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Communal Bulbagarden Dream Journal


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Apr 24, 2022
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Was very shocked this didn’t exist already!

I have a channel in a discord friend server dedicated to all of us having a communal dream journal where we write down our dreams we remember. It’s silly, funny, sometimes weird or interesting, so well, why not make one here?

I’ll start! Last night I had a dream I was playing PMD but all data was transferrable between them somehow, and this was also weirdly the case for animal crossing. No memory of how it worked though. LMAO
A few days ago I dreamed we were at a beach resort and a tsunami happened and there was a shelter built for that just in case with some super thick glass on the top and we just saw the wave passing above... Then time stopped and I woke up

It was kinda nightmarish but also weirdly exciting

I have never even been to a location where tsunamis are commonplace, I do not live by the open ocean
i'm not sure what it is, but i consistently dream about owning a dog or a cat, even though i own neither and haven't owned a pet in over 15ish years. @_@; but yet in my dreams, they appear as if... they've been a normal part of my life the whole time and i don't really question it. it's odd, really.

i also dream a lot about my childhood home, but i haven't really been there in any actual capacity in 10 years. somehow my mind has picture-esque memory of it all. i can't really figure out the rhyme or reason behind this.
Hey, this is a pretty wonderful idea! Once upon a time I actually had a dream diary here back when the old blogs were up, so I’m kinda happy that this is here! Maybe one day I’ll share some of that old content here, or maybe link to it or something (I was rather… extensive with my recalling of them, let’s just say!).

As for last night: something something magical girls, and I was one of them. Although less “kicking ass and looking cute doing it” and more “messing around and looking kind of silly doing it”, haha. That’s pretty much all I remember from last night, really. My memories of dreams usually fade away not long after they end unless I make an active effort to remember them.

Speaking of that, more than a few story ideas of mine have come from dreams, too! And also weirdly, songs. I can literally compose things in my sleep that I could never imagine thinking up when I’m awake. I have no idea how or why this happens. Not that I mind, though! I just wish that I could remember them…
I like... rarely ever remember my dreams LOL, but I was lucky enough to somehow to that tonight! I guess that's because I like, just had this dream minutes ago BUT

Out of the ones I remember, a recurring theme seems to be me going to the arcade? Not an arcade I've ever been to, just some random one. I think last time there, they had a Taiko no Tatsujin cabinet, but it was broken?

Anyways, I tried to enter my name on it, but like, I could only get to the 'Lisi' part of my name, then the letter 'a' refused to input as an 'a'????? Which was REALLY confusing LMAO.

But anyways, the like, taiko itself was different???? The drum was REALLY small to begin with (side note: for some reason I had brought my own taiko drum there, but they were more in the form of DK bongos???

But so the gameplay was like... a mix of Guitar Hero and Taiko???? And Project Diva??? I'll try to create a mockup of it and post it here, but it was WILD and frustrating to play. Like the drum was divided into five (imaginary) parts and you had to like, hit the correct part, and sometimes the notes flew like in project diva LOL.

Also there were not bachi there were just like, oversized drumsticks??? And there WAS a good song (well a lot of them because Taiko is cool in that way), and it was called... something like 'Brazilian Linda Linda' which I guess was a cover of the classic 80s j-punk song 'Linda Linda' by a Brazilian band??

I've never actually had the opportunity to go to an arcade that has Taiko sadly!! I have my drum at home that I use and that's about it LOL.

@Blanc YOU WERE SADLY NOT THERE HOWEVER I DID THINK OF YOU EVEN IN THE DREAM!!! I made sure to look for you but noticed that there was not a Chunithm machine SADLY,,,.. maybe next time my dreams take me there LOL.

I was hoping I'd be able to contribute something here soon, and well, I guess I was lucky enough to do that LOL. neechan has the best thread ideas!!!
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Had a dream last night I barely remember anything of, other than that my ucob group was preparing for raid, and our melee dps said that we HAD to start raiding at 8:51 PM on the dot no matter what or we would NOT clear. Was it a sign? I think we can still clear LMAO.
I had a very weird dream about an hour ago involving me being back in high school. These dreams don’t usually go very well (said high school times weren’t all that pleasant). A lot of things happened, but the main thing that stuck out to me was one incident near the end of the dream where something that I ordered online was inexplicably handed to me by a school admin in the middle of my last class. This was even though I had sent it to my home address which, as you can imagine, had absolutely no connection whatsoever to my school address. It was also revealed that this was apparently the second time that this happened in the last few days.

The admin scolded me for what I did, saying that it was against school policy to do things like that. No shit… while I didn’t actually say that to their face exactly, I did go off on them, telling them just how completely ridiculous this whole situation was and that they were obviously to blame, somehow, not me. They pretty much ignored me, though, before threatening consequences were this to happen for a third time. Really pissed off at this point, I told them that I could literally show them my home address on the item order page which, again, had absolutely nothing to do with them, and that I would basically fight them if I needed to. They were again dismissive, inexplicably.

