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Cancelled Games Contagion Containment Mafia (Signups) - 12/21/2020

Filtration Fairy
Nov 20, 2016
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Contagion Containment Mafia

Hello, Bulbagardeners! After a long while, I’m here to host a new Mafia game that I’ve come up with! I’ve devised some experimental mechanics for this game that I’m excited to see come into play, and I hope you all find it interesting as well.
The Story:

A top-secret research and development lab under a government agency, the Association of Secret Spies, had been hard at work developing an antidote for a previously incurable disease, a fatal contagion which was cooked up in another lab by an enemy organization known as the Horrible Association of Terrorists. On the fateful day the cure was finally proven effective through rigorous testing, celebration broke out among the lab staff. Once this cure could be mass produced and distributed, the enemy organization’s attempt at biological warfare would be over before it even started!
The team of A.S.S. chemists excitedly chattered as they packed up cases of the cure to be presented to the Director of A.S.S. himself, M.P. “I knew we could top H.A.T.,” remarked the lead chemist cheerfully, “and it’s all thanks to the effort and perseverance of everyone on this chemistry team!”
“Hear, hear!” one of her coworkers whooped as the rest of the team clapped.
“Not to mention the work of our brave field agent allies who secured us our sample of the disease to study,” she added, nodding towards a conveniently placed glass cylinder filled with an ominously swirling mass of red fluid. Everyone was perfectly confident that the fatal contents of this vial would have no further relevance to the events that would transpire following the cure’s development.
Suddenly, the joyful applause of the lab crew was drowned out by the terrible din of gunshots and screaming. The lead chemist dropped dead upon taking a bullet to the head, and one by one most of her team followed suit. A pair of armed goons had unexpectedly entered the lab and begun shooting it up, each wearing a bowler hat and exaggerated fake mustache over their ski masks: the signature disguise of H.A.T. agents. One of the chemists managed to survive the onslaught, having ducked behind a counter and avoided the gunmen’s detection. The chemist watched in horror as the masked duo began opening cases of the cure, turning them over, and dumping out the contained vials while chortling maliciously.
A voice came on in the earpieces of the two H.A.T. agents and rasped “What are you knuckleheads doing?? You need to keep samples of that cure intact! Unless, of course, you want to die along with everyone else when you release our contagion!”
“Oh, shit, that’s right,” muttered one of the goons. The two H.A.T. operatives looked towards the container of swirling, crimson, microbial evil—only to see the sole surviving chemist already scrambling away with it, whilst carrying the last intact case of the cure in their other hand. “HEY!” The assailants tried to chase and shoot down the survivor, but the last remaining chemist was fortunate enough to escape with their life, as well as with the vial of the deadly disease and the case full of its only known cure.
The chemist ditched their lab coat and name tag in the hall as alarms sounded throughout the research lab, hoping to blend in amongst the various other crew members, including janitors, technical staff, and even some junior field agents. Though many members of the lab staff managed to escape, a large, metal door lowered itself in the corridor just before the exit, trapping the chemist inside the building, along with the two assailants who were still a ways behind them, as well as six other crew members. Nine people, all wearing standard A.S.S. attire, congregated in the hall as a video display turned on to reveal Director M.P., who began to brief the group about their unfortunate situation.
“People, as I’m sure you’re well aware, a tragic shooting has just occurred in the chemistry room of the research and development laboratory you are currently confined within,” he stated matter-of-factly. “Unfortunately, it appears that two H.A.T. agents have somehow infiltrated our ranks in order to get close to the sample of their biological weapon we stole, in addition to the cure we’ve developed. Due to the possible threat of an outbreak if the disease falls into the wrong hands, I’ve called for an immediate lockdown of this laboratory until headquarters can send in the proper backup to contain this imminent disaster. Yes, those two traitors are sealed in there with the rest of you, and no, we have no clue which of you they are. It seems they’ve done their homework, as all of the relevant security footage has been corrupted. I’m sorry that it’s come to this. Until the contagion containment unit arrives, I urge that you stay safe at all costs. This is A.S.S. Director M.P. signing out.”
The nine people locked inside the lab exchanged frightened murmurs and suspicious glances. There were two traitors among them, lying in wait to carry out the evil agenda of H.A.T., and a small glass container was all that stood in the way of them not only infecting everyone else in the lab, but spreading their contagion into the general public! After all, the A.S.S. research and development lab they were trapped in happened to be located within a reservoir providing water to a densely populated city, a location smartly chosen by Director M.P. to conceal the lab from would-be intruders.
One of the trapped crew members flipped open a case that had been left lying on the ground. “Look, there‘s enough ingredients for the cure in here to give us all immunity to the disease!”
“You think we’re gonna...need it?” another person nervously gulped.
“And who says we all should take it, anyways?” a third person barked. “What about the two snakes who got us into this damned mess?! They shouldn’t get to take it just to make it easier to kill off the rest of us!!”
“Now hold on...”
“The cure needs to be prepared dose by dose anyways, who should get to take it first?”
“...Me please!!”
“I say we take it all together, or not at all...”
Nine different voices overlapped in heated argument. It was clear that for everyone in the lab who wasn’t secretly aligned with H.A.T., there were difficult dilemmas to face.

The Game Mechanics:

As with any standard Mafia game, the players are split into two factions, A.S.S. workers being the uninformed majority (Town) and H.A.T. operatives being the informed minority (Mafia). The game is played in alternating Day phases and Night phases. As per usual, the Mafia decide amongst themselves who to kill once each Night phase, whereas all players spend the Day phases voting on a player to eliminate. The Town wins if the Mafia is fully eliminated and at least one Town member is left surviving; the Mafia wins if the entire Town is eradicated, or nothing can prevent the Mafia from achieving this outcome. However, there are some nonstandard game mechanics to watch out for, so buckle up!

