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Clever Pokémon Nicknames

Automaton Guardian
Mar 20, 2007
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My Gallade in OR is named Nasir, after a Saracen assassin in Robin of Sherwood who was portrayed by Mark Ryan. The name is more than fitting: Nasir is an Arabic name meaning "helper" or "one who gives victory". And my Nasir has won a ton of battles. My Groudon is named Devastar, which is Devastator's name in Japan. When I catch Rayquaza, I will name him Deszaras, which is a character from Transformers Victory.

...I'm sure you can see a bit of a pattern with those last two, am I right? (Yep, Transformers nerd over here and proud of it!)
Sep 20, 2014
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Some of my nicknames:
Atlus (It should be Atlas, but I screwed up(Torterra))
Soulflare (Chandelure)
Yang, Yin, and Wuji (Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem respectively)
Logos, Pathos, and Ethos (Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf respectively)
Ryujin (Lugia)
Fenghuang (Ho-oh)
Raiju (Raikou)
Angel (Gardevoir)
Aether (Altaria)
Tsun-Zhu (Mienshao)
Siva (Yveltal)
Luna (Cresselia)
Annubis (Lucario)
Chronos and Spatios (Dialga and Palkia)
Stone Age, Ice Age, and Bronze Age (Regirock, Regice, and Registeel respectively)
Pangea (Regigiggas)
May 28, 2014
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Legault the Sceptile
Eliwood the Swellow
Lucina the Gardevoir
Canas the Claydol
Seliph the Gallade
Morgan the Absol
Grima the Skitty
Gerome the Noivern
Seliph the Gallade

Man, I'm a weeaboo
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Glorious Goo
Nov 28, 2010
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Greninja: Strider. I swear smash bros Greninja was designed with Strider Hiryu in mind.
Aegislash: Hexcalibur.
Heracross (Mega): Stronger. Kamen Rider reference 1.
Pinsir (Mega): Gattack. Kamen Rider reference 2.
Beedril (Mega): Zabee Kamen Rider reference 3.
Sylveon (Female): Nanoha
Jolteon (Female): Fate. Didn't produce a baby with Nanoha :(.
Noivern: Azrael. With all those Crobatman jokes running around it had to be done.
Gyarados (Mega): Shrimpy
Jellicent: Mr. Pringles
Rotom W: Laundrotron
Bisharp: Flesh Wounds
Scrafy: C.J.
Let's dance
Bulbapedia Administrator
Dec 1, 2012
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After obtaining my Chikorita, now a Meganium, from Professor Birch, I brainstormed on what to name her. Decided on Peppermint, as the Pokédex entries for the evolution line noted aromas, and peppermint is an aromatic herb.

As for my ingame team, I tried my best to think up some good names:
~Herbert the Sceptile (A simple pun)
~Repede the Mightyena (Based on a canine party member in Tales of Vesperia)
~Palutena the Gardevoir (Noticed the resemblance with her Kid Icarus namesake, so had to do it)
~Riku the Flygon (Name was earth-oriented, and Flygon is part ground)
~I also had Maria the Pelipper and Phaedra the Manectric, but those names were picked on the spot. Their names do fit them, though!

Honorary members:
~Bandi the HM caddy Linoone (I thought of her as my little bandit :3)
~Delta the Latias (Ok, usually I don't name Legendaries, but I decided to break that rule for once. Not only does it reflect the triangle on its front side, but she is also named after an airline corporation. And what feature was added in ORAS involving the Eon duo?)
Pull in all the Magikarps!
May 9, 2014
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I recently named my latest VGC team with book references in mind.

Gastrodon: IOI-65532! (Because I can only have five numbers, I put the closest thing to a 1 at the end.)
Talonflame: Inferno
Mega Venusaur: Theroc
Cresselia: Cecy
Conkeldurr: Bombur
Aegislash: Brisingr

EDIT: Just realized I gave the wrong name for my Conkeldurr. It's fixed.
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Bad at summoning people
Dec 27, 2014
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I just got a West Sea Shellos today which I named Squishy. And he shall be mine. And he shall be my Squishy. <3
Feb 2, 2011
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I've nicknamed my entire team in AS. As of now I hate

Midori the Sceptile
Sora the Altaria
Hexcalibur the Gallade
Chaos the Absol
River the Milotic
Rava the Camerupt

Beofore I had a Gardevoir named Majesty, a Lombre named Lily, and on Y I have a Lucario that I named Sebastian, and I consider him my ace so yeah XD
More fab than Sylveon.
Dec 1, 2012
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Between OR and AS:

Jet the Sceptile
Brewster the Blaziken
Axel the Swampert
Harmony the Altaria
Kyoumei the Claydol
Yukiko the Froslass

Guadalupe the Ludicolo
Akihiko the Swellow
Buchanan the Manectric
Rochester the Torkoal
Son of Two Deities
Feb 4, 2010
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Eh, I just give mine human nicknames, like Melody, Alex, Jessica, etc.