Perhaps all of the straight-faced, bone-headed bullshit that’s been going on in the world lately has finally broken into my subconscious, oof. Or perhaps it’s all reminded me of the same that goes in at schools, or anywhere with authority figures with 100 percent power and zero percent responsibility.

The item ordered, by the way? An anti-virus program. In a box, as if it came straight off the shelf of a Best Buy or something. Really shows my age, right?
Today, I had a dream that I was at Target or maybe Toys R Us(?) and I saw a bunch of old Lego sets that were retired and are now very expensive. I have this dream too often and here, I thought it was real. I then had a dream where there were a bunch of like high school guys helping their friend named like Vane or Marty (like the Fire Emblem character) who was like dying for an overdose. They were telling him to sit down and I knew he was going to die when he sat down. I told them to let him die because I had a vision that when he became a ghost or something like that, he would tell us something to save us all. I then passed out when I sat down. Then, I had a dream where I was trying to navigate around my school but couldn’t get anywhere. I ended up at my grandparents’ house where there were a bunch of cookies that were bagged like they were a sandwich shop. I woke up and went back to sleep where I had a dream that I was at a KFC event where it was like a farmers’ market and they were selling chicken sandwiches, pineapples, broccoli, other vegetables, and for some reason donuts.
once i had a dream where i was on this human farm ran by this lady with spider legs and it was basically the plot of the promised neverland except way more bizarre. we would have to sew a bunch of blankets and if we disobeyed her we would be sent down this hole. she also would give you random requests and if you didn't complete them in time you would be sent down the hole. she made me get her a glass of water and it became that pancake minigame from mario party except with random shards of glass. once i got sent down the hole i saw my friend and she lived in this rickety house in the middle of a field and she gave me tips on how to get out.

another dream i had was that there was a new season of rupaul's drag race, and angie yonaga from danganronpa was one of the contestants. she was very confident that she was gonna win and that her runway was gonna blow everyone away. the look in question was a drowned rat wearing a rain poncho. she got sent home immediately without a lip sync. everyone on social media was sending her death threats and trixie mattel had to put out a statement saying that people should stop harassing her even if she did dress up as a dead rat.
Recently, I had a dream that I was in or was playing Super Mario 64 and my parents were videoing me doing it. I was in one of the levels and BLJed into the basement somehow to this strange level that isn’t even in the game. I fell through something either being the floor or that thing you fall through to get to Hazy Maze Cave. I felt like I knew what the level was but I didn’t. Personally, it wasn’t an exciting dream nor a creepy one. It was just a strange dream.
Had an honestly scary dream where my husband said we were ending our lease and moving away from Australia to Poland (where his family was originally from). He had no job or anything lined up and I really didn't want to leave our place in Australia. I was so relieved when I woke up and realized it wasn't real... you have no idea lol
i was on a water slide/rollercoaster that was going like 300+ mph in loops and at one point the pov switched to third person and i slid right off the ride itself and you had no idea how actually utterly terrifying that whole experience was even in a dream
So... I usually don't remember my dreams. Like at all? It takes like, something unique, for me to actually remember them. (i have a quote somewhere where i say 'i only tend to remember my dreams if they're horrifically bad' LOL, which is... sometimes accurate! sometimes there are good ones though?)

BUT so anyways, like I said, I don't remember my dreams very often, so they have to be something pretty remarkable in order to make an impact. And it was! @Blanc I actually dreamt I was hanging out with you IRL last night LOL! Quite a few things, really, were a bit different, and I'm sure that sometime soon I'll actually recount it in detail to you once we hang out soon (I promise that I'll make sure to remember as much as I'm able to!!)—but I kind of knew I had to put it here? Certainly something different, but it was absolutely a very happy and welcome thing all the same! Something of a pleasant surprise, kind of? LMAO..

Dreams are silly... I should be sleeping soon, I wonder if I'll remember any of mine tomorrow....?
I remember recently having a dream that there were paper clips or safety pins on top of my mom’s car. Nothing really happened. Just that I think
It’s been rather hard for me to remember most of my dreams lately, rather disappointingly. That said…

…the last memorable one that comes to mind involved a visit to what was ostensibly Stamford Town Center, a mall that I went to frequently a long time ago, back when I lived in the New York City area (it looks like this). That said, the mall as it appeared in my dream looked nothing like the actual thing, but rather more like a… pyramid of flat rectangles with glass facades, is all I can describe it as (the only thing it has it common with reality is the color). I have no idea how my mind warped it into that, but alright, I said, before continuing to walk outside. My mind kind of just rolls with such madness after a while when dreaming, really.

Speaking of which, a little later I got a bit of plot thrown into the mix when someone attempted to enter the parking garage leading to a building of sorts. Said building was guarded by rather heavily-armed military-looking people, for reasons unexplained. I was there and had no problem whatsoever getting past these people (I was leaving said building, but it was a jump cut from a previous scene in the dream, so your guess is as good as mine at this point as to what’s actually inside this building), but this person, who apparently just radiated suspicion despite being completely nondescript, was stopped and questioned. A confrontation of sorts would ensue between these two parties — no, nothing exciting, in case you were wondering — but I didn’t stay long to find out what would happen as I drove away.

