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Clever Pokémon Nicknames

Mar 13, 2019
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Shiny venusaur: venusnot ,just look at its pallete
Another shiny venusaur : sour cream , @chibighost 's idea
Shiny rapidash: spirit, it looks like a ghost in addition to reference the legendary movie spirit
Golduck : scalduke, from duke and the move scald
Lapras: loki, it was tricky to find and catch + the Loch Ness
Shiny dragonite: greenshine, similar to redshine the nickname I gave to my shiny gyarados in crystal
Every jolteon I've ever used (crystal, LGE , LG): bolty , after the movie with the same name
A Pokémon enthusiast
Jun 26, 2015
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I nicknamed my Corviknight Hopperhawk in Pokémon Sword, referring to Edward Hopper's famous painting "Nighthawks".

Also I nicknamed my Sirfetch'd Siegfried, referring to Richard Wager's opera character from Götterdämmerung. Siegfried is a warrior and a very strong, heroic character. I thought it was a perfect match for Sirfetch'd's personality.