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ATTENTION: Concerning Spoilers and X/Y's Release Period

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Shiny Celebi

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May 14, 2010
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Hey guys, we're coming up on X/Y's release time very soon. It's going to be very exciting and things will be very busy around here. Many people may wish to try and avoid spoilers as they play through and experience things themselves while browsing the Pokemon X and Y section as they play. The following things have been decided by the X/Y Staff to help people avoid spoilers in this section.

1. Threads where major spoilers for the games may be posted have the "Spoilers" prefix added. Come release time, if you wish to view a thread with this prefix, do so at your own risk as it will contain spoilers. When making a new thread at release time that may contain spoilers, we ask that you use this prefix to warn people that your thread contains spoilers.

2.Please use Spoiler Tags in any thread not marked with the prefix if you're posting a spoiler in relation to the topic.

3. Please do not put spoilers in thread titles when making a thread.

Also as a small note, people wishing to avoid spoilers during the release period may want to disable avatars and signatures to avoid getting spoiled with things like new Pokemon and human characters.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this, feel free to contact an X/Y section moderator anytime. The moderators of X/Y are Joshawott, yourlilemogirl, Oswin, Beck, GatoRage,Shiny Celebi, and Zeb.
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