The setup

This will be the first open-setup game I host, so time to make the list of roles known! There will be 7 Town players and 2 Mafia players, with roles as follows:

A.S.S Ally ×6 (Vanilla Townie)
A.S.S. Chemist ×1 (Townie, Immune to the Contagion)
H.A.T. Goon ×2 (Vanilla Mafioso)

The four types of votes

Yes, that’s right. During the Day, players vote upon four separate decisions that affect the outcome of the game! Players must be chosen wisely in the following ways:

Player Elimination
The first vote is the standard elimination vote. By voting with ELIMINATE: [player], you help decide which player is removed from the game that Day phase. However, a tie will result in no elimination, and players can also vote to eliminate nobody.

The second vote makes use of a very important mechanic: administering the cure to the game’s titular contagion! By voting with CURE: [player], you select a player to be made immune to H.A.T.’s disease. Why is this important? Because if that vial of contagion breaks, anybody in the game who isn’t immunized will suffer a terrible death!!! (read: be removed from the game.) And if an entire faction is left vulnerable to the sickness, that’s bad news for that faction. As with the elimination vote, ties result in no immunization for that Day phase, and votes for immunizing nobody may be cast. But once a player is immunized, they stay that way for the rest of the game. Vaccinate responsibly!

Guard Duty
The third vote is also critical to succeeding in the game...one player must be chosen each Day to guard the deadly disease vial on the following Night phase. To elect a player for this purpose, vote with GUARDDUTY: [player]. Unlike with the first two votes, a player must be selected for this purpose each time; a tie with this vote will result in one winner being randomized among the highest voted players. Be sure to choose the guard wisely...if a H.A.T. operative holds the vial during any given Night, or successfully kills whoever guards the vial on any given Night, they may choose to smash it to pieces! This action will expose every player to the disease, and anyone alive who hasn’t been immunized...won’t stay alive. A.S.S.’ job is to contain the contagion, so A.S.S. players don’t get to smash the vial. I mean c’mon, that’s just an underhanded and evil way to win. That’s H.A.T.’s job. H.A.T. doesn’t necessarily need to be alive at the end of the game to win, but they still need to be strategic; if even one A.S.S. worker is left standing to clean up the mess and both H.A.T. operatives are dead, the Mafia’s plot would be all for naught! So H.A.T. needs to be wary of the Chemist, who starts the game immune to the disease by default.

Night Watch
Finally, one player may be chosen each Day to take watch on the following Night! As you probably noticed, none of the roles in the game have a Night action by default, but the Mafia does have a factional kill to look out for. When a player is elected for Night watch, they are granted a temporary choice of actions for the following Night phase. The player elected Watcher may select another player to watch on the following Night; if that player is killed by one of the H.A.T. operatives, the Watcher will learn who did it! Alternatively, the Watcher may instead choose to defend themselves that Night. If the Watcher does this, they will be safe from the Mafia factional that Night, and will be notified if they survived an attempted attack, but will NOT learn by whom they were attacked. To elect a player for Night watch, vote with NIGHTWATCH: [player]. As with the elimination and immunization votes, ties are resolved in a no player being granted Night watch, and votes for no player getting Night watch may be cast. But c’mon, why would you do that?

The Rules:

Last but not least, what would a game be without a few good rules to follow?

  1. All Bulbagarden Forums and War Room rules apply, of course.
  2. No outside communication is allowed, except that provided by the host(s).
  3. Roleclaiming is allowed.
  4. Do not copy from or forge role messages and post them for other participants to see; any claims must be in your words.
  5. Be an active participant, please! That means you should post in every phase of the game if possible, unless an exception is made by the host(s). Failure to participate will result in substitution, or if necessary, modkilling.
  6. If you have a night action but choose not to use it, please say so in your private conversation with the host(s).
  7. Please alert the host(s) in-thread immediately if you change your username during the game. This will help to mitigate confusion.
  8. Unless otherwise specified: Day phases will last 72 hours, after which votes will be locked. No hammer rules apply. Night phases will last 24 hours or until all actions have been locked.
  9. You may not post any information relevant to the game after your death, unless an exception is made by the host(s).
  10. Please bold your votes for clarity, or risk unbolded votes being discounted. And make it clear which vote is which; there are four of them a day!
  11. You may directly switch any of your votes to another player without unvoting; your most recent vote choice will override any others.
  12. A tie between two or more players with the most votes will result in no lynch. But you knew this already.
  13. No abusing loopholes in the game. If you think you've found one or are unsure, feel free to ask the host(s) where appropriate.
  14. To let me know that you've read the rules, try to include a bad pun about the game’s flavor in your sign-up post!
  15. Be sure to check your role pm at the start of each phase before posting.
  16. Respect your fellow players, and have fun!
Remember: Repeated breaking of the rules can and will lead to your being modkilled.

Well, that’s the game for you! If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me and I’ll clarify. Good luck on your mission!

The Players:

1. @Max1996
2. @Midorikawa
3. @ExLight

@prog rocker
@dawn dusk

Mod on Duty: @Snowy
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Toxic Lizard Pokémon
Mar 24, 2014
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This sounds fascinating. Mainly because the flavor text and puns have great chemistry together.

Sea Slug Pokémon
Aug 13, 2019
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This is pretty interesting, but I have no mafia experience and this game seems rather complex. Can I also watch? Thanks.
May 30, 2012
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I hope the terrorists don’t make the scientists look like a bunch of A.S.Ses.