And no two Pokémon in my "defeated the Champion" teams share the same one. That goes for those between generations, like if I have Caramel named for my Chandelure, no other Pokémon may be named that.

Oh, Caramel was a pony in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic...well, I didn't have any ideas for what to name Chandy at the time...
My OTHER mount is a dragon!
Feb 23, 2014
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I've come up with different naming schemes for each Pokémon game I've played over the years. For example, in FireRed my core three party members are named after food flavourings or seasonings, while another is named after a salad ingredient; the others have generic nicknames:

Ivysaur = BASIL
Flareon = PAPRIKA
Raichu = SHERBET
Golduck = CUCUMBER
Aerodactyl = WYVERNA
Snorlax = GRIZZLY
Machoke = DOJO

In LeafGreen, it follows a similar system, except my core three are named after dessert toppings or complements:

Charmeleon = CINNAMON
Vaporeon = GELATINE
Clefairy = CREAM
Victreebel = LETTUCE
Mankey = CLIMBER
Drowzee = SNOOZER
Diglett = BURROWER

In X, there is a complex nickname system in place:
a) Males have nicknames with exactly five letters, none of them starting with "P"
b) females have nicknames longer than five letters, all of them starting with "P"
c) gender-unknown Pokémon have nicknames with exactly five letters, all of them starting with "P"
d) Xerneas and Zygarde do not have nicknames
e) My primary Ditto is nicknamed "Metamon", and my primary/first-caught Eevee is nicknamed "Eon" until evolving (as is the case for both in all my games)

Surprisingly, the first three clauses weren't intentional at first, but a pattern began to emerge and I just went with it. As such, the nicknames of the Pokémon in my regular party are as follows:

Greninja = Foamy
Venusaur = Scaly
Braixen = Briar
Talonflame = Phoenix
Doublade = Sheen
Swirlix = Fuzzy
Tyrantrum = Baron (formerly Kuchy)
Hippowdon = Powdonna (formerly Potassy)
Ampharos = Glowy
Avalugg = Popsicle
Poliwrath = Turbo
Scizor = Pincher
Furfrou = Astro
Snorlax = Grump
Miltank = Plushie
Ursaring = Brute

I'd also like to share the nicknames of one of my "for fun" parties, as I got quite creative with some of the names (thank you, childhood obsession with dinosaurs!):

Lileep = Petunia (from the type of flower known as the petunia)
Anorith = Caris (from Anomalocaris, an ancient sea creature composed of multiple organisms)
Cranidos = Skull (from Skull Fossil)
Shieldon = Armor (from Armor Fossil)
Tirtouga = Archy (from Archelon, an ancient sea turtle)
Archen = Terry (from Archaeopteryx, a creature which was believed to be the "missing link" between dinosaurs and birds)
Tyrunt = Roary (from "ROAR!", the onomatopoeia for a dinosaur's presumed call)
Amaura = Saury (from sauropod, the ancient order of giant, long-necked dinosaurs)

In Alpha Sapphire (and probably Omega Ruby), I've decided to go with the nickname theme of "no nicknames for my main party", in other words a traditional approach which breaks my usual mould of "nickname every Pokémon I catch other than major legendaries". However, I have a separate party (currently under construction) just for Contest Spectaculars, and those Pokémon have nicknames which have elemental influences such as Thundermaw, my Poochyena, who knows the move Thunder Fang. I'm currently seeking Pokémon for my Contest party, so Thundermaw's the only definite addition at the moment.
PKMN of the World, Unite!
Jan 1, 2015
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I name my shinies after constellations.

My Omanyte is named Calamari, and my Archeops is named Karaage (type of Japanese cooking, typically chicken meat)
Justice to serve.
Jan 21, 2015
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I'm all for clever nicknames, here are some of my favorites.

My Ampharos is called Amphabulos, mainly for when it mega evolves.
My Absol is called Absol-utely.
And my Beedrill is called Beelzebug.
Let's dance
Bulbapedia Administrator
Dec 1, 2012
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Violating my no-names-for-legends rule again with the Lake trio. The names I came with (italics denote what was removed) are based on a trait related somewhat to each member:

Azelf: Courage
Mesprit: Feelings
Uxie: Intellect
Gen IVever and Always
Jan 13, 2015
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Started a new Platinum playthrough today.

Started with a Turtwig, who shall now be known as Twinleaf.
Beauty and Love
Jan 21, 2009
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Some of my personal favorites.

Natu: Psytu
Empoleon: Napoleon
Seperior: Sr. Dandy

Lame? Yes. Very.