silverhawks.
Dusknoir - Violet - After the character from the Series of Unfortunate Events.
Typholsion - Hinoarashi - Cyndaquil's Japanese name.

Golduck - Kona-chan - After the character from Lucky Star
Torterra - Bonsai - After the tree.
Medicham - Atara - Asked a friend.
Toxicroak - Zaraki - After the character from Bleach.
Froslass - Kyo-chan -After the character from Lucky Star.
Charizard - Deva - Asked Blackjack.

Ampharos - Alexandria - After the tower.
Urasaring - Kuma - Bear, roar.
Aggron - Bossgodora - Japanese name, plus reminds me of Godzilla villains.
Sceptile - Jukain - Japanese name.

Clefable - Staranna - Asked Blackjack.
Ninjask - Suzumonka - Bleach references.
Starmie - Bellatrix - After the star.
Gliscor - Glaudusa - Asked a friend.
Skarmory - Excalibur - After the sword + Fate/Stay Night reference.
Gallade - Kolase - Old username I used to use.

Tangrowth - Klifurei - Vine King, I can't remember what languages, asked a friend.
Bannette - Beaumont - Guess, lawl.
Glameow - Lenore - After one of my favorite comic characters, Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl.
Togetic - Link - After the game character.
Lopunny - Pink - 'Cause he's Shiny.
Lucario - Haruhi - After the anime character.

Bronzong - Notre Dame - Asked a friend. XD;
Bidoof - God - 'Cause he is. XD;
Linoone - Z.Z.Topper - Band reference with "per" at the end.
Scizor - Ichigo - After the Bleach character.
Hitmonlee - Van Damme - After the action star.
Machoke - Billy - Named after a friend.

Manectric - Electro - After the Spider-Man villain.
Walrein - Kori - I can't remember why, something to do with ice, if I remember correctly.
Blaziken - King - He is the King of Fighters. >> <<
Metagross - Prophecy - I thought it would be a cool name for a Metagross. XD;
Rhyperior - Chevrolet - After the brand of cars.

Infernape - Wiola - After a nail polish if I remember correctly.
Pelipper - Hush - After a song.
Alakazam - Kaoru - Asked a friend.
Honchkrow - Banderas - After the actor Antonio Banderas.
Steelix - Onyx - After a brand.
Luxio - Rukia - After the Bleach character.

I used to be into a Bleach, lawl. I stopped watching after Kariya's death.
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Aka: Sceptile
Jan 19, 2003
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I've never nicknamed pokemon in my game but for a few exceptions.
Once I nicknamed a Rattata in some store demo Ratfink.
In a restart of Ruby, I was trying for a female Treecko. Once I got it, I made a whole team of female Grass types, each with a name punning their Grass type, except for the female Treecko, which I named Julianne. This was inspired by Sceptile's JP name, Jukain. (She is indeed a Sceptile now and the mate of my team's Sceptile) She was transferred to Pearl and the rest of them were deleted.

The only other nicknamed Pokemon I have made exist in a fic I wrote.
Phoebe, a female Charizard: the sister of the sun god Phoebus, from Greek mythology. A suitable Fire type name.
Wildfire, a Rapidash: It seems like something you name a horse.
Obsidian, a shiny Camerupt: the shiny volcanic rock, because the poke is shiny, black, and has volcanoes on its back
Minaki's #1 Fangirl
Nov 4, 2007
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Lets see...
My Typhlosion I named Bakufuun, that being Typhlosion's Japanese name.
My Meganium was named Chrysante after the flower.
My Raichu I named Lt. Surge, simply cuz I love the guy (NO, NOT LIKE THAT!! *flails arms*) and so I can mentally disturb the minds of others with a special move... >w>
My Espeon I named Eifii, after its Japanese name.
My Crobat, I named Mephisto after Mephisto in "Diablo 2"
Hugs > drugs
Jun 10, 2007
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Some of the nicknames here are quite extensive...:p. Me gusta.

I've only named members of my team and shinies (see sig) and random tool pokes:
Garchomp - Galileo
Milotic - Raphael
Snorlax - Milton
Scizor - Vincent
Venusaur - Leonardo
Houndoom - Dante
[Surprisingly...they're all male...never noticed until now.]

