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Non-Mafia Codenames III: Pokemon Edition Part 2 [ENDGAME]

Both Misty and Team Aqua were correct! This brings the score to 6 - 3

It is now @Zexy's turn to give a clue to Red Team, they have 48 hours from Zexy's clue to post their guess(es).
Togepi is white, so that's probably one?

Maybe the second could be Pokeball since it's half white?
Yeah, or could be a hint at the premier ball.

Both Togepi and Pokeball were correct, which means Blue Team win Round Two!



Our spymasters for the final round will be Tood and Jinjo! I shall get the next board up and the spymaster chat shortly. This leads us into an interesting round three, where both teams can still take the game for themselves as it is 1-1!
Unlucky Zexy! Well played Blue Team!
@Calvinッ Is Raven going to be joining a team?
Sorry people, I probably tried to be too tricky and it backfired hard.

Wrestler, Halwucha, should have picked Flying there. Pokemon Unite has Incineroar and Gengar with a costume. Even Elekid and Pewter were considered but not chosen.

Charizard should have also done Unite, but I probably wasted too much time and effort there, should have saved it for later.

Third, again Pewter (third town encountered) not chosen (also thought Hoenn would not get chosen cuz other team was considering it but missed it to a previous wrong clue). At least it got the main intention, Surge out without getting near Electric. (Elekid I actually did not want out too soon because that would give Dawning a super easy Baby for 2).

Around Grass 3 I started losing it :( We did not have any 3 nearly as easy as that and were already falling behind...

Also Child was very clearly not Baby (absolutely not MagBY) just like Caps deduced Dawning's River was a way to avoid Ocean (and Kyogre). So EleKID, Koga (remainder from Moth, only character left who has a child, Janine) and even Mew (gave birth) and rare CANDY could work...
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Round Three Start!
1. @Zexy
2. @Jinjo
3. @DawningWinds
4. @JamieIsBored
5. @Tood
6. @TheCapsFan
7. @DigitalGen6
8. @toastghost
9. @RavenRaziel98


RavenRaziel98 had to be randomised onto one of the teams, and RANDOM.org says he'll be on Blue Team!

Blue team will also be giving the first clue as they have 13 to guess, to Red Team's 12. This means it's @Tood's clue to give, and Blue team has 48 hours from this clue to make their guess(es)

Good luck and have fun in this last round! :D
Forgot to say, reminder that due to it being 36 names from about 100, there will be some overlap, that's just the nature of choosing random codenames.
mew and mewtwo definitely
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