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Collect, touch, and explore the outdoors with the new Pokémon Outdoors Happy Meals from McDonalds Japan

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Pokémon Outdoors Happy Meals - Wave 1
From now until the middle of July, McDonald's restaurants across Japan will be running a "Pokémon Outdoors" promotion, selling a range of new "Pokémon Outdoors Happy Meals", with a total of eight collectable toys featuring Pikachu and other Pokémon. These Happy Meals range in price from 470~500 Yen ($3.48~$3.71 USD) each.

McDonald's Japan says the toys from these Happy Meals are "engineered to allow children to play and live in a unique, individualistic way," and can be played with indoors and outdoors.

Pokémon Glittery Sticker Sheet
Each Happy Meal purchased over the week of June 17th-23rd will come with a random toy from an initial set of four. During the week of June 24th-30th, a separate set of four toys will be in circulation. After these initial two weeks, while the promotion is still ongoing in July, all toys from both sets will be available, while stock lasts. A "Pokémon Glittery Sticker Sheet" will also be included with purchase of the Pokémon Outdoors Happy Meal over the first weekend of the promotion, June 18th and 19th.

McDonalds Japan said:
A grand meeting of Pikachu, Dragonite, Gigantamax Gengar, and other Pokemon! You can have fun sticking them wherever you'd like, even onto letters to your friends and others.

The toys available from June 17th to June 23rd include:
  • Pikachu Binoculars:
    • "You can have fun seeing things that are far away with these Pikachu binoculars. You can carry these attached to a belt or other objects using a clip."
  • Pokémon Kurukuru Flying Disc:
    • "A disc set with Pikachu, Piplup, and Eevee. You can use it indoors by putting it onto a desk, and the characters will spin around. You can also play outdoors by throwing it."
  • Pikachu Camp Meal Kit:
    • "A fork and spoon set including an attachable Pikachu. Once you're done eating, you can attach the fork and spoon to the ring holding Pikachu."
  • Pokémon Collection Kit:
    • "A case with a Poké Ball lid and tweezers with Pokémon drawn on them. Once you're done playing, you can put the tweezers on the ring of the case."

Pokémon Outdoors Happy Meals - Wave 2

The toys available from June 24th to June 30th include:
  • Pikachu Compass:
    • "A compass with a Pikachu lid. Using the red pin of the wearable compass, you can figure out which direction you're facing."
  • Poké Ball Expedition Tool:
    • "This toy has a whistle and magnifying class, and is like a Poké Ball. You can blow the flute and observe things such as blades of grass with it."
  • Pokémon Camping Wagon:
    • "The handle moves up and down, and Pikachu and Eevee move with the wagon. Includes a decoratable tool."
  • Pokémon Camp Mug:
    • "This is a mug cup with a ring of Pikachu and Piplup included. The red arm on the outer side can move to become a handle, and when you're done using it, it can be attached to the included ring."


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