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Clever Pokémon Nicknames

Mar 20, 2007
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I caught a Rattata in Black 2 in order to send it over to X. I named it "TopPercent". Yeah.
My OTHER mount is a dragon!
Feb 23, 2014
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In my current playthrough of Pokémon FireRed Version, my current party members' nicknames are:

Ivysaur - Basil (a green herb)
Raichu - Sherbet (a sometimes-yellow sweet)
Flareon - Paprika (a red spice - yes, my core three Pokémon are all named after flavourings)
Gyarados - Tsunami (one of the things wild Gyarados cause when in a rage)
Snorlax - Grizzly (because Snorlax resembles a bear)
Aerodactyl - Terra (both a pun on "Pteranodon" and in reference to Terra being Rock-type)

In other games I tend to get creative when nicknaming Pokémon, whether it be group naming themes or individual wonders of creativity.
Oct 1, 2013
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Some lovely names for my comp doubles team:

-Heliolisk: Frizard (Frillneck lizard, and electricity makes your hair frizzy)
-Vaporeon: Acheron (Has something to do with a river)
-Kangaskahn: Mama Roo (Kind of obvious)
-Rotom: Voltergeist (It's a ghost that possesses stuff and is electric-type)
-Meowstic: Sigmund (In honour of Mr. Freud)
New Member
Mar 5, 2014
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Firstly, *ahem* new here, first post!

Secondly, in honor of TPP I figured I'd start up my own Gen II replay (going with Silver, my first G2 game), and I currently have four Pokemon in my party (just after the first battle against the rival (who I named Raven).

My party:
Cyndaquil - Pyro (as in pyromaniac)
Rattata - Twitch (mice are kinda twitchy, eh?)
Geodude - Gabbro (a type of igneous rock)
Hoothoot - Strix (after Strix Struma from the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series)
New Member
Mar 5, 2014
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Torrent- Male Empoleon (Water name)
Talon- Female Dragonite (It has them)
Blaze- Male Shiny Charizard (Fiery name)
Pixie- Female Sylveon (Girliest pokemon ever)
Anubis- Female Lucario (It looks like him)
Umbra- Female Zoroark (Named it after getting Nocturne in ARAM)
Gracia- Shaymin (Gracidia Flowers)
Eon- Latias (Eon pokemon)
Blizzard- Female Weavile (Ice name)
Elektra- Female Pikachu (Elektra from Marvel)
Orchid- Female shiny Zorua (No idea, just sounded pretty)
Carbon- Male Aggron (Mineral)
Zephyr- Male Talonflame (Wind name)
Yggdrasil- Xerneus (You find it as a tree and it gives life so Tree of Life)
Sandstorm- Female Flygon (Because)
Flufflepuff- Female Swirlix (PFUDOR)
BigFatFatty- Snorlax (He is one)
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My OTHER mount is a dragon!
Feb 23, 2014
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I made an error on my previous post regarding my Aerodactyl's nickname. Her name is actually "WYVERNA", since she slightly resembles a wyvern. In mythology, a wyvern resembles a European dragon but lacks front limbs or arms.

OFF-TOPIC: Actually, that kind of makes me think that Aerodactyl could work as a Rock/Dragon-type.

ON-TOPIC: My party in Sapphire, before I erased the file, consisted of:

Marshtomp - SKIPPER, after mudskipper, a kind of fish (I think).
Kirlia - ANAIS, a beautiful-sounding French name (pronounced an-eye-YEESE)
Skarmory - RAZOR, due to his razor-sharp wings
Electrike - LEAH, which sounds like a feminine version of "Leo"
Sableye - GEM, due to the gems covering his body
Slugma - SCORCHER, because fire hot!

I also had an Anorith, and I was going to back-track and catch a Shroomish, but the fact that the in-game clock had stopped prompted me to send the Game Pak to Nintendo for repairs (which aren't cheap in Australia). :uhoh:
Dec 10, 2013
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I'm not sure if I'm the best with nicknames, but here are some I've used. Some are more clever than others.

Delphox: Firefox (My web browser! :p)

Venusaur: Blossom, Bloom, maybe even Flora once? (The bud it has as a Bulbasaur blooms into a flower.)

Aegislash: Masamune (After the sword Frog uses in Chrono Trigger.)

