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Clever Pokémon Nicknames

Oct 25, 2011
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All Castforms I breed from this point on are named after places in my country;
Addlestone, Woking, Surrey, Guildford, Brighton.

When I get a shiny one I'm naming it Chertsey.
I'm probably too happy.
Jan 2, 2014
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The nicknames of my Pokemon are simply that - nicknames. They're shortened version of their species (or, in the case of a Pokemon that evolves, of the first stage of th eveolution [excluding my Blastoise, Toise]).
For example -

Oshawott - Oshy
Nidoran - Nido
Hoothoot - Hoot
Mudkip - Kip
Lucario - Luc
...and so on...
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Jun 7, 2012
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I like to give my team Pokemon colorful nicknames if I can...

Gardevoir: Ardent - Adjective for an enthusiastic or passionate person
Flygon: Desert Rose
Talonflame: Flambeau - a burning torch used in a procession
Heliolisk: Frilly
Blastoise: Buoy
Aurorus: Borealis - after the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights
Ninetales: Foxy Loxy - after the Chicken Little character
Sawsbuck: Solstice - Named after the longest and shortest days of the year
Swanna: Valkyrie - named after the Norse war maidens who took the fallen to Valhalla. In some legends they take the form of swan maidens and wear cloaks made of swan feathers.
Zoroark: Slylock - based on the main character in "Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids" comic strip
Lucario: Stalin - Double entendre on the Russian word for Steel and the Russian dictator Joseph Stalin

As a side note, I love how in pokemon games you can't name your pokemon Hitler but you can name them every other ruthless dictator that ever lived. I once traded my friend a female Haunter name Che Guevara. She uses her all of the time. xD

i need some help thinking of a nickname for both my Mewtwo and my Zygarde. idk what to call them. it HAS to be cool, NOT weird.
You could call your Zygarde… Scitalis.
It's a serpent with such a marvelous appearance that it stuns the viewer.

Sorry, I'm a sucker for Medieval Bestiary creatures.
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Let's dance
Dec 1, 2012
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Was breeding for Switcheroo Klefki and got two with the desired IVs: one brother-and-sister duet.

Their names contain "ring" as Klefki is a key ring Pokémon. The female is Ringlet (ever heard of the royal ringlet hairstyle?), her little brother is Ring-yu (pun on Ryu, after Ninja Gaiden's Ryu Hayabusa).
Hear me roar!
Jul 16, 2010
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A friend of mine had a really good name for a Ditto and I'm so glad an accented e was able to help it get around the censors. She named it Schlampe which means slut in German
Resident Channeler
Jul 6, 2013
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Now that I've gotten in to Y I've got a whole new batch of Pokemon. Being as predictable as I am I have all my Pokemon French names whose meanings all correlated to the Pokemon itself (there are a few exceptions).

They are:

Archaimbaud: Greninja
Perenelle: Meowstic
Arnaud: Talonflame
Claribel: Vivillon
Jessamine: Aromatisse
Trinette: Florges
Gaspard: Swirlix
Jacques: Eevee
Gregoire: Eevee
Adelaide Eevee
Adrien: Zoroark
Guillaume: Phantump
Arber: Venusaur
L'Angley: Lucario
Jasper: Sableye
Apolline: Diggersby
Victoire: Noivern
Penelope: Salamence
Perrine: Tyranitar
Genevieve: Goodra
Georgette: Abamasnow
Gala: Garchomp
Moira: Ylveltal
Morticia: Gengar
Onfroi: Medicham
Zacharie: Zweilous
Aimeri: Nincada
Hedvige: Aegislash
Gemma: Carbink
Orabelle: Chimeco
Colyn: Pangoro
Aluin: Hariyama
Karcsi: Heliolisk
Zephyrine: Drifblim
Harbin: Scolipede
Colette: Binacle
Maude: Snubbull
Algernon: Chingling
Zola: Dragalge

Phew that's it for now.
Dec 19, 2013
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I just named a Mr. Mime "Inabox" I dont know if anyone has said that already as I have not read all 104 pages of names.

Oh and I named one of my female character "Lover" and her nic name "My Lover". This really changes the dialog in the game, it is rather comical now.

