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Non-Mafia Codenames III: Pokemon Edition Part 2 [ENDGAME]

mystery dungeon because of primal dialga
Mystery Dungeon sounds reasonable if there was a Primal Dialga, I honestly don't know
Last guess would be Raikou
Could also be


though, given paldeas paradox forms
there is a primal dialga, it was in explorers of time and darkness
I think Mystery Dungeon for Primal Dialga makes a lot of sense, I know that was a thing (plus we were floating that for the last clue). Fourth could be either Paldea or Raikou I think, I'm not all that confident in one over the other
Mystery Dungeon and Groudon are must-guesses IMO.

Not sure about the other two but I think we should guess these first.

Actually @Calvinッ to avoid missing again let's just get these in now.
Guess: Mystery Dungeon, Groudon
@pennyghost @TheCapsFan @RavenRaziel98 @DawningWinds

Both were correct! You have two guesses left. The score is now 4 - 5.

Two left, thoughts?
Still pretty sure that at least one of them is among Hoenn/Paldea/Raikou, mostly because those are the only options I can associate with primal and feel like the least stretched option of the three.

I have no idea how much of a stretch my thought process is, so I'll try to explain my reasoning...

Paldea = Associated with Great Tusk, Scream Tail, etc.

Hoenn = Proto Groudon/Kyogre were introduced here and are kinda primal, with Groudon being a correct answer it doesn't feel too unreasonable imo.

Raikou = This one is quite the stretch, but Raikou could be interpreted as/referring to Raging Bolt.
i think we should definitely guess hoenn because the ancient versions of kyogre and groudon are called primal forms
Sorry if I screw this up, but we're close to the deadline and I'ld rather try and end up failing than not submitting at all, so...


Not sure if it’s a spelling error or not, but I’ve searched up Jyroball and it’s some ball thing you stand on. Maybe electric and togepi? Not sure though.
I think Steel (because of the similarly named but differently spelled move) and Electric (since it is an electric device, just search it up).
I assume it's Red and Pikachu...?
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