Swanna: Cygnia, Aquarelle (I had a hard time coming up with a nickname for it in X. I used Cygnia at first since cygnus is the name of the genus swans belong to, but Aquarelle sounds better. Coincidentally, aquarelles are a type of watercolor painting.)

Florges: Flora, Antheia (Another Pokemon I used in my X playthrough. I named it Flora originally for obvious reasons, but after I evolved it I renamed it Antheia since according to Bulbapedia, the line may be inspired by that Greek goddess.)

Flygon: Toph, Myrm (I named a female Flygon I used in Pearl after Toph from ATLA. In my X playthrough, I caught a male Trapinch and struggled to find a name for it. The line is based on antlions, and I noticed that they belonged to the family Myrmeleontidae. Wyrm is a word for dragons, so why not combine those two somehow?)

Pikachu: Zappa, Electra, and probably other horrible electric puns.

Gardevoir: Hikari (Japanese name meaning light)

Gallade: Link (from Zelda)

Metagross; Metaknight (from Kirby)

Kyogre: Sapphire (Yes, I actually did this.)

Blaziken: Phoenix (Well, it is a fiery bird...)

Empoleon: Mumble (from Happy Feet)

Charizard: Dragonfire (It was dragon like and I was playing FireRed at a time I was into Winx Club for some reason. The 4Kids dub called Bloom's power the Dragon Fire so yeah...)

Weavile: Vira (It was a female dark type and Vira sounds similar to virus.)

Weezing: Poisonwind (Um...it's poisonous and gaseous?)

Vaporeon: Ariel (Hey, it does looks kinda like a mermaid. :p)

Lapras: Nessie, Oceania

Milotic: Baikal (After Lake Baikal in Russia.)

Stunfisk: T-urdfish (Because the censors in X would not let me name it Turdfish.)

Panpour: Cali (I was considering using it on my team in X but I scrapped it. Short for California, its evolution looks like a surfer dude to me. Do not question my logic.)

Meganium: Gaia, Gardenia (Gaia is an earth goddess and Gardenia is a flower that also contains the word garden?)

Blastoise: Leonardo (Pfft, TMNT.)

Swampert: Everglades, Skippy

Starmie: Stella, Cosmo

Gastrodon: Squishee

Staraptor: Windstar, Gale. (Flying type with the word star in its name? And well Gale is...wind...poof.)

Girafarig: Grimmer (A character from an anime called Monster. He's a tall guy and the fandom jokes about him being a giraffe.)

Infernape: Tarzan

Roserade: Rosacea (A skin disease that coincidentally sounds like it's a flower related to roses...)

Pidgeot: Superwing, Bobo (Superwing was my beloved overleveled Pidgeot from Yellow. In a playthrough of Fire Red, I used a Pidgeot named Bobo because of an in-joke my cousin and I have about a bad translation of Pokemon Green.)

...And that's just off the top of my head. As you can imagine, I love nicknaming Pokemon. ^_^
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Queen of the streets
Oct 17, 2010
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Guess I will have a try.

My first nickname I think was Inari for a Ninetales (Inari is the god/ess of fertility and his/er messenger are the foxes)
Others are:
Icarus for my male Togetic (he is not really an angel, but he has wings)
Chamomile for my female Snivy (a plant and Snivy seems so calm to me, also I think her nature is calm)
Koi to male Seaking (koi is the Japanese carp, rich it was based off)
Mae to my SS female Ninetales (reference to Tamamo-no-Mae, a demon fox who turns into a beautiful women to lure powerful men)
Mei to my female Purloin (named after my cat Mei, she likes to steal things like purloin in its pokedex entry)
And other Pokemon I named after my K-Idols.
Love, Money, Rock n Roll
Jan 5, 2014
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My turn?

Leon --------- Talonflame
D-Knight ----- Dragon Knight
Avion --------- Lucario
BeatsPaper --- Scizor
BladeWorks -- Mega Scizor
Jynx --------- Mega Mawile
Valor --------- Garchomp
Flameheart --- Cinccino
Cuddles ------ Slowbro
Swagpert ----- Swampert
Trolololol ------ Klefki
Shockingly ---- Rotom-W
Just1Byte ---- Jolteon
Stark --------- Magnezone
Tubs --------- Gengar
Venustrocity - Venusaur
Milotic -------- Toxicroak
Bug ---------- Forretress
Mah Leg! ---- Conkelldurr
TheBeast! --- Dramanitan

All OU competitive Pokemon. :cool:
Well-Known Member
Oct 9, 2012
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On my X playthrough, I just picked Charmander from Sycamore and -- guess what? -- it's a girl!