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New Member
May 9, 2013
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so i managed to get an Anticipation Eevee (male) on Pokemon X. i bred it with a Ditto, and i got a FEMALE Eevee with ANTICIPATION! so now i have a female Sylveon. no nickname yet, but i'm thinking of nicknaming her 'Miracle'. my MALE Delphox is nicknamed 'Mystic', and i got a LOT of Pokemon off Wonder Trade that i can't nickname :(. some are really cool, too. like, my friend gave me that male Anticipation Eevee, and i REALLY wanted to nickname it, but since it's traded, i couldn't. oh! i got a MALE Magician Fenniken that i hatched. i'm gonna nickname it 'Magic'. but right now my 3DS is like, dead, so i'm charging it. by the way, does ANYONE have a Friend Safari with Ditto/Eevee in it? preferably Eevee. i have enough room for 70 more friends (i think). 2 normal Safari's, yet NO Eevee! if anyone has one, please tell me and we can exchange FC.
New Member
May 9, 2013
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i now have these Pokemon Nicknamed:
lvl 44 Hidden Ability Sylveon - Miracle (f)
lvl 1 H.A. Fennekin - Magic (m)
lvl 1 H.A. Elekid - Zap (f) (gone)
lvl 62 starter Delphox - Mystic (m)
lvl 10 Oddish - Leafy (m)
lvl 30 Safari Dedenne - Sparx (f)
lvl 30 Safari Corsala - Coral (f) (gone)
lvl 1 Volt Tackle Pichu - Star (f)
lvl 31 Meowstic - Skye (m)
lvl 31 H.A. Gogoat - Kylee (f)
Lvl 31 H.A. Meowstic - Snowbelle (f)
lvl 30 H.A. Ninetales - Firefox (f)
lvl 30 H.A. Braixen - Wonder (f)
lvl 1 Larvesta - Firebug (m)
lvl 1 H.A. Froakie - Protein (f)
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I want to rp!
Nov 9, 2006
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Many of my Pokemon are traded so I can't rename them. I got a french Pokemon, but sadly it changed it name when it evolved.

These are my own:

Heliolisk - Tesla (I must teach this Pokemon a destruction ray)
Delphox - Kaikii (from Japanese 怪奇 and 奇異)
Talonflame - Hinokaze
Yveltal - Khurbn (I think that means 'destruction')
Gogoat - Life (has 3 techniques that heal HP and one that strengthen his body)
New Member
May 9, 2013
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JUST beat the Elite 4, so i'm in the Friend Safari, looking for Hidden Ability Pokemon to Nickname. only got a Slugma so far. gonna name it Sluggy.
New Member
Apr 16, 2010
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Because I liked Fire Emblem Awakening so much I've gone with a bit of a naming theme.

Chestnaught- Kellam because he's a tank and nobody seems to care about him.
Delphox- Riken
Greninja- Gangrel
Talonflame- Cynthia
Tyranitar- Frederick who unfortunaitly has not lived up to his namesake
Blaziken- Chrom
Dragalge- Gerome
Mawile- Tharja
Togekiss- Brady
Umbreon- Gaius
Ampharos- Nowi
Mandibuzz- Aversa
Xerneas- Naga
Yveltal- Grima
Zygarde- Tiki

Other names:
Absol- ShiroShinobi my favorite nickname so far.
Venusaur- Bud
Other Greninja- Bubba
Klefki- Ringo
Leafeon- Hilbert
Espeon- Lucas
Ninetails- Julia
Jolteon- Yang
Other Umbreon- Blake

I have every intention of doing two RWBY Teams made up of Eeveelutions. One for team RWBY, and one for Team JNPR.
New Member
Dec 7, 2013
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My current Pokemon Gold Team is:

Bayleef- Pod
Natu- Alphred
Flaaffy- Mary
Furret- Scout
Pineco- Wormstrom

I get inspiration to nickname my Pokemon from the pokedex entries or references.
Go Leafs Go
Apr 9, 2011
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I name every Arbok I catch Solid Snake. Yep I went there. Too far.
New Member
May 9, 2013
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so i started a NEW Pokemon X file, and these are my current nicknames:
lvl 32 Venusaur - Shay
lvl 9 Male Furfrou - Snowball
lvl 27 Female Furfrou - Snowbell
lvl 13 Pikachu - Zap
lvl 5 Pikachu - Pika
lvl 15 Nincada - Buggy
lvl 17 Onix - Rocky
lvl 15 Cubone - Bone-Bone
lvl 15 Mawile - Snaps
lvl 21 Aerodactyl - Snapjaw
lvl 25 Tauros - Taurus (Zodiac Sign)

when i get FLY, i'm gonna nickname the rest of my Pokemon.

EDIT: i now have 3 badges and CAN get my 4th, just postponing it.
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