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Controversial opinions


Jun 25, 2007
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Satoshi should have been replaced after the original series and become an omniscient mentor figure.

Both dubs are a pile of garbage.
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Peppermint Phoenix

The one once known as Alphaphlare
May 7, 2010
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I don't care about Ash's companions or their goals that much. I mean yes they do matter because they are part of the show and whether they are entertaining or annoying is a factor I wish we could stick more to pure trainer vs trainer battling.

I also feel similarly about the evil teams.

I honestly wish that the tournaments were thirty episodes each or something.


Likes cute Pokemon
Aug 15, 2014
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Ash-Greninja is very overrated and pointless, it didn't help that they never really explained it well.
The Sun and Moon anime will get better over time, especially during the Ultra Beast incident.
Ash wining second place in the Kalos league is the best that Ash has overcome ever since he started in his Kanto days.
Feb 22, 2015
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I don't think its fair for people to cry foul at Charizard defeating Greninja. Alain spent much of his time on-screen (and presumably off-screen) throwing Charizard into battles against high level opponents like Siebold, various Mega Trainers, Steven Stone, and even Legendary Pokemon, so I think his strength and durability is pretty well justified.


Aug 9, 2011
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Best Wishes is an enjoyable series with a vibrant cast of characters, a really well-written dynamic between the group, two fascinating travelling companions who provided the audience with witty interactions as well as characterisations, interesting pieces of world-building that helped the culture of Unova come to life, middling action in its battles, fun Pokemon interactions and great potential for some of the rivalries.


Not Dead
Mar 14, 2005
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Johto has the most rewatch-worthy episodes.

Mewtwo Returns is better than the first movie (but the latter is still better than any movie after the first three).

Dawn is a boring character, but Serena makes her look good.


Feb 2, 2015
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-I actually like BW, and before XY I used to think it was the best series only losing to OS (changed my opinion on this)
-I love the fact Satoshi got more than 5 Pokemon in Isshu and loved that OLM adressed the no more than 6 per time fact again since OS (back then the ball was teleported to Orchid, now it's locked until you transfer another member to the main professor of the region. Interesting)
-Jouto's fillers is way way way better than DP's
-I liked the aspect that Trio was promoted in early BW and was hoping Rocket-dan would have an end, such as Sakaki dying or disbanding the team (Trio'd probably be written out, but this finish is something I've been waiting for 18 years)
-Loved when Kasumi got replaced, and loved even more when Takeshi had the same fate
-Tetsuya (the guy who beat Satoshi at Houen league) sucks and is worse than Kotetsu, his Nyasu defeating Pikachu was a lot of BS (sorry if I went overboard, it's something I always hated)