I shall call her (drum roll please) "Abby". ;)

Actually, I should make it "Abby K", but that can wait until Camphrier.
Pokémon Truth Tea Pourer
Mar 10, 2013
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I never give my Pokémon random nicknames and I only nickname my first six. I have two methods of nicknaming.

I either do an anagram like I did in Platinum:
Piplup ---> Pulpip
Eevee ---> Eeeve (I know, it's horrible. Should've gone with Veeee or something)
Riolu ---> Lurio
Togepi ---> Gopeti
Spiritomb ---> Pitriboms
Giratina ---> Tanigair

Or I'll do what I did in X, which is use a part of the name:
Fennekin ---> Fen
Fletchling ---> Fletch
Flabébé ---> Bébé
Caterpie ---> Cat
Squirtle ---> Squirt
Honedge ---> Hone

I'm boring lol
We are but men
Nov 28, 2013
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My team of my Y playthrough:

Aegislash: Edge
Talonflame: Arrow
Dragalge: Stillair
Greninja: Swift
Absol: Savio
Heliolisk: Econ

Nicknames don't only have to mean something, they also have to sound good.

I think these sound good, okay! D:<
Old Man
Jun 24, 2012
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Lucario ♂: Anubis from the Egyptian Jackal God (Lucario I got from Tower of Mastery)
Greninja ♂: Raijikaru (Froakie I got at the start of my journey)
Charizard ♀: Charité French for Love, which I do love her, she is my little girl ^^ (Charmander ♀ I got from Prof Sycamore)
Yveltal: Yersinia from Yersinia Pestis the black plague which killed 1/3 of the European population in a few years time, Yveltal embodies this deadly event in so many ways. (Yveltal I caught before defeating Team Flare)

Greninja ♂: Kageshio Kage as in Shadow and Shio Tide (5IV Protean Froakie I bred for battling online and whatnot)
Garchomp ♂: Sabrefang Sabre is a kind of sword and Fang as in tooth. (5IV Gible I bred for battling online and whatnot)
Charizard ♂: Hellrazor Hell and Razor, a play on Hell raiser which is a trouble maker. (6IV Charmander I bred for battling online and whatnot)
Charizard ♀: Cinderella a play on both the European fairy tail character and the fact cinder is also a glowing ember from something that has been burned. (6IV Charmander I bred)
Borderland Sword
Mar 19, 2013
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I think I've gotten another good one.

MegaAmpharos: Phosphora~
We are but men
Nov 28, 2013
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Another one I just remembered: on my latest Platinum rerun, I named my Empoleon 'Cobalt'.

Because 1) it sounds cool, 2) the element cobalt is a metal and Empoleon is a Steel-type, 3) said metal has a dark blue colour, like Empoleon

This is one of my favorite nicknames in the history of Paleo's nicknaming history :3

And I just came up with a nickname for my second Talonflame:


Ahwyeah! \m/
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totally fangirling out
Feb 8, 2012
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I have a Hondege named Anduril in X, who i breeded from another named Narsil in Y
The Ninja Trickster
Feb 26, 2012
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EarthBound- Treecko (I was playing EarthBound at the time)
Mirage- Ralts (it fits Gardevoir)
Esp- Espeon (part of her name)
Fluffy- Ampharos (it WAS fluffy as a Mareep and a Flaaffy)
Falchion- Aegislash (after the main sword in many Fire Emblem games)
Bird Jesus- Pidgey (from Twitch Plays Pokémon)
Lord Helix- Omanyte (from Twitch Plays Pokémon)
LazorGatr- Totodile (from Twitch Plays Pokémon)
New Member
Mar 15, 2014
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I just stick with basic names, but they all begin with the letter that the pokemon's type begins with:
Xerneas: Xena (I gave it a girl name :D)
Gogoat (F): Grace
Aurorus (F): Amara
Lucario (M): Lucas
Talonflame (M): Talen
Absol (F): Angel

But I can't find a good one for my female Delphox :p