And with the 11 shiny Caterpies I caught, I named the male & female with the best stats Oberon & Titania (now king and queen of the Butterfrees) and the rest after Roman gods and goddesses.
Love is over.
Sep 6, 2006
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Porygon-Z=Tim/Crow: Named after Crow from MST3K
Infernape♀=Shiva: short for Shivani(I'm thinking of changing her name to the longer version of that).
Lucario♀=Julie: In memorium of my late dog Judie.
Togekiss♂=Raito: Named after Yagami Light from Death Note(my Togekiss hates to lose and I find that even more hilarious). It's an inside joke. XD
Croagunk♂=Greg: It's Japanese name is Greggle...
Bibarel♂=Mr. Derp: Another pokemon named after an inside joke.
Sig By Blue Dragon
May 20, 2007
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Here are my shinys(the name are all from friends):

Shysor The Quagsire
Rayra The Beautifly
Blass The Gaverlar

I need an idea for my shiny Rattata (PM me for Ideas)
Jun 5, 2007
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I rarely name my Pokemon.

In fact, in DP I've only nicknamed 1 of them. My Shinx. It's named Dio Brando, due to Luxio's (and Luxray to some extent) cry sounding very close to Dio's "WRRRYYYYYY!"
Guardian of Pokemon
Nov 20, 2007
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Infernape-Male-Char- named after Prince Charmont from Ella Enchanted
Gyarados- Female- Maggy- short for Magikarp, may ce changed soon to Geyser
Roselia- Female- Rosy- short for Roselia
Pachirisu- Female- Jenny- after Officer Jenny
Chingling- Male- Chris- I like that name
Staravia- Female- Lea- Also like that name
New Member
Jul 8, 2007
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Torterra♀ - Pearl
Golduck♀ - Crusher
Raichu♂ - Sparky
Flareon♀ - Emma
Lucario♂ - Luc
Pidgeot♂ - Heartless
Wears sunglasses at night
Sep 25, 2007
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I nicknamed my inbreed Larvitar:Loputousu, so that all of 10 people can laugh at the injoke.
Pokemon Collector
Aug 23, 2007
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Lugia: Mystical
Charizard: Zippo (heehee)
Rayquaza: Pythorion
Flygon: Draco
Honchkrow: Ominous
Empoleon: Pingu
Infernape: Azu
Blastoise: Blizen
Entei: Leonardo
Raikou: Lightning
Suicune: Aurora
Nidoqueen: Bella
Nidoking: Dante
Skarmory: Skarlet
Groudon: Zordrac

Basically, I give nicknames to all my pokemon.... except for those I've obtained in trades. Theres' heaps more but too many to name XD
New Member
Nov 27, 2007
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All my Pokemon have nicknames! I just put the best here...

Marowak - Rashka (I read it meant demon?)
Chingling - Ribbon
Tauros - Frenzy
Glaceon - Starlight
Nidoqueen - Celeste (star)
Cresselia - Zenith
Espeon - Angel
Aerodactyl - Pteradon
Dewgong - Ice Baby
Vespiquen - Dot (She was so cute when she was a Combee, with the little dot...)
Umbreon - Abyss
Dragonite - Excalibur (King Arthur's sword)
Jolteon - Nicolai (OMG my fave name!)
Ninetails - Bailin (I love ninetails)
Vileplume - Sunline
Wailord Punk
Dec 19, 2007
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I nickname all of my Pokemon. Some of the ones I use regularly are:
Wiggy: Torterra
DX-ness: Crobat (using the available emoticon, not the letters)
(note)Toasty(note): Luxray
Nom Nom IV: Charizard

My party that is used for battle has these nicknames:
Ridiculass: Togekiss (sweeper)
Ridiculad: Togekiss (sweeper)
Togi: Togekiss (balanced)
Toga: Togekiss (balanced)
Edward: Togekiss (tank)
Alphonse: Togekiss (tank)

One of my friends names his Pokemon after characters he RPs on Livejournal.
Crazy for pokemon
Dec 27, 2007
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Me and my brothers normally name our pokemon after mythical creatures and characters from other games and such examles are:
Mewtwo: Sammael
Kyogre: Neptune
Rayquaza: Arcanagos