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Non-Mafia Codenames III: Pokemon Edition Part 2 [ENDGAME]

Also agreed, don't think there's anything else

Both were correct, the score is now 8 - 11!


It is now @Jinjo's turn to give a clue to Red Team, they have 48 hours from Jinjo's clue to post their guess(es).
I believe Bulbasaur and Oran Berry.

I would definitely submit Bulbasaur first,

then for the second one if you are not sure about Oran maybe think a bit more, it may be safer to find the other Rival first? Which could be Eevee, rival in Yellow had it, LGP too, it can evolve into the photosynthesizing Leafeon.
Agree on Bulbasaur, not too sure on Oran Berry though.

Other rival could be Red, as Red and Blue are Rivals.

I feel Groudon is off the table for this guess, sun would‘ve made more sense as a clue if that was the case.
What else can it be if not Oran? If it was PROTOsynthesis I would say Paldea...

Not so convinced on Red either :(
Any thoughts, Digi? We are kinda not sure here...
I’m not really sure either, tbh…
Since no one is sure, can you all please trust me for Oran Berry? It is the only other thing seemingly related to photosynthesis in this list.
Yeah sure, seems like our best option.
Elite 4 and gym badge is probably what makes the most sense here, right?
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