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Collectors and Breeders! offering vivillon, Unown, cosplay Pikachu, perfect ditto, berries, items!

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I'd love the following

  • Sandstorm Vivillion
  • Archipelago Vivillion
  • Cosplay Pikacu (all except Cool)

I have the following HA pokemon that I should be able to breed
  • Bulbasaur (Chlorophyll)
  • Charmander (Solar Power)
  • Squirtle (Rain Dish)
  • Spearow (Sniper)
  • Vulpix (Drought)
  • Zubat (Infiltrator)
  • Venonat (Wonder Skin)
  • Mankey (Defiant)
  • Growlithe (Justified)
  • Poliwag (Swift Swim)
  • Abra (Magic Guard)
  • Slowpoke (Regenerator)
  • Krabby (Sheer Force)
  • Staryu (Analytic)
  • Electabuzz (Vital Spirit)
  • Pinsir (Moxie)
  • Magikarp (Rattled)
  • Eevee (Anticipation)
  • Dratini (Marvel Scale)
  • Totodile (Sheer Force)
  • Pichu (Lightning Rod)
  • Cleffa (Friend Guard)
  • Shuckle (Contrary)
  • Heracross (Moxie)
  • Torchic (Speed Boost)
  • Wingull (Rain Dish)
  • Ralts (Telepathy)
  • Shroomish (Quick Feet)
  • Illumise (Prankster)
  • Roselia (Leaf Guard)
  • Carvanha (Speed Boost)
  • Numel (Own Tempo)
  • Corphish (Adaptibility)
  • Kecleon (Protean)
  • Duskull (Frisk)
  • Bagon (Sheer Force)
  • Chimchar (Iron Fist)
  • Piplup (Defiant)
  • Shinx (Guts)
  • Glameow (Defiant)
  • Gible (Rough Skin)
  • Snorunt (Moody)
  • Snivy (Contrary)
  • Oshawott (Shell Armor)
  • Purrloin (Prankster)
  • Venipede (Speed Boost)
  • Darumaka (Inner Focus)
  • Foongus (Regenerator)
  • Cubchoo (Rattled)
  • Fennekin (Magician)
  • Froakie (Protean)
  • Bunnelby (Huge Power)
  • Fletchling (Gale Wings)
  • Pancham (Scrappy)
  • Hawlucha (Mold Breaker)
  • Goomy (Gooey)
  • Pumpkaboo (Insomnia)
What would you like?


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I would love the a perfect Modest ditto.

I can trade every event pokemon but theese shaymin, melaltta, Volcanion, arceus, hoopa.
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Hi Fuz,

You can trade me any event for the ditto. I will be available for most of the day, so please send me a private message to set up a time and also to give me your friend code.