Another jump cut happened immediately after this, where I found myself driving up into the upper levels of another parking garage. With this one resembling what the garage of the mall that I mentioned earlier actually looks like, by the way, despite it also not being said mall. Where am I going with this? Perhaps the single most bizarre part of the dream, I think. Stopping my car, I found what was the equivalent of a makeshift boardroom table set up where you’d expect cars to be instead. With such characters as my grandmother (yes) and others who were apparently supposed to be my co-workers. They all gave me a warm welcome, beckoning me to my seat where lunch was waiting for me. Apparently, this was supposed to be my workplace.

When they say “you can’t make stuff like this up”, they had to be talking about when you’re awake…

Anyway, it turns out that the person who was trying to enter the other building earlier was most definitely bad news, and that this was a meeting to figure out how to deal with them, as they were about to come our way in a mere matter of minutes. It’s suggested that the resultant encounter was not going to be pleasant, even as the overall tone of our conversation was shockingly casual considering this. Just as much of our time was spent talking about how our day went and what we were going to do after work as much as how we were going to approach this suspicious character with unknown intentions. The answer to this question never was actually resolved in-dream, by the way, although the vibe was surprisingly pleasant given the venue (the candlelight probably helped, because yes, the whole thing was done by candlelight for some reason) and the food was apparently very delicious!

Besides that, I also recall a dream sequence in the same night featuring Sonic the Hedgehog in a variety of particularly diabolical stages high above a pink-tinted sky, all presented on a 2.5D plane. High heights and large drops — including into many endless pits — were all core features of these stages. The one that I remember most vividly was a pinball section with a completely unfair amount of holes that Sonic could fall through, relative to the amount of flippers available. Falling into a hole even once resulted in losing a life. Good thing said lives were in the double digits here! Not that it made the stage itself any easier, haha.
A dream I had earlier today involving the Pokémon anime. In that dream, I dreamt about an episode where the anime Pokegirls (May, Dawn, Iris, Serena) appeared and it seemed to be an episode focused around them? I then checked Bulbapedia to see if this episode was real but Bulbapedia was too slow as I think I then woke up. Serena’s character wasn’t like it was in the series. She seemed to be a bit more sassy and not as kind. I couldn’t determine where this episode would fit in at all in the Pokémon anime. Though, I feel like it was Episode 7 of Pokémon Horizons?

I also had a dream where I went to six flags again and also had to do an orchestra performance. (I did that about a week ago in real life) I don’t remember much that happened in the dream except for maybe crossing the street. I usually have dreams of fun events that happened before or after they happen. I usually view these dreams as kind of sad because the day this occurred has legitimately gone by in the wind.

I also had a dream where I opened a Lego box and the box’s insides seemed a little weird.

Dreams are weird though these dreams don’t seem that far fetched. Eh, I just felt like sharing them today
Had a dream I was on this HUGE Terraria server, it was like? Of friends only but it felt so big… If a server was full (which this one was when I tried to log back in) it sent you to a queue with randoms. Hung out with some and it turned out okay, except one of the randoms messaged me but I was too busy playing to respond, so they sent me a wall of text about how I was inconsiderate and blocked me LMAO??? Also the game was Terraria in my mind but it DEFINITELY wasn’t. It was some top-down open world game…

Was a little silly goofy
I had a dream I was at a book store and I found this book collection about mythology. The first one was the most famous one and the the rest were just other good stuff to read. I thought it was interesting and saw “my crush” pick it up to look at it and then she set it down. I was stunned by this and immediately grabbed it so I could have it. I did not take it to buy it for her. I took it to read for myself.

I think one reason why I had this dream was because I was sorting through CD albums with my cousin. And there was one that I found interesting enough (it wasn’t one that I would melt if I don’t have it) to where I took it when he wasn’t looking. Yes, it was pretty silly of me to do so and I am glad that he was fine with it though maybe this dream is telling me something?

Just another silly dream that I had that I found interesting but not weird
Had a dream I went to visit my friend in England again, but decided I wanted to surprise her and arrive at her house myself. London did NOT look like how it was supposed to at all, and I got lost… it was very cold, I ended up crying and calling her to come pick me up LOL.

I miss England.
99% of my dreams are way too bizarre for me to be able to coherently explain them, plus I don't remember much of them anyway, but last night one part of my dream I still remember is that I was trying to walk somewhere and I was just suddenly surrounded by otters? Like it started out with just one or two otters, and then more kept appearing out of nowhere, and they were just swarming all over the path. Most of the otters were friendly but some of them were kinda snappy and I was trying to avoid them. And I remember I was really concerned that I couldn't move because the otters were everywhere and I didn't want to step on them or anything. Also the whole thing was really blurry? Like a super low-quality 144p video or something.

Anyway apparently today is World Otter Day, which I had no idea existed, so I guess that was a premonition